what i’ve been reading

this was supposed to be a favorites post, but a few items in, i realized that i don’t really have many good beauty items or anything like that to share, so i turned it into a book recommendation post. hopefully this makes up for the lack of a favorites post, but i really wasn’t feeling one this month and got a lot of good feedback on my other books post, so i thought this would be a good idea to try.

unrivaled: beautiful idols series // alyson noel

i honestly didn’t think i’d like this book at all, but i follow a few bookstagram accounts on instagram, and it was one of the books i noticed they were all featuring this month. so, i decided to check it out. the first few chapters, it was pretty slow, but it really sped up about halfway through and the ending is such a cliff hanger that now i have to get the next book as soon as it comes out. it wasn’t the greatest book, if i’m being honest, but the plot of it is a really good idea and i want to follow it through and see how it ends.

red queen series // victoria aveyard

this series is very resemblant of the hunger games and divergent in that it’s just another series about a girl with special abilities and a love triangle. it wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t great, and pretty much felt like pretty much every other book out there right now that authors seem to think ya readers want. it was a pretty well written book and had a good plot and good character development, it was just really very predictable and kind of boring. i’d definitely still recommend it, though, it wasn’t bad.

underneath everything // marcy beller paul 

this was a really, really sad book to me. it’s another of my favorites when it comes to novels (they’re my absolute favorite genre) and it made me both mad and sad, which is very important when i’m reading a book. to me, books are supposed to make you feel something, they’re not just entertainment, so emotional books tend to be my favorites. i would definitely recommend this book, it was so emotional and depressing and the characters were very real and relatable.

paper towns // john green

i know, i know, this book is way old news. unfortunately for me, i was unable to even get my hands on it at all when it was super popular, so the copy i just bought a couple weeks ago was the first time i’d read it. i still haven’t seen the movie, even though this was an absolutely amazing book and i loved it. i honestly could not stand the fault in our stars, i thought it was predictable and boring and i know everyone loved it and thought it was so sad, but i actually laughed when augustus died because it was so bad. i was really scared to read another john green novel, which is why i waited so long to read paper towns. after i read this one, though, i’ve been picking up as many of his books as i can because i’ve come to the conclusion that his only bad novel is tfios.

let’s get lost // adi alsaid

this is another of my favorite novels, and i read it a little while back, but recently re-read it after i ordered it on thrift books. i felt like i had to include it in this post because it’s one of my favorites, just not quite enough to make it onto my all-time favorites post. this book is written from a bunch of different perspectives, so i feel like there’s something for everyone. it’s also really humorous and emotional, and really, really well written, so it doesn’t just rely on the plot like i feel a lot of books nowadays do.

all the light we cannot see // anthony doerr

historical novels are by far some of my favorites, and my dad recommended this one to me because he knows we have similar taste in that sense. i actually haven’t finished this all the way through, it’s my most recent read and is fairly long. even though i do read pretty quickly (i can read a book a day when i’m really into it), i just haven’t had the time to finish this one lately, what with finals and everything else going on. it is really, really good so far and really well written, nothing like a ya novel, and i’m excited to finish it.

so those are the books i’ve been reading lately and what i’ve been thinking of them. i’ve tried to make my reviews less of plot summaries and more of reviews, so let me know what you thought of it. i might just end up doing one of these a month as well as my accumulation from now on, because i really enjoyed doing this post. give me some book recommendations in the comments and i might just end up putting your favorite book in my next one. side note: did anyone else notice i actually put this up at a reasonable hour or nah? cause it’s only 5:30 where i’m at as opposed to midnight like i’ve been doing. good job, self, you didn’t procrastinate for once!

xxx abi


e.l.f haul

yas makeup

so recently my mom and i were going to sign up for ipsy, but we didn’t like some of the terms and it seemed like a hassle if we didn’t like what we got, so instead we decided to just buy a whole bunch of makeup off of the e.l.f website. $36 worth to be precise, and we regret absolutely nothing. here’s everything i got and how i’m liking it, including what came with the e.l.f summer sweeties mystery pack that you get when you buy $25 of makeup or more. i’m also including the e.l.f products i got for christmas, because they’re also pretty cool and i like them about as much as i like the ones i got just this week and want to mention them here.


flawless matte eye shadow kit // matte for plum

matte for plumi got one of these for christmas and i really liked it, but the colors were more pink, which are more my mom’s colors than mine, so i traded her mine and bought this one for myself. the kit has four colors, a base, lid, crease, and line color, but i’m not super into that kind of thing so i usually use them separately. my one complaint is that each color has a little stripe section as you can see above, and it’s harder to use and there’s not much of it. the colors are very pigmented, though, and i love the gray look of it when i do put them all together, and with a dark water line, it looks really dark and edgy and stays on all day really well (as long as you don’t rub your eyes, obviously). i wore it out to run some errands while it was pretty windy and gross weather (yay spring in my area) and it didn’t come off at all.

clear brow and lash mascara

brow and lash mascara.jpgthis was actually recommended to me by ruby at ruby’s cadence, and i thought i’d give it a try because it sounded useful. i will probably be using this a lot because my brows are very cara delevingne-esque and trendy right now, so i don’t fill them or do much to them, but they’re very unruly (as is the downfall of big eyebrows). they generally need waxed every month, and i wake up with them everywhere and just being wiry and frustrating, so this was perfect. my mom describes it as “hairspray for your eyebrows”, which is essentially what it is. it’s super easy to use and doesn’t get everywhere and keeps my eyebrows in the same position all day, which is something i usually worry about. my only complaint here is that there’s not much in the bottle, and i use it a lot, so i just wish it came with more product because i think it’s going to run out pretty quickly.

black kohl eyeliner pencil

kohl eyelineri’ve actually been kind of scared to try kohl eyeliner for awhile, even though it’s every grunge girl’s staple, so when we were $2 short of free shipping and it was my turn to pick a product, i decided “screw it, i’ll try it” and now i’m never going back to regular eyeliner. kohl eyeliner is thicker and oilier than regular eyeliner, so it glides on smoother and stays in place all day. in better terms, it goes on your waterline thicker and easier and doesn’t travel down your cheeks during the day. i line my waterline pretty much every day, it’s my go-to look, so this is my new favorite thing, like ever. this one also comes with a little smudgy tool on the other end, which is my second new favorite thing because smoky eye. so yeah, go buy this if you like the raccoon eye look, you will love it.

mineral eyeliner // black

eyelinerremember how i said i’m never going back to regular eyeliner? well i kinda already did, but that’s just because i freaking love this eyeliner and ran out of it recently so i had to stock up. it’s just generally nice basic eyeliner, no big deal. my one problem with this is that it runs down my face when i use it on my waterline, but it stays in place really well on my eyelid. basic eyeliners like this are good to have around, i have a few of these in different colors and they’re like tee shirts, they don’t really go out of style and they’re nice to have around. good product, ’nuff said.

shape and stay wax pencil

brow pencili don’t really know what to say about this because it’s the same thing as the clear mascara stuff, just a pencil, and i’m not super big on it. it’s supposed to keep your eyebrows in place like the mascara, and my mom bought it for herself but then decided she didn’t want it and made me take it, but i have no use for it, so it’s just kinda sitting there. maybe i’ll use it some day? i dunno.


basic lipstick // posh

poshso i’m pretty big on cool lip colors, i just got nowhere to wear em and often feel semi-self conscious if they’re too out there. darker colors tend to look the best on me, so i bought this one thinking it was a slightly darker red than the ulta lip crayon i already had that i recently lost at school (moment of silence for my favorite lip color). i do really like it, it just looked a lot different on the website than it does on my lips. i thought it was going to be darker, but i’m not really mad about it. it’s very pigmented which is nice, and it glides on really smoothly, which is a bonus for me, and stays really well for quite a while. i wore it for a couple hours and didn’t really have to touch up, but i haven’t worn it all day yet. i like it, it’s pretty cool, not gonna complain, moving on.

matte lip color // dash of pink

dash of pinki just mentioned that i like darker lip colors, so i had expected my mom to take this one (it was one of the products in the mystery pack thingy), but she doesn’t like matte lipsticks so she gave it to me. i don’t really think i’ll use it much because i don’t have much use for bright lip colors, they’re not really my thing, but i have no complaint against the product itself. my one thing about it is that the website said it would come as a lip stain, but it’s a matte crayon/pencil type thing. either way, i don’t really care that much, it’s an overall good product and stays really well, but it does dry out my lips like most matte products, so i can’t forget that lip balm underneath otherwise my lips will become the sahara desert. update: i actually gave this to a friend who tried it when we were hanging out at my house and liked it. it goes way better with her skin tone.


hd mattifying balm

mattifying balm.jpgto be honest, i’m not entirely certain what this even does because i have no use for it, but i guess it’s okay. this is another one of the mystery pack items, but i have no use for it, so it just kinda chills in my makeup bag. as far as i can tell, you put it on the parts of your face that are oily with foundation on them and it makes them not shiny, but i don’t wear foundation and i don’t have oily skin, so i don’t really need it. it’s kinda cool i guess? maybe i’ll find a tutorial on this and come back to it in another post someday. moving on.

blending sponge

blending spongethis thing is again, one of new favorites. previous to getting this, i was using individual little blending wedges from winco (blech) that streaked my bb cream and made it all gross and not at all blended like their purpose was to do, so when i got this in the mail i was very excited. i’ve wanted one for awhile, i just hadn’t had the chance to buy one and didn’t want to go out and spend $20 at ulta for one and now i am very pleased. very good product, i love it, it’s squishy and cute and very nice, i am happy. that is all.

baked blush // peachy cheeky

peachy cheekyif you have not used any baked makeup products, let me just say, you are missing out. gone are the days of messy powder everywhere and getting too much on your brush, baked makeup is the future. i had a powder blush in almost this exact shade, i just hated it and therefore never used it, so when i got this for christmas, i was very excited and also slightly confused to see how it worked. don’t be scared though, it’s very simple and also virtually impossible to get too much on your brush and there is basically no mess at all. i use it pretty much every day, and i don’t think i’ll ever go back to powder blush because it pales in comparison to this gloriousness. go try it, it’s beautiful and lovely and i don’t know where i’d be without it.

baked bronzer // st. lucia

st lucia

because i was so in love with the baked blush, i decided to get some baked bronzer as well even though i have absolutely no idea how to use bronzer. i know what it’s for and the basics behind it, i’ll just have to find a good youtube tutorial on where exactly to put it and all that. other than that, pretty much the same review as the blush, it was really pigmented when i swatched it on my hand, and wasn’t messy or grainy like i feel like some powders like this sort of thing can be. baked makeup is awesome, i love it, that’s pretty much it.

illuminating palette

illuminating palette.jpg

i’ve mentioned this product before in my daily makeup post, but it’s another one of those things i’m not entirely sure how to use because i am in no way a beauty guru, i just like putting stuff on my face until i think it looks good and then doing that same thing over and over because i know it works. anyway, this palette comes with four colors, a creamy white, pinky blush, a beigey almost brown color, and an orangey bronze kind of color. i’ve been using the lightest one as an under-eye concealer and to brighten my eyes and the others as blushes or eyeshadows or whatever i feel like. the instructions on this were very vague, all they said was to “brush onto areas of the face that need illumination, including cheeks and eyelids” so i just kinda do that. i do like the colors, and maybe one day i’ll learn to use it properly but let’s not get our hopes up. (update: i read a review on this and the ~professional~ reviewing it said she uses them the exact same ways i do, but she also uses the pink and bronze as blush and bronzer, which is what i kinda guessed they were for. so i guess i do know what i’m doing. ha.)

so that’s everything i got and what i’ve been thinking of it. in general, e.l.f is probably my favorite makeup brand because it’s so cheap price-wise but not super cheap quality-wise (at least everything i’ve tried). i have one friend who hates e.l.f because she’s a huge mac fan and pays entirely for quality and popularity, but she’s also a huge makeup snob (not in a bad way, she’s just good at it and knows what to do with it) and spends all of her money at mac and sephora. i am not that invested at all (she said one time she spent $60 on a palette and i almost fainted because why would you do that when you could buy books), and i’m also not big on contouring and palettes and stuff like that like she is. so this is my take on makeup for the rest of y’all out there like me who don’t feel like spending a crap-ton of money on makeup, but still like playing with it and experimenting. i hope you found this informational (try the baked makeup, it’s glorious i swear i will never stop praising it till the day i die) and helpful, and let me know if there’s a good e.l.f product i missed on that spending spree and maybe i’ll get it on my next time round. side note: i usually do take my own pictures, just this weekend i’ve been at my sister’s softball tournament and haven’t had time to take any, sorry.

xxx abi



my favorite books

ever since i was a wee one i’ve been an avid reader, and my favorite place in the world is the library. asking a reader like me to pick their favorite book is like asking a parent to pick their favorite child. we probably could, but we’d immediately feel like we were betraying the rest of them. so here are my top seven favorite books, no specific genres or anything, these are just the books i’d list off if someone asked me what my favorite books are or for a recommendation.

the mysterious benedict society // trenton lee stewart

this is a series, but i’m listing the first book as my favorite because when i was in elementary school, this was my go-to book when people asked my what my favorite was. i grew up reading these as they came out, and they’re pretty obscure compared to some of the other books out around that time or in a similar genre. they’re crazy well written for children’s books, and i still reread them at least once a year because they’re just so good.

thirteen reasons why // jay asher

i just recently read this book maybe last month and it’s so freaking good. this is the type of book i think everyone should read because it carries such a powerful message behind it, but it’s also pretty funny at the same time. if you don’t take mental health seriously and don’t think it’s a big deal, read this book, it will change your mind and change your life and make you think about everyone you meet in a different way.

the bell jar // sylvia plath

sylvia plath is my all-time favorite author and poet, and is basically everything i aspire to be as a writer. she also struggled with mental health and most people saw her as crazy and suicidal, but her works are so beautifully written and depressing that they will make you take everything you know about the world and burn it. shes also regarded by a lot of people as the feminist author who didn’t know she was a feminist, so the themes in her works are both empowering and just plain sad at the same time. i’ll mention this later, but i really want to get a line from her poem “mad girl’s love song” that says i think i made you up inside my head tattooed on my inner forearm.

the perks of being a wallflower // steven chbosky

there’s so much about this book left unsaid that it can be interpreted so many different ways. it could be about mental health, abuse, childhood trauma, friendship… there’s so many different themes to it that it’s almost impossible to see as superficial or just another novel. i know i’ve said this like three times already but if you read this, it will change your life. also, do not google anything about it before you read it. just read the synopsis on the cover and maybe watch the movie’s trailer, but do not search anything about it. if you google it, it’ll ruin the book for you, and that’s not good. just read, don’t question.

this song will save your life // leila sales

this is just one of my favorite novels, nothing super special, but it’s really good. it starts off with a huge bang, the main character has a lot of issues, and it’s relatable. the reason i count it as one of my all time favorites is that i read it at a time when i was going through similar things to the main character, so it made it 100% more powerful at the time. it still is, i’ve read it a couple times now, and i will never get sick of it. the music mentioned in it is also really fun to look up and listen to while you’re reading it, and i believe there’s a list of everything mentioned in the back of the book (i also could’ve found that online). just overall really good.

fangirl // rainbow rowell

rainbow rowell is possibly my all-time favorite author, but because people like j.k. rowling and sylvia plath still exist, let’s call her my favorite ya author. fangirl is beautiful, it’s well-written, it’s about a girl who majors in english and falls in love and writes fanfiction, and it is everything i aspire to be when i’m a modern published author (fingers crossed). rainbow rowell’s books are works of art and no one can ever tell me differently. when i talk to people about how i want to be a writer, i never say i want to be j.k. rowling famous, i say i want to be rainbow rowell famous. living off of my books, but not swarmed on the streets and being called a queen. the special part about this book is that in it, the main character writes a fanfiction about a harry potter-esque series, and rainbow rowell got so caught up in the world of the fanfic that she had created specifically for this book that she actually wrote out the whole fanfic and published it about a year or so later under the name the girl in the book was calling it. it’s called “carry on” and it will make you weep tears of joy, sadness, and gay shippers everywhere will delight. it’s not good enough to be on my favorites list, but it’s still really, really good. but again, every rainbow rowell book is worthy of this list, i just had to narrow it down and they couldn’t all fit as my all time favorites.

every last word // tamara ireland stone

the girl in this book has the same mental issues as i do, just to an extreme and she’s on medication for it, so this will always be a very important book to me. this is the only book i’ve ever read where the author actually researched ocd and its different symptoms and varieties and extremes and then created a character who fit that so well, instead of writing a book about a girl who washes her hands a lot and likes things a certain way and occasionally freaks out about things but has never had a panic attack or been depressed. it’s sad, it’s depressing, it makes me want to cry, but it’s also amazingly well written and awesome and just go read it. i’ll talk more about what i struggle with in the later planned post but if you read this, think of me as the main character (just with a slightly different personality) and that’s what i got. the book does reach an extreme that i do not deal with, but i don’t want to spoil it, so just look out for that post in the future.

so there’s my seven favorite books, go read each and every single one of them, love them, be them, exist as them, they are amazing. if you don’t like reading, first of all why? and second of all, read them anyway and also every other book in the world. so there goes my summer blogging challenge day one, i’d say it was pretty successful, and i’ll be back tomorrow for my all time favorite movies. be prepared for a lot of musicals.

xxx abi


fast and easy skincare routine

so i am not at all one for long, complicated skin care “routines”. in fact, i have never really actually done a skin care routine… like at all. in fact, this is something i only just started doing as of last month or so. this takes me about 15 minutes, and i usually do it right after i shower, which is every other day for me because i’m lazy and don’t always want to take a shower every single day. also, it fucks up my hair, especially when i curled it the day before and i’m feeling myself and don’t want to get rid of that. yeah nah.

when it comes to skincare, i pretty much just use the stuff my grandma gives me. if you missed my daily makeup routine, i talked about how my grandma is a beautician, and she and my mom prefer natural products, so that’s what i prefer as well. derma e’s products are cruelty free and made of natural ingredients. my philosophy when it comes to makeup and skin and such is basically that chemicals belong in the chemistry lab, not on my skin. ew. if you think of it in terms of having the option of putting hydrochloric acid or leaves on your face, i’d choose leaves every damn time. it’s really a no-brainer.


the three main products i use, all the same brand, all fairly cheap, also all fairly old because they were given to me about a year ago and then i never used them because i’m lazy and also didn’t know what “exfoliant” meant and didn’t feel like making an effort to find out. (not pictured: astringent because it’s in a generic travel bottle and i can’t remember where i put the big bottle, and liquid advil because i assume you’re not an idiot and know what advil is.)

at the end of pretty much every day  (some days i’m lazy and fall asleep in my mascara, not a good idea, but let’s be honest here, everyone does it), i use makeup wipes to take off my makeup. on the days that i shower, i let the shower wash off most of it because i’m lazy and why would i waste a perfectly good makeup wipe when i could use water. after i shower, i put some of the derma e liquid makeup remover on a washcloth and scrub my face with it to take off whatever i missed, or whatever caked itself in my skin throughout the past couple of days because skin is gross, i don’t know if you’ve noticed yet. when i’m done with that, i’ll take astringent and a cotton square and rub my face over with that to get off any dirt and oils left on my face from the makeup remover or whatever it missed. this isn’t a regular thing for me because i’m lazy and i don’t always feel like i need the astringent. but, at the same time, sometimes i’ll feel gross but don’t want to make the effort to take a shower, so i’ll use this to clean my pores, but not that often. i’m not that put together. i make sure to focus on my t-zone, as well as wherever i know i’ve been breaking out, which is mostly around my nose, but occasionally on my chin or forehead.

after i’ve finished scrubbing my face, i rinse the makeup remover out of the washcloth and then wipe my face with it so there’s no residue left. then, i use their pomegranate exfoliation scrub and rub it all over my face with my fingers to get rid of all the dead skin cells. i let this sit on my face for about a minute, and then i use the same washcloth to rinse it off my face, because it’s really not supposed to stay on your skin. if i feel like i need to, this is where i’d put a pore strip on my nose to get rid of blackheads, but i ran out of them recently and haven’t needed to, so they’re not included in this process.

once that’s all done, i put on the derma e moisturizer, which i also usually put on with my bb cream in the morning. i just rub that in all over, and one thing that most people don’t really remember to do is that since you can put makeup on your neck (and usually should so that the shades match), you should be moisturizing your neck as well wherever you do apply makeup. depending on what makeup you use, it can dry out your skin (just like on your face) and cause wrinkles (ew) so you should make sure not to neglect your neck or the bottom of your chin. if you don’t know what part of your face i’m referring to, you’re probably one of those people who likes that gross line around their face from where their foundation and skin don’t quite match, and you should really sort out your priorities.

now here’s where my little secret weapon comes in. i have naturally clear skin (genes for the win), but i do break out around the base of my nose, as i mentioned before, and occasionally have a little friend or two on my chin or forehead. they’re usually pretty easy to cover, but that doesn’t mean i want them just hanging out on my face. when i wrote this, i had a rather large new little friend that had decided to appear on my forehead, so i treated it using… liquid advil. you may have seen this before on pinterest or wherever, i think i picked it up in theatre from the girl who does makeup, and i pretty much swear by it. i usually make sure to apply some as soon as a zit starts to pop up, and while i’ve never tried using it on blackheads, it works really, really well on ordinary zits and pimples.

take a liquid gel advil, use a pin or tack (preferably clean, for obvious reasons) to poke a hole in one side. i usually poke the hole at one of the ends so i can squeeze it better. then, just squeeze it onto the zit wherever you need to. i put some all around my nose and on my new little friend and then leave it on overnight. it’ll start to itch and burn a little, but not painfully, just kind of obnoxious, like a mosquito bite. that’s how you know it’s working. make sure not to itch at it and rub it off, and then when you wake it up, the zit should have turned white or come to a head, depending on what type it is. you can pop it or peel it off now, and it might puss or bleed and scab, but it won’t come back, and it’ll be gone completely in a day or two. in the meantime, i just cover it up with concealer and put more advil on it every night. i don’t know where i’d be without this trick, honestly, it’s the best thing ever.

so yeah, that’s what i’ve been doing lately when it comes to skincare. i never really took it that seriously until recently when my forehead started getting really flaky and i realized i should probably figure something out when it came to exfoliation and moisturizing. i hope this was helpful to you if you don’t already have a skincare routine or if you need some ideas for yours.

xxx abi

april accumulation 2016

this is basically gonna be like an april favorites post, but with my own title. these are the things that i’ve been liking this month. i don’t really have any categories or specifics or anything, but i’ll be doing one every month from now on.

succulent candles


first of all, these are adorable. secondly, i bought them at a thrift store in my grandma’s home town and i haven’t been able to find anything exactly like them, but if you google “succulent candles” i’m sure you could find something like them. i’ve been using these as bookends of a sort, but one on each end of my cd collection. i’d never actually burn them, but there’s also no risk of them dying like my real live succulents, so they’re just a generally cute little decoration that brightens up my room.

me before you

me before you.jpg

this book ruined my life. read it. no seriously, it’s actually really good and really well written, it’s just one of the most depressing books you will ever read. the movie version is coming out this year on june 3, and it has sam claflin, jenna louise coleman, emelia clarke, and matthew lewis in it, so there’s no way it won’t be good. from what i’ve seen, the writers stuck pretty close to the book’s plot, so i’m really excited to see how it turns out.

meg myers

meg myers

i have to say, i’m a little late to the party on this one because meg myers has actually been in the alt rock light since 2011. i discovered her after her song desire popped up on my spotify discover playlist, and i’ve basically been obsessed ever since. she has two albums, one of which is an e.p., and her music is very post-punk, alt, and lighter grunge, but she has one or two pop-punk songs in the mix. it’s very real and deep music, and i love everything about it. i’m waiting very impatiently to see what she releases next. (side note: follow me on spotify if you want to see what i’ve been listening to and get some good reccomendations).

shane and friends podcast

shane and friends

shane dawson is one of my favorite youtubers, and he recently started re-recording his podcast, shane and friends. i knew he had a podcast, but i’d never bothered to go listen to it, so when he started re-recording, i started from the beginning to catch up on them. they’re free on soundcloud and itunes, so go look them up on soundcloud if you’re interested. his humor is pretty crude and vulgar sometimes, so if you’re not a fan of that, i wouldn’t really recommend it.

girls with slingshots

girls with slingshots.jpg

it’s only just been very recently that i got into webcomics, and ‘girls with slingshots’ is the second one i’ve successfully read through entirely. it ended in early 2015, but the author, danielle corsetto, has mentioned bringing it back and writing more. the comic is hilarious, and it features a plethora of characters, including a ghost cat, a talking cactus with a mustache and a scirish accent, and two best friends, one of which i relate to on a very personal basis. you can read it here.

it’s a 10 hairspray


over the past few months, i was involved in my high school’s performance of arsenic and old lace. i stage managed, as well as played the dead body for a few minutes in one scene, and for this i was required to have my hair in a low bun, as well as i had to help style the hair of two or three of the other actors. the hairspray we had backstage sucked. it worked well enough for the other actors’ hair, but my hair would not respond well to it, so i went and bought my own. i already have a few other it’s a 10 products, and i loved this hairspray. it wasn’t sticky at all, it smells really good, and it didn’t leave little sticky droplets in my hair like the other hairspray we were using backstage.

ravenclaw lanyard


i’m sure by now, if you’re in high school like me, you’ve seen literally everyone at your school who can drive with their keys on something similar to this. most kids at my school have one for their favorite sports team, or the college they want to go to, but i really didn’t want to do that, so i bought one for my hogwarts house! i didn’t realize this until it came, but this specific lanyard is made out of elastic material, so that’s cool. if you want one, they have them for every house on amazon, but the specific one i bought is here. i have my car keys, the key to my friend’s house, and a couple little keychains on mine.

sally hansen clearly quick top coat

top coat.jpg

this is probably the best top coat i’ve ever used before, and i am in love with it. i’d been using the quick dry black polish for a while, and my top coat ran out so i had to go get another. sally hansen in general has really amazing products, and i’d recommend basically any of them. i really like this top coat in particular, though, because even when i use regular nail polish underneath, it’s really strong and dries really fast (the quick dry nail polish claim to fame is it dries to the touch in 60 seconds and all the way through in 5 minutes), so i only have to wait for the bottom coats to dry and then throw this on top and it’s done in less than 30 minutes.

so yeah, that’s what i’ve been liking this month. sorry i didn’t get it up earlier, but i had it all written out and didn’t have any pictures. i hope you found this interesting or useful!

xxx abi