summer get ready with me + mini haul

hey guys! so today i went to the outdoor mall thingy in my area with a friend to go shopping and hang out for a bit, so i thought today would be a perfect day to try a get ready with me-type post. i’ve been wanting to do a summer makeup routine post for a while, but it’s so similar to my everyday makeup that i figured i’d just combine it into one of these and add outfit and such to it. this is the first i’ve done of this type of post, so hopefully it goes well! also, i’m adding a mini haul type thing to the end of what i got while i was out today. enjoy!

it’s summer where i live, and i also live in the western u.s., so i’ts extraordinarily hot pretty much all the time. it hit 96 degrees (fahrenheit, about 36 degrees celsius for my intl readers) yesterday, which i have a love/hate relationship with because i love the heat, but i’m not a huge back and boob sweat fan. but then, who is? i woke up at around 10, kinda late but it’s also summer and i like to sleep in, and the first thing i did (after checking my snapchat and instagram and mentally preparing myself for the day of course) was shave my legs. i don’t shower everyday, mostly because it’s not great for you and also because i’m lazy, but i had to wear shorts and my leg hair was getting a bit out of hand, so i had to do something about it. i made the unfortunate mistake of using a brand new razor on my fairly dry skin, so now my legs are very nicked up and razor burnt. whoops… it definitely defeats the purpose of shaving if my legs are bright red and bleeding, so i put some aloe vera on it (my mom’s reccomendation, we have a plant in our front room and it’s pretty much a cure-all in our house) and wiped off the blood to make them look at least halfway decent. definitely will not be doing that again, but at least you can’t really see the bumps from a distance.

i like to do makeup and hair first and then pray i won’t mess it up with my shirt, so makeup came next. for that routine, everything i used i’ve shown before, either on my e.l.f haul or daily makeup post, all i did was switch it up a bit. in order, this is how i’ve been doing my makeup for the past few weeks:

grwm 4

  • bb cream (neutrogena skin clearing complexion perfector) blending with my fancy schmancy little blending sponge (e.l.f)
  • blush (e.l.f baked blush in peachy cheeky)
  • bronzer (e.l.f baked bronzer in st. lucia) i finally learned how to use it properly!
  • eyebrow taming (e.l.f clear brow and lash mascara)
  • kohl liner on my waterline (e.l.f kohl liner pencil)
  • mascara (physician’s formula organic wear jumbo lash mascara… it’s the one that looks like a big shiny green leaf, kinda hard to miss)
  • eos lip balm (the purple one, i think it’s passion fruit?)

i did my hair nexgrwm 3t, and because my hair gets pretty greasy quickly and i’d showered yesterday, it was slightly greasy near the roots. i haven’t found a good dry shampoo yet, so i used baby powder (it works the same way, just harder to apply) and a bit of hair spray and brushed it out so it looked less gross. yesterday, i straightened my hair and then slept with it in a bun so it was a bit wavy on the ends. i pulled it up into a ponytail, pinned my bangs back, and pulled a few loose hairs down on the sides of my face so it wasn’t totally boring looking.

sorry for the blurry picture, you’d be surprised at how hard it is to take a good picture of your hair without anyone’s help.

outfit-wise, as i mentioned before, it’s been getting up grwm 5into the higher 90’s where i live, so i had to wear something lightweight and cooler. the shirt i’m wearing is from kohl’s, i bought it about a week ago and it’s probably the softest thing i’ve ever worn. i love it because it has the woodstock logo on it, and it’s really loose and soft. i bought it in a size bigger because i like my clothes to be looser, and it didn’t really shrink much at all, so it stil fits just the way i like it. my shorts are also from kohl’s, i bought them for spring break in hawaii and they’re probably my favorite shorts. pretty basic, just dark wash denim. and, once again, these sandals are from kohl’s (noticing a trend yet?). they were kind of expensive, but they go with almost everything i own and they’re really cute, so i feel like they were a pretty good investment. you can see my jewelry up above and in the bottom photo a little bit better, i just wore two of my favorite simple little necklaces (the branch necklace is from charming charlie and the butterfly one is older), a pair of stud earrings that were the same colors as the ones on my shirt, (they’re not really visible, whoops), and the black pearl ring i bought in hawaii (you can see it in the last photo, albeit not too well, sorry again).

here’s a couple photos of the whole look. i’ve been going through this phase where i just kind of throw up a peace sign every time there’s a picture being taken of me (by myself or others), so that’s what’s going on in the second photo. don’t ask me why, i don’t know, it’s just been happening subconsciously for the past couple of weeks.

and as promised, here’s the mini haul part of the post of what i got while i was out. we pretty much went to all of the good stores in the mall area, but i was really excited to go to the new lush. pretty much every lifestyle blogger / youtuber loves lush, but we’ve never had one where i live until a few months ago and i hadn’t had the chance to go in and check it out yet. i didn’t have much money to spend there, so i only got one thing, but i bought a couple other things in other stores as well that i’ll share.

you’ve been mangoed bath oil // lush

i freaking love mango scented everything, and i knew i only had a couple dollars to spend so this was what i decided to get. it smells so good, the description said it was made of mango butter, lemongrass oil, and shea butter, so no wonder it smells amazing to me. i haven’t used it yet, but i’m so excited to, it looks heavenly.

watch // charming charlie

i used to always wear a watch, but after my old one broke i stopped wearing one for a year or so. i’ve been wanting to find a new one that i can wear with pretty much everything, but i hadn’t thought of looking in charming charlie for one. i really love this one so far, it’s cute and versatile and generally lovely. there were a lot of other cute watches there (the friend i went with is going back later to buy one, she didn’t have enough money while we were there) and they’re pretty affordable too, this was only $20, so i’d definitely recommend charming charlie for watches if there’s one near you.

“crap” notepad // local stationary store 

i’ve been wanting something similar to this ever since i saw one at a locagrwm 6l boutique that was kind of expensive. i have a similar template for one pinned to my diy board to make on my own, but that takes so long and i’m too lazy to make my own little to-do notepad. maybe i will at some point and write a diy post about it, let me know if you’d like to see something like that in the future. this one was at a local shop in the mall, about half the price of the one i found before, and it also says crap all over it, so what’s not to like?

that’s pretty much it, this was a bit of a longer post, but the mini haul was a bit too long for an individual post so i decided to combine the two. i hope you enjoyed this post, i loved writing it, and let me know if you want to see more of these in the future or that diy to-do notepad i mentioned earlier.

xxx abi


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