my best friend and i dressed each other for a week

it’s been a while. sorry ’bout that. and just a heads up, today we have a guest writer who will be writing in green while i write in my usual black, dan and phil book style. 


this is my best friend, k. should they know your real name? i mean they know mine…

well… i mean… it’s kinda weird and unique. most will probably mispronounce it anyway.

but what if i write out one of those fancy dictionary pronunciation thingies, like:        abigail [a-bi-gayl]

yeah… well your name is more common. WE ARE GETTING OFF TRACK!

i said no caps child!!!! if you want to emphasize something, you’re gonna have to bold it. you’re messing with my aesthetic.

deal with it… anyways my names kyla [k-eye-lah] and where all good things start, this starts with buzzfeed.

ah, buzzfeed. the only website in the world where you can procrastinate and learn something from it. anyhow, their videos make me want to try things they try, like in this video when two pairs of girl bff’s swap clothes for a week. and like all good things i decide i’m going to try, i dragged kyla along with me.

but instead of trading closets, we decided to pick each other’s outfits out for a week in order to minimize hassle. mind you, we don’t live very close.

like 20 minutes away by car, and kyla’s the only one who can drive between the two of us. so getting on to the process, here’s what happened: i spent the night at her house the night before, we stayed up until about 12 watching stuff on her laptop, and then finally fell asleep around 1 in the morning. this is pretty normal for us, we do it about every weekend, but this time we were on a mission. 

apparently for abby here it was difficult to find clothes to match up because my usual outfit consists of a hoodie, jeans, and the same pair of boots everyday. i like comfy and simple.

it was impossible! she owns like two cardigans, and a singular collared shirt. one! how do you live like this?! how do you layer?! how do you do anything?! if i had to live off of that i might die from collared-shirt-and-cardigan separation anxiety.

because i like sweatshirts! they are easy to grab when i get up late, they are comfy, no one cares if i do, and i have one from every trip i take so therefore i have 10+.

so are cardigans! i can also guarantee you they’re more fashionable, especially when you have nothing to wear. just pull on a tank top and throw a cardigan over it and voila! you’re ready! i will give her props for that winged eyeliner though man, i’m telling you, liquid eyeliner can smell fear and i can say for sure i have a lot of fear. the absolute basics for me, which are black liner for my waterline, mascara, powder over my zits, and blush take me at least 10 minutes, 15 or 20 when i’m getting fancy with actual makeup and eyeshadow. i don’t even attempt to risk the cat eye, especially not with liquid liner. she can do perfect wings on each eye with liquid liner and mascara in under 5 minutes. every. single. day. how???????

skillz. and i have been doing my  makeup since i was 3. not like i was one of those kids (we all know one), i’m a dancer so i have to wear it for performances.

okay, anyway, on to the point. we had a four day week this last week and a four day weekend, giving us a four day week for the week of fabulousness. yes that’s what i’m calling it, deal with it. anyhow, i came up with four different outfits for her and she came over to my house later that day and came up with four for me before we dropped her off at dance a couple of hours later. 

you know, i thought i had a lot of clothes, just a select few i actually wear. but abby here has a bunch of clothes… button ups, cardigans, sweaters, shoes, regular shirts, tank tops… she has at least one of whatever you can name. so i had fun. i liked making her not wear what she usually does (mua ha ha ha ha), anyway… abby?

well it was at least fun forcing her out of those damn sweatshirts for once. i actually made her wear real shoes too, like oxfords and *gasp* ballet flats! 

no way! ballet flats in a ballerina’s closet!? (noooooooooooo fading into the distance).

it was frustrating not being able to choose what i wore every morning as i went, though. i’m a very spontaneous person, i don’t think you realize what this has done to me. i could have emotional trauma from being separated from my black clothes for all this time!

i’m sure you’ll get over it… it’s not like you went an entire seven day week without them. and since when are you spontaneous, i had to spend 5 minutes convincing you to buy a frozen cocoa instead of a hot one at the coffee cart the other day. you overthink literally everything you do, even with my advice. 

i take offense to that. and i’m spontaneous when it comes to my looks, okay?! all i could think all week was that this is what those medieval princesses whose handmaidens dressed them felt like. if that were me, i wouldn’t be able to do it. i barely made it through the week! and we have pretty similar style when given the resources, so it wasn’t like i was wearing anything drastically different. i mean, there was that daisy print shirt on the second day that i didn’t even know i owned, but at least it was black. any other thoughts?

no i liked doing this but at the same time i neeeeeeeeeeeeed my style back. however, we did both get a lot of compliments on our outfits. and all of the criticism on my clothing style has led me to wanting to a bit of change from my usual sweatshirts and jeans. and we actually have some similar stuff, so what did we do? yeahp…. we wore our similar stuff on the same day.

oh yeah, we coordinated. (picture below). do you think that’s all? here, how about we say what our favorites were that we picked out for the other person, and what our favorites were that the other person picked out for us. 

so honestly this one outfit (the one below) is probs my favorite and my shoes were super comfy (these were the boots i used to wear everyday last school year, before i got new ones), but i did like wearing my ballet flats, even if they hurt like crazy after awhile. then for abigail marie here, i liked the second to last one she wore the best. it was a brownish, vintage shirt with a lacy decoration on the collar, a cream sweater/cardigan, and ripped jeans.

okay, i have to say my favorite that i picked for you was probably the second one, which was a teal mock turtleneck sweater, gray pants, and converse with ballet ribbons in them. my favorite that you picked for me was either the one you liked, or the one i wore the second day, which was so elaborate it completely counteracted the time i was saving not picking my outfits. it was a white tank top under a white button up under a black, daisy print quarter sleeve crop top, under a yellow cardigan, with jeans and my gray boots that take 10 minutes to lace. and yes, it was as much as much of a hassle as it sounds. needless to say, even though i loved how it turned out and got a lot of compliments on it, i was almost late that morning. 

because kyla is sitting next to me groaning about her math and refusing to make a comment, i think i’ll just finish it off from here. 

this experiment definitely made me realize how much i love my clothes, and how independent of a person i actually am. it was so hard to go a week without choosing what i wanted, i don’t think i could have gone a week with someone else’s clothes like in the original video. in any way, it was still fun, and it was cool to see kyla walk around in something other than sweatshirts for once. i think she also said that she wants to go shopping with me and wear more like the outfits i picked out, so i’d call this a victory/success. any final thoughts, k?

she says no. okay then, i guess that’s all i really have to say… 

-abigail marie (and kyla!)

we're adorable

i promise we’re coordinated. i’m the tall one on the left, k’s the other adorable one.







thoughts on the future

i think about my future a lot.

i think about what college i’m going to attend a lot. somewhere in washington, somewhere away from home. western washington university is where i’ve been thinking, they’ve a great english program and i know a lot of my dad’s family is alumni. my great uncle was on the board, i think he donated a lot of money (he was pretty well-off, one of the founding members of the town, and donated some land they named after him, almost a whole forest). my family name carries some weight in that area, which is an advantage i’m not just going to ignore.

i think about being in college a lot. i think about having a dorm, sharing it with someone i’ve never met before, experiencing life outside of the shell i’ve lived in for my whole life. i think about being able to start over, doing my own thing, no one to tell me what’s right or wrong, making my own decisions. i think about the classes a lot, the campus, the buildings. people watching between sessions and in the dining hall. i think a lot about being alone in college, but mostly i think about being content and alone. alone to me is freedom.

i think about getting my degree a lot. i’ve already a plan for it, five or six years at wwu and then a masters in secondary education and minor in english. i’ve known since i was twelve that i wanted to be an english teacher, and my plans have hardly wavered from that stance (excepting only a four month period during which i was convinced i would be a better elementary school teacher. more on that later).

i think about getting away from my home state a lot. i think about leaving and never coming back, rejecting my home and only returning for holidays, and even then very reluctantly. i supposed i’d have to, thanksgiving and christmas only though. i’m not the type of person to get homesick, especially not when i’m on my own in a place i love.

i think about having a lot of dogs. little ones, probably. terriers and such. i’ve always wanted a schipperke, or a bernese mountain dog or corgi. i’ll probably just go to the local pound and pick up the first one that catches my eye. my mind works funny that way, i’m drawn towards things i know i’m meant for. it’s almost magnetic.

i think about having my own apartment a lot. something little, like a studio apartment. i think i’d like something small, somewhere i didn’t have to share. at the same time, though, i’m sure having a roommate would be good for me. someone to keep my moods in check and keep me from picking up every dog i see that needs a home.

i think about using my degree a lot. having a classroom, a class, students to teach and have discussions with. i think about teaching english a lot, deciding on what books to read and what to focus on in each. changing opinions, growing minds, exposing students to what they don’t know, using my experience to help them understand what the real world is like.

i think about getting married a lot. not nearly as much as i think about the rest of it, but a bit. mostly, i think about not getting married. i’ve friends who’ve been planning their imaginary weddings on pinterest for years. i’ve never had any interest in that sort of thing, not really. mostly i think about eloping. i hate the classic wedding dresses, i always have. everyone tells me i’ll change my mind, but i call bullshit on that. i’ve known i’ll never have a real wedding for years and years.

i think about after marriage, kids and such. mostly, i think about not having them. i’ve never been one for that sort of thing, children between the ages of “can walk and talk but doesn’t realize eating yoghurt for every meal is unhealthy” and “can take selfies but doesn’t understand the importance of college” bother me immensely, which is most of the reason i should never be an elementary teacher. everyone tells me i’ll change my mind on that as well, but i honestly doubt it. i have zero maternal instinct whatsoever. i’ve almost given away the whole “santa isn’t real” thing to my cousins three times already.

i think about being on my own in seattle a lot. coffee shops and bookstores and rainy days. i think about being alone, living on my own schedule and doing my own thing. decorating my first apartment, watching doctor who and supernatural and sherlock on my bed with my laptop and a million blankets. having pictures all over the walls, not in frames, but hung up with the tacky sort of putty that teachers use in elementary classrooms. fairy lights on the bed frame, mismatched furniture and a nest of a bed with blankets and pillows i’ve collected strewn everywhere in the room. bookshelves and a fish bowl and at least two dogs. somewhere cozy to call home.

i think about writing a lot. about having my own writing space to work and plan and plot and diagram. i think about all the novels i’m planning, having walls to tack up charts and plot graphs. i think about being alone with my laptop, a dog on the bed with me, whatever sort of music i’d be into at the time playing in the back. i think about publishing a lot. i think about how the first book i publish will feel, how i’ll feel through the whole process. and then, when all my hard work pays off, how i’ll go right back to writing the next one.

i think about how i’m going to look in the future a lot. i think about chopping my hair off to my shoulders (which i’ll probably do as soon as this summer) and dyeing it different colors. the color of red velvet cake, or black tips, or maybe try blonde at some point. i’d probably do it all from a box, at home in the bathroom sink. i think about buying new glasses, similar to my current ones but with thick, solid black frames. i think about wearing dresses more often as a teacher. buying them cheap at consignment stores and matching them with cardigans. i don’t want to be one of those teachers that only wears pant suits and ugly blazers. i want to be colorful, creative, interesting.


i think about my future a lot. graduating high school, attending wwu on a scholarship, living in the dorms, going to classes, graduating with a double degree, student teaching for a few years, writing in my dorm and, when i get one, my apartment. getting dogs, living on my own, getting a class and a school to work at. and then, much later on, getting married. i’ve it all planned out, i have since i was thirteen. and honestly, thinking about all of it is one of the best parts of being alive. the promise of college, the hope of freedom, the dreams of past that. i don’t know if i can wait.