an open letter to little sisters

my little sister and i are 2 and 1/2 years apart and we fight like cats and dogs.

that having been said, i still love her, even if she is one of the most annoying people in the world to me.

so here i am, representing the older sisters of the world, in an open letter to the little sisters of the world. i realize you all probably don’t have the same issues as i do with your little sisters, but here are a few i feel the need to cover and get off my chest. here we go.

dear little sisters,

first off, you’re fucking annoying and there’s literally no way to get around it. no matter how good of a relationship you may have with your older sister, it’s guaranteed that we will despise you for something at sometime for some reason. sometimes it’s because we’re being unreasonable,  but most of the time, we will have a perfectly good reason for it.

that having been said, we do love you, but probably not when we’re annoyed with you because when we are annoyed with you, there is nothing you can say to us that won’t just annoy us even more. when we’re annoyed with you, every single thing you say and do will bother us to no end. so i’d recommend just steering clear when we don’t like you.

on another note, we’d like to be our own person, please. when we start getting into a show or book or something, gtfo and let us be obsessed with it by ourselves. we have friends to share interests with, not siblings. it’s okay to like a few of the same bands or some of the same books, but when you start agreeing with every little opinion we have on every single subject, you’re going too far.

i start watching doctor who. you decide a couple weeks later to call yourself a whovian because you watched 3 episodes with me. i start watching supernatural. a few months later, all you do is say “omg that reminds me of that one supernatural episode you showed me” and reference the singular episode you walked in on half way through. i start listening to halsey. a week later, you’re listening to the badlands album in the shower. i marathon the harry potter movies. a few days later, all you want to talk about is what hogwarts house you’re in (even though you’ve never even read or seen them). i show you one dan and phil video that referenced something you liked. you didn’t watch any more, but after that you’d only ever talk about how much you were “a phil”.


similar to that, we do not have even near the same fashion sense, so stop thinking we do. about three or four months ago, i started transitioning my wardrobe to mostly black and grunge/punk/alt looking clothes because i realized that was all i wore anyway and the rest of my clothes were just sitting there looking sad and alone and not being worn. as soon as my sister realized this was happening, all she would wear or buy was black clothes. a couple years ago, i realized i really liked “combat” boots (which are really just prairie boots with the laces up the front but black and from steve madden). as soon as i bought a new pair, my sister all of a sudden decided she wanted a pair. guess what she got for christmas? not one, but two pairs of combat boots (on a different note: dear parents, please stop encouraging this).

stop. you have gone too far. you are a unique individual with your own sense of style that is nowhere near similar to mine. i’ve seen it! please return to it! every time you come downstairs in a pair of combat boots and wearing all black, you are going. too. far. every single time you try to look like me, you are going. too. far. every time you decide you want your hair wavy like mine, you are going. too. far. every time you try to take a shirt from me, first of all, that’s not okay, and second, you are going. too. far. 

please tell me you get the point.

moving on, disney music is not okay to listen to every waking second of the day. especially when you blast it through the house. just thought i’d mention that, k thanks.

you are worth so much more than that boyfriend who broke up with you via your other ex-boyfriend (true story). you are worth so much more than that girl who keeps telling you how weird you are. you are worth so much more than your teacher’s opinion on you. you are especially worth so much more than our parents ragging on you about your grades (but c’s? really? for cripes sake, you can do so much better than that and you know it).

you should really let us test our makeup on you. we can really only do a good cat eye on other people, so it’d be great if you’d let us practice from time to time. and that zit you keep complaining about? we do own concealer if only you’d just let us help you.

we apologize if we brag too much, but sometimes, we’d like to be the favorite daughter, too (and let’s be honest here, you’re always the favorite and you fucking know it you little fake). if we take advantage of the favorite stance, it’s only because you do, too, and even though you deny, you know it’s true.

junior high sucks, we get it, we’ve been there. but please, try not to cuss every other word when we’re not around our parents. we cuss too, believe me we do, but do we f-bomb every other word? well maybe, but not around you. so if you could be a little less crude sometimes, that’d be great, because trust me, cussing doesn’t get you friends.

your best friend that you’ve known since kindergarten? yeah, her. she’s taking advantage of your passivity and you need to let her know you don’t appreciate it. i love her too, it’s hard not to when she’s like my other “sister”. talk to her, let her know how you feel, and if she still does it, you need some new friends. some new friends with the same (real) interests as you. some new friends who don’t take advantage of you.

and for the record, we do enjoy coming to your softball games, we really do. it’s just that sometimes we might get a little tired of going to every single one of your practices. and by the way, we will cheer aggressively for you every time you step out to bat and our camera rolls are 90% videos of you pitching and batting during games. we will always be your #1 fan, no matter what.

and to re-iterate, we love you, okay?


your older sister