the food tag

hullo again everyone! once again, i am away at camp all this week so i have another prewritten tag post for you all. this one is quite unique seeing as it has little to no real rules or instructions, and it was created only a short while ago. if you guys don’t know the creator of this tag, it’s the fabulous croissant sav the lion. you really should be following him by now if you weren’t already because he’s wonderful and amazing even if he did laugh at my accent (just kidding sav, you’re still the derp king no matter what). alrighty then let’s get into it!


  • write about food, some examples being your favorites, least favorites, favorite places to eat, etc. 
  • there are no others because who wants to be tied down by stupid rules? 

since i’m in a bit of a rush to write this at the current moment and can’t really sit and come up with a whole bunch of food related questions to answer, i’m basically just going to be answering all of what sav did on his version of this tag (and maybe a few others if i can think of some that i want to answer). here we go…


first off, i have a ginormous sweet tooth. literally anything sugary is amazing to me, and i both love it and hate it because i can never seem to get enough sugar and thus am always worrying about if i’ve eaten too much or if i’m hogging the sweets when i’m supposed to be sharing with friends. i’ve never had a cavity though, which is kind of odd considering, but i’m not about to complain. i also love fruit, like watermelon, strawberries, mangoes, pears, anything really i just love fruit and fruity candy. also, i’m obsessed with soup for whatever reason. not like broths soups or noodle soups or anything like that, i love thick, creamy chowders and stews and cheesy soups. i cook for my family quite often, and as many times as i can i always try and make soup. my recipe book is about 90% soup recipes, i love it so much. i was also one of those weird children who actually liked to eat their vegetables, for whatever reason i really like cucumbers, brussels sprouts, green beans, broccoli, etc, especially if they’re cooked and seasoned really well. a few other random favorites would be chicken, pasta (especially with cheese or cream sauces), and potatoes. i know, i know, it’s a bit of a stereotype for me to live in idaho and love potatoes but i do. i could seriously eat mashed potatoes and gravy for every meal if i could. i also really love mexican food, enchiladas and chimichangas are my favorites, but i also really love the whatsitcalled something spicy rice and beans. if you’ve ever eaten at a legitimate mexican restaurant and gotten a plate with your main dish, then rice and beans and mixed the rice into the beans and eaten it, you know the true meaning of life. it’s like the best thing in the world, that’s the only way i eat it now.

least favorites:

i don’t really have many least favorites, but i have a lot of foods i’m okay with eating but i don’t want to eat all the time for whatever reason. i used to be super picky, but around the time i started cooking, i started to appreciate a lot of foods i never used to like. a few that stand out to me right now that i don’t like are peanut butter, but only straight peanut butter. i don’t mind peanut butter cups or desserts with peanut butter in them, i just hate straight up peanut butter. also, pb&j’s. i’ve just never liked them, i think they’re slimy and gross and have a weird texture so i just don’t eat them. tomatoes are another, for whatever reason i just hate tomatoes. i’ll eat tomato sauce or dishes with tomato chunks in them, but i hate tomatoes straight up. that’s pretty much all i really dislike, but i just straight up don’t eat red meat. for the longest time i’ve wanted to go vegetarian, but that’s really hard in my family because we eat a lot of meat, and i love chicken so much. it’s easier to replace things like burgers with a chicken patty or a steak with fish rather than eat salad all the time, and i legitimately do not think i could survive without chicken, so avoiding red meat was my compromise. also, the weirdest thing about me is probably that i don’t really like chocolate. even though i have, like, the worst sweet tooth on the planet, the only time i ever really crave chocolate is when i’m on my period. other than that, the only candies i really like are chewy, fruity flavored candies. sometimes i’ll randomly crave chocolate when it’s not that time of the month, but that’s pretty rare.

my favorite places to eat:

i really love mexican, as mentioned before, so i love going to this one restaurant downtown where i live that has the best enchiladas and chips. i also really love italian food, because pasta and breadsticks, and every year for my birthday we go to olive garden for dinner. one of our old neighbors who was also a really good friend of our family’s works there, so it’s nice to go see him and catch up when we can since we don’t get out to where our old house was very often. my dad and i love mongolian stir fry places too, but my sister and mom hate them (my sister is ridiculously picky, she has the palette of a five year old), so the two of us go to one of them whenever we’re on our own.

what do i think of my country’s food: 

bleh. i mean it’s america so we pretty much have taken all of the cuisines from different countries and made them our own, but things like burgers and fries which we are famous for i just don’t like. i like fries just fine, just not fast food fries or anything like that, i’m talking big, thick, really well seasoned steak fries that you get at pubs and steak houses. funny story though, at one point ruby sent me a snapchat video of her at an “american food” truck at a fair, asking what was good and if this was really what we ate. sadly, it really was (it was literally just all burgers, fries, fast food, etc, all the fattening stuff we’re famous for) and i felt the need to apologize to her on behalf of our country because all that stuff is just loaded with grease and nastiness. the one part of american cuisine that i do love though, is southern food. fried chicken, potatoes and gravy, biscuits, sweet tea, all that good comfort food is my favorite thing ever. it’s just so delicious. kfc is by far my favorite fast food place, even though their food hardly compares to real southern cuisine. sadly, i’ve only had the chance to experience real, home cooked southern comfort food like that once, in virginia when i went on our class trip to washington, dc. kfc and other places that sell food like that will just have to do for now, until i find somewhere with food just as good as that.

my food issues and weird food habits:

so despite how much i love food, i do have a rather large and sad problem with it. a lot of foods i love (and i know i love), my body just rejects. most of these types of foods are things like super duper rich desserts, but there’s also the most random of foods like uncooked broccoli, regular old plums, bagels, almonds, or even some breads that i can’t eat without getting sick. it’s not like i have an allergy / intolerance or a health problem or anything, i just can’t eat a huge amount of some foods without getting sick. it really depends on the day, sometimes if i haven’t eaten much that day, i’ll be fine, but other days even if i still haven’t eaten much that day, everything makes me sick. i’ve gotten used to the things i know i won’t be able to deal with, even though it’s honestly the broadest and oddest assortment of foods with really no category to them that i just for some reason can’t keep down. like today before i was writing this, i had some nachos at my sister’s tourney and even though i’ve had them before and i know i’ve been just fine in the past, i just couldn’t handle them for whatever reason and had to stop eating them. because of this, there are a lot of foods that most people love that i just can’t eat. pizza is one i’m just not good with, especially thick crust pizza with red sauce, anything from pizza hut or dominoes (even though dominoes crust is the best) or papa murphy’s is a no-go for me. when i get pizza, i get it from places that have either all thin crust or a thin crust option and have a white sauce option. my go-to pizza is from blaze, if you know what that is they basically make really good thin crust personal pizzas right in front of you and then “fast-fire” them in their oven which is super hot and cooks it in 3 minutes. i always get their thinnest crust, with white sauce, chicken for a topping, and cheese. that’s pretty much the only pizza i’ve had at this point that hasn’t made me really sick after one piece. my family is also super weird about food, my dad doesn’t really have many issues but my mom is gluten and dairy intolerant, and my sister has some weird allergies and intolerances that give her really bad eczema, so we eat some weird food replacements so they don’t get sick. a few examples are: i’ve had almond / coconut milk in everything instead of regular cow milk for as long as i can remember (which isn’t bad at all, it’s actually quite delicious even though i don’t like milk straight), we always have gluten free flour in the house along with regular, and my mom refuses to buy anything with any kind of chemical in it. my mom is super into really healthy, organic, all natural foods, which isn’t bad at all since i just grew up with it and have learned to deal with it, and she also buys us snacks and stuff like that, just nothing really chemically or sugary or anything like that. i just didn’t grow up eating anything like fruit by the foot or gushers or lunchables like a lot of other kids in elementary school.

so yeah, that’s pretty much all i got for today. thanks for reading and i hope you’ve all had a great week while i’ve been gone. this is probably the last tag for while i’m gone, i should be back a couple days after this goes up and i’ll have something prepared for you all then. i’ll probably be active on twitter and such and respond to comments and things that were posted while i was gone so you all know that i’m back. after that, i’m going to be pretty busy, but still going to try and post quite a bit like i have so far this summer and be active in the community all year. this is actually the longest post i’ve had scheduled for my absence, and it’s still under 2,000 words! aren’t you guys proud? anyways, that’s all i have for today, i hoped you all enjoyed my talk about food and leave me comments and like this and i’ll be back for realsies soon enough (tuesday most likely). i miss you all so much!

xxx abi


unique blogger award

hullo again from camp! i hope you guys are all having a good week while i’ve been gone. seeing as this is abi from the past, i assume i’m having a good week as well. tag nombre trois coming at you right now, it’s really the only good thing i can write for you guys while i’m away, so i hope you’re liking them (you really have no choice though, so you just kind of have to deal until i’m back). thanks so much to little purple mage for nominating me for this award, she has such a great blog and you guys are really missing out if you don’t already follow her. on to the award!


  • thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog (check)
  • answer their 3 questions
  • include one meme and one quote you really like
  • nominate 8-13 bloggers to receive this award
  • ask your nominees 3 unique questions
  • add a link to the award’s creator: a girl’s voyage

the three questions little purple mage asked me were…

if you had to associate yourself with one scented candle, what would it be and why?

okay so first of all, there’s a ‘ravenclaw’ scented candle i saw on pinterest at one point that i want quite a bit. i don’t think i’d associate myself with it though, i like the scents in it but they’re not my favorite. *abi searches the yankee candle website scents to find the one she likes the best* i love scented candles so it was really hard to pick one because i have so many favorite scents. my mom doesn’t like burning them though, so i just get to love them from afar *cries*. i think i’d probably go with the cinnamon vanilla yankee candle though, cinnamon is one of my all time favorite scents. it’s a little spicy and sassy, a little sugary sweet, and sometimes can be an acquired taste because people aren’t a huge fan of the spiciness (or sassiness) of it, which i feel like describes me pretty well. and then of course the vanilla is sweet and a more neutral scent that goes well with anything, and i sometimes feel a bit like a chameleon at school and such places because my true personality doesn’t quite fit well with some people (i’m an acquired taste after all) so i adjust to fit with them. wow that got really deep for a scented candle question. it’s probably time to move on or i could end up writing a whole article on why i am a cinnamon vanilla candle.

if you came across a book that detailed your future, would you want to open it and read it?

absolutely not. to explain this, let me elaborate a bit. in the christian faith, and in all life really too, one of the biggest arguments is whether our futures are planned for us completely ahead of time by the powers above, or whether we have free will and can choose our fates for ourselves. i am one of those who believe in free will. i do, however, believe that my choices and their outcomes are known by god and the powers that be, but were not at all decided for me. in short, my future is known and basically inevitable, but wasn’t decided for me. but that’s the weird part about it you see, if right now i found a book detailing my future and read it, it’s inevitable that i wouldn’t like something that happened in it and would try to change it. it wouldn’t really be my future anymore if that happened now would it? but that’s honestly such a complicated philosophic and elaborate discussion that i don’t have time for. so yeah, no i would not read the book.

what do you think is the meaning of life?

the meaning of life is to figure out the meaning of life. everyone is different and has different life goals and different back stories, so there’s no way the meaning of life is the same for everyone. i think that the only true way to be happy and content with yourself is when you’ve figured out your true purpose, or the meaning of your life. i still have no idea what my purpose is, don’t get me wrong, but once i have i’ll have figured out the meaning of life. make sense? probably not, but at least i tried.


this is honestly so hard, my friend celeste and i refer to ourselves as the meme queens so as you can tell i do love myself some good memes. my favorite meme would have to be doge though, i use the “such doge, much meme” thing in real life and conversations on a regular basis (e.g. me: does something awkward. also me, in my head: wow. much awkward. such embarrass. waht have i done). and now for a collection of a few of my favorite doges because why not:







you’re welcome.


find something you really love and hope it pays the rent. as far as i’m concerned, that’s success. -tom petty

this is the quote i live my life by, i never want to be stuck in a job i hate doing something i can’t stand, i want to live my life to the fullest and do the things i love. of course, i add a bit of logic to it, like “but also have a backup plan because you don’t want to be homeless”, but other than that, this is my life quote.


i know i never actually nominate people for tags or anything because i think the tag nomination process is stupid and people should be able to do whatever tag they want whenever they want without being nominated (like challenges on youtube). but, since this is an award i will be nominating people. i’m way too lazy to search all of your blogs to see if you’ve done this before, so i’m going to nominate the bloggers i’ve been most interacting with or i’ve more recently followed / been followed by and if you’ve done it before then boo hoo you can either do it again or ignore it (sorry, i’m feeling sassy). here we go:






i can’t think of anyone else, so there ya go. i hope you guys are having a great week while i’m gone and enjoying these tags. i was trying to collect them for a little while before i left and then once i had enough, i was nominated for two or three other things, so i now have a surplus of things to write for you all. whoops!

the questions i have for my nominees are…

what do you think your patronus would be, and elaborate on why?

what is the weirdest way someone has ever described you (to other people or just to you) and do you think it fit or was completely off?

what type of shoes would you associate yourself with, and elaborate on why? 

hopefully those are “unique” enough questions, and have fun answering them and tagging other people to do this award! until next time. i’ve been feeling pretty proud of my super short posts lately, i think it’s partly because i’ve been panicking writing two posts a day to have up for you guys while i’m gone (*cough* right now *cough*) so they’re not nearly as long and ramble-y. i do hope you’re enjoying these, if you want to leave me some feedback on them then go right ahead, and i will answer all your questions and comments as soon as i get back. writing these all while i’m gone and then knowing i’ll have notifications like likes and comments on them when i get back is like the ultimate version of writing a post at night and then waking up to everything. you guys are awesome, i love you all, and i will be back soon enough with another tag. have a great day!

xxx abi






the handwriting tag

ba-dum-hey and look i’m back! hullo frens and today is post nombre deux of my time at camp. i hope you all enjoyed my last tag post whilst i’ve been gone. i’ve got about three more coming at you after this one, so i hope you like tags cause that’s seriously all i got. this tag, though, i’ve been super duper excited for because i’ve been watching it go around for a bit now and wanted to do it for quite some time. i really love my handwriting right now, but over the years it’s been quite different. i have some friends that i’ve known for years, and their handwriting has never once changed in all the time i’ve known them. i’m a bit odd when it comes to my writing though, i’m not sure what it is but i have this weird ability to change mine whenever i feel like it. this also makes me pretty good at typography and other such design things, which i love a lot and sadly haven’t been able to really do much of recently. over the years, if i decide i don’t like a piece of my writing or want to change it up, i just train myself to fix or change that specific letter and in a couple weeks, it’s the way i want it. this has made for some pretty cool and interesting handwriting combos over the years, but my current handwriting has been more or less the same over the past year and a half and i feel like it suits me well, so i plan to perfect it and stick to it. okay, i swore i was over the long intros, so let’s get into the tag!

first of all, thanks to blanca for nominating me, she was one of my very first followers so i gotta love her for that, as well as her amazing blog. now, here’s the picture of my answers and handwriting for you all:

handwriting tag.jpg

as you can see, i like to use as much space as possible when i’m writing, so my class notes tend to be a bit… artistic. i’m not an artist in the way you’d think, like sketches and gorgeous drawings and such, all my “art” is typography, little designs, fandom type doodles and typographed fandom quotes and song lyrics. at some point, all of my teachers have probably sat there wondering why i drew some sort of large blue phonebox in the corners of my notes and tests. i’ve done both my normal handwriting for the answers to the questions and then my cursive is the little doodled side notes near them. if you can read my handwriting here, hats off to you. my handwriting may be pretty to me (and possibly you too), but it’s not amazingly legible (kyla actually banned me from writing her notes in class at one point because she couldn’t read them at all). so, here’s my answers typed out (with the questions because i didn’t add those in the notebook) so that you can actually read them.

write your name

abi / abigail marie

write your blog name

the punk butterfly

write your favorite word and its definition

articulate… having the ability to speak or write fluently and coherently

write something nice

you are a lovely person 🙂

write the name of your favorite song right now

so what- p!nk (don’t ask… it’s just been on the radio a lot lately and become my anthem for whatever reason)

what’re you writing with?

i’m writing with an extra fine, pilot precise v5 rolling ball pen… the only thing i ever use to write (i’m picky)

write a fun fact about yourself

i’m physically incapable of sustaining life- plants, fish, small children… the only exception is my dog

write/draw your favorite emoji

(i don’t really have one so i just picked the number one on my most recently used listy thingy) the laughing crying emoji (😂)

write a silly message

one hen; two ducks; three squawking geese; four limerick oysters; five corpulent porpoises; six pairs of don alverzo’s tweezers; seven thousand macedonions in full battle array; eight brass monkeys from the ancient, sacred crypts of egypt; nine sympathetic, apathetic, diabetic old men on roller skates, with a marked propensity towards procrastination and sloth; ten lyrical, spherical, diabolical denizens of the deep who all stall around the corner on the quoy of the quivey (this is our vocal warmup in theatre and the only thing i could think of for ‘silly’)

i nominate:

anyone reading this who hasn’t done it yet 🙂 (i’m seriously so bad at tags, i just hate going around and tagging people and such so if you want to do it, go right ahead)

so yeah, that was a really fun tag. i do hope you all enjoyed it as i really enjoyed writing it, i love my handwriting, and i hope you all try it! i’ve got two more tag posts coming for you all while i’m gone, so i hope you’ve been enjoying them. i miss you all so much (at least i’m sure i am while i’m at camp) so please leave me comments and such as much as you want and i’ll answer them in a week or so when i get back. until then, you guys are awesome and have a fabulous day 🙂

xxx abi


makeup addict tag

hullo from camp everyone! as you read this, i am probably reading by the lake, hiking with my camp buddies, eating delicious food and chatting with my cabin mates in the caf, or hanging out with my friends in the rec hall. this post was written about two weeks ago, and i very well could have just ignored you guys and posted nothing during my absence, but i can’t do that to you, my loyal followers. wow that really made you guys sound like my army of followers who’d mob the white house for me if i demanded it. like minions or something… now that’d be fun. but also entirely against the point, whoopsies. so anyhoo, i’ve written this post so that you all won’t be completely neglected during my absence, and also because i’m being responsible for once in my damn life and wrote a post ahead of time. thank you, thank you. also, thanks to ruby for allowing me to do this tag, i’ve been semi-collecting a few tags for a bit now so i could post them all while i was gone because they’re so easy to write. so yeah, you guys should probably get used to them for the next week and a half-ish. anyways, on to the tag.

okay so first off, i’d like to say that i am not addicted to makeup. i do rather enjoy spending money on it and learning how to do different techniques, but i’m not amazing at it or even very good at it, nor have i ever bought a product more expensive than $15. i’ve never been in mac or sephora, okay wait no, i went into sephora once in seventh grade before i even knew what mascara was or how to use it, but i don’t really think that counts. i’d consider myself more of an… easy, cheap, and simple makeup enthusiast. so now that that’s been cleared up, i swear it’s onto the tag for real now.

which product do you keep buying more of despite having enough in your collection?

ummmm i’m really not sure on this one. i do the same makeup literally every day of my life, so i keep just those essentials at all times as well as a few backups in case i run out. i have a few of what i like to call “accessory” products for when i want to mix it up or have an event to go to, like eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, etc, and then one of everything else, so there’s not much i buy an excessive amount of. probably lip products though, i like getting them cheap (be it just plain chapstick or good lipstick) and trying them out, then using them once or twice and forgetting about them. i’ve been getting better about it though, i just really haven’t had a place to wear any of them lately.

what’s the one brand you couldn’t live without?

e.l.f, end of story. they have everything, for cheap, and in great quantities. if i was told i could only shop from one makeup brand for the rest of my life, it’d be e.l.f because there’s nothing i need that i can’t get off their website.

favorite makeup brand?

despite how much i love e.l.f, physician’s formula is probably my favorite brand when it comes to quality. also, they have an entirely organic line that houses my all-time favorite mascara(s), and a bb cream i tried once but haven’t had the money to actually buy and i must have it. by far my favorite brand, they’re cruelty free and natural, reasonably priced, and good quality.

how big is your makeup collection?

moderately sized. as i said, i keep the essentials and just a few accessory products, so it’s not tiny, but it’s also not huge.

how do you like to store it?

i have one makeup drawer, which fits most of it pretty well since i don’t use any palettes or giant products or have a huge collection, and then what i use on a daily basis is stored in my makeup bag, which is about the size of a large pencil pouch and sits on my counter. at some point, i may need to get a better system of organization, but since i don’t have a giant collection, this has worked quite well.

how many items of makeup are in your handbag at the moment?

maybe a chapstick? i rarely leave the house, so i don’t carry a purse at all really, but i have a little bag i take when i go to movies with friends and i think it has a chapstick in it and maybe a lipgloss. if i’m going out and i’m wearing a lipstick or something that needs touched up, i’ll toss it in before i go and put it back when i get home, but i don’t carry anything constantly. i do keep makeup wipes, an extra mascara, lotion, and a concealer in my locker at school, but i don’t carry it with me. i should probably look into investing in a purse… that should go on my birthday wishlist for sure.

if you could raid another blogger’s stash, who would it be?

not a fellow blogger, but a youtuber for sure. arden rose. in general, she is super down to earth, very sweet and comedic and seriously everything i aspire to be in blogging content, in life, and if i were to start a youtube channel, i’d want it to be like hers. makeup wise, she’s very all natural and cruelty free and into very neutral and simple makeup, like i love, so i’d love to swap with her and take over her makeup collection for sure.

how long does your usual routine take and how many products do you use?

5-10 minutes, 15 if i want to do eyeliner or both bb cream and powder. lately, i’ve been skipping bb cream because my skin has been doing really well, so with bb cream, it’s only about 6-7 products. without, it’s only 5-6 (sometimes i’ll do bronzer and blush, sometimes not, it all depends on how i feel that day).

have you ever bought makeup knowing you wouldn’t use it?

not on purpose, but i’ve bought some that i used once, decided i didn’t like, then forgot about. i have definitely received some for christmas or birthdays and known immediately i wouldn’t use it, for sure, but never bought anything i knew for sure i wouldn’t use.

nominate others to do the tag

the worst part of tags for me is nominating people for them, so if you feel like doing this tag, just go ahead. i wasn’t even nominated, i just asked if i could do it, so go ahead if you feel like it.

that’s it! well, since i’m at camp right now i can’t exactly tell you all to comment or anything, so just… enjoy and i’ll be back in real life in a couple weeks. also, side note, i’m under 1200 words right now. i feel like that should be a record for me. anyways, i’ll be on my merry way, and i’ll talk to you all for real soon enough.

xxx abi



updating you all & chatting about life

hullo everyone! today’s post is not really an amazing content heavy post at all, i’m just writing this so you’re all aware of what’s going down in the next week or so, and to talk a bit about how my week has been and what’s been going on with me. this is probably super unnecessary but i’d like to make sure everyone’s aware that i will be gone for the next week or so, starting sunday. i talked about this in one of my recent posts, but i wasn’t super clear and i think kind of confused people about it, so today’s first order of business is to clear all that up. to simplify, i’m just going to be at camp starting sunday and then from there i’ll be going to a family reunion, both places of which i will have no wifi whatsoever. on the trip from camp to the reunion, i’ll probably have some data, so i’ll be texting friends and liking posts and stuff, but it will be for maybe five or six hours and it’ll be super sketchy data because we’ll be in a canyon for half of the trip with no good access to service. so if you get a bunch of updates about how “thepunkbutterfly” liked your post and it was one you wrote like, last monday, no worries, that’s just me catching up on life. i’ll be back home for sure on monday, or super late next sunday and i’ll probably put up a post about camp and everything that happened that week soon afterwards. i’ve written four posts that have been scheduled to go up while i’m gone, but they’re all tags so don’t get too excited (unless you love reading tags, which there’s nothing wrong with that). there were originally only supposed to be one or two, but i wrote those and scheduled them and was good to go and was also nominated for two other things once those were all done and set up so there’s four of them for you guys. they’ll start monday, and then there’ll be one every other day after that until the next sunday. i feel like that was a lot of info you all probably already knew, but oh well. i tend to ramble on and on and repeat things over and over so that there’s absolutely no question everyone understands so if you’re kind of new to following me, you should probably get used to that.

second order of business is just to chat a bit about what’s been going on my life and what’s coming up. i’m really excited because it’s my birthday in two weeks, august 8th, and i’ll finally be 16! i’ve been counting myself as 16 for about six months now because everyone i know has birthdays before i do, and i’m really mature for my age (even if i don’t seem like it sometimes). i’m also a junior, so everyone in my grade is 16 and everyone just assumes i am too. when i’m out with friends or whatever and an adult asks what grade we’re in, and we answer “we’ll be juniors”, and then they ask “oh, so you’re 16?”, i let my friend (who’s already 16) answer yes and i just nod and agree so i’m technically not lying, the adult just assumes i’m 16 too. i’ve been doing this since i was in elementary school and tired of saying “no, but i’ll be (whatever age) soon”, so it’s a strategy i’ve perfected pretty well. but i’ll finally be truly 16! yayyyy! all that really means is i sound like i’m older (i don’t know what it is, for whatever reason once you’re 16 you just sound like you should be older and more superior) and i can drive at night. whoopee. i’m also super excited because i get to go college touring in washington the week before i go back to school, something i’ve been looking forward to a lot. i’m really excited for college, i can’t wait to leave the potato and be on my own. i also really love washington and the west coast area, so i’m really excited to be close enough to home that my mom won’t complain but far enough away that i’m not actually in idaho. i start school again really soon (cries) but i also get to back to school shop which pretty much makes up for that because i’m a school supply weirdo and i love getting new notebooks and pens and everything like that.

third order of business is just to chat a bit with you guys about what i’ve been up to, since i swore to you all that i would be doing a “what i did this week” post every week and i won’t be able to very well this week so i’ll add it to this post in slightly less detail. monday i baked and cooked basically all day, making chocolate stuffed sugar cookies, apple pie bars, and then dinner. that took forever, and my sister was being really rude and obnoxious about it and really ungrateful and demanding saying things like “i want it now” when what she wanted wasn’t done yet and not recognizing how long it took me to cook everything and appreciating it like i would have preferred because i started cooking at about 11 am and wasn’t finished with everything until close to 8 pm. it was still fun, but took forever. tuesday i went to the theatre with my friend and saw secret life of pets, which was really cute and funny. not my favorite animated movie, but still pretty good even if personally i didn’t think it quite lived up to the hype. after that, i went and picked up the prescription sunglasses we ordered in june that had just barely come in. as of tuesday i can now drive in the sun glare without terrifying everyone else in the car with me by squinting horribly and sometimes swerving because i thought there was something in the road. we then went to the library and picked some stuff up, as i had to be there to help out with the community henna program. i volunteer with the teen advisory board at my library, which is basically where i and a group of local teens meet once a week, plan a bunch of programs for the community and then volunteer with them and help run them. i was supposed to help out with the tie dye program on wednesday as well since it’s the biggest program we do all year and requires every volunteer to run correctly, but i ended up going home early. in short, i woke up on my period, went to the program thinking i’d be fine because i took an advil and those usually help, but just did not feel well at all. i hate leaving the programs because i rarely ever go to them but our advisor told me to leave if i felt i would be sick and almost as soon as i got home, i threw up a couple times and then spent the rest of the day laying in bed hardly able to move because my cramps were so ridiculously bad. so it was probably a good thing i went home since that would not have ended well. thursday we were going to leave for my sister’s tourney and camp later in the evening, but i hadn’t actually finished packing so i spent pretty much all day on that. one exciting thing that did happen though, is that i skyped with a fellow blogger for the first time. as you all might know, i’m a bit newer to the teen blogger community (i’ve had my blog for six months but i didn’t actually bother to try and make friends and interact until maybe one or two months ago). so this was such a big milestone for me, even if it doesn’t sound so exciting. he’s going to laugh at me for being so excited about it but i legitimately feel like a puppy experiencing something for the first time, all wiggles and excited shaking and wanting to do it again. it was super awkward because my mom was home and kept coming in my room unannounced so i was being all paranoid and not even talking at all for the first 10 minutes because i was so afraid my mom would walk in and be like “what are you doing???”. it was still fun though, despite my paranoia and the fact that i was packing while chatting and apparently sounded like i was “constantly being punched” because i kept moving stuff around and zipping bags and being generally awkward. i was talking with sav and even though he’s british i didn’t mention his accent once but he kept laughing at mine and saying he couldn’t take me seriously when i sounded like “a potato person” because it’s apparently hilarious to him for whatever reason. oh well, it was fun. i really want to do this with more people so if you’re interested at all in chatting and hearing my so-called potato voice, let me know because i’m very much up for it. the rest of thursday we drove up to our family’s house in the city where we are staying for lily’s tourney and just hung out and relaxed. friday was the first day of the tourney, which was only a one game day which our team won. today, which is saturday, we lost the first game (though only by two points) and won the second game by an insane amount and called mercy rule (the rule is if you’re ahead by 15 after the second inning, final score was 24-0). i’m finishing this post up in between the second and third games, so I can’t really tell you how the tourney ends. tomorrow afternoon, we’re driving a half hour away to camp where i’ll be for the rest of the week, and the rest you know from the first part of this post. 

i hope you found this informative??? i guess??? there wasn’t much of a purpose to this other than to just talk to you guys about life and shtuff. so yeah, i hope you all enjoyed! i know i’ve been almost overly active this summer and posting like every other day but i know it’s going to stop once school starts so i guess i’m compensating for my future posts being way less in amount. that’s all i have for you guys today, and i’ll miss you all while i’m gone! so yeah, posts will start monday and leave me comments and stuff on them and i’ll answer them as soon as i get back! 

xxx abi

stage mom

up until last year, i thought i was to be an actor

i honestly didn’t even know there was an option besides it, not in the family i’d accidentally joined my freshman year

once upon a time, i hardly knew two cuss words and considered crude jokes, well, crude

let’s just say today is… a very different picture (you should really hear me road rage)

i was brought on as the innocent little freshman, often referred to as hermione

two years later and i’m still called freshman but i’m more mature than they realize

half the things i know today still surprise them when they’re reminded of their teachings

“you can’t say that! why do you know that, who taught you that? that’s inappropriate, you’re much too young to know that already, who said that around you? nathan! i thought we were trying to shield her from us, not turn her into one of us! tell him what you just said, it’s probably his fault. oh my god, we’ve turned you into one of us, there’s no going back now. we should probably just accept that we corrupted you, but you’re supposed to be the freshman! naaaaathaaaaaaaaan! this is all your fault, i hope you know this! she could have been a normal, innocent little freshman but you just had to adopt her. tell him what you just said. nathan! you can’t congratulate her for these things! jokes like that are not okay. okay fine, i know i joke like that all the time but she’s the freshman. she’s the only good one this year, we have to preserve her poor innocence, not corrupt it like you did with the one last year. you scared last year’s freshman off, dammit nathan we need more freshmeat, you can’t just go around teaching the freshman things like that. wait until she’s at least a sophomore, but freshman? really? she should not know that word already.”

“um, brandon? i am a sophomore. also, nathan’s never even said that before around me. at least not that i’ve heard. but i do think you did, yesterday… also, i’ve been on the internet before, it’s not like i’d never heard that before. i do learn things that you guys don’t teach me. i was never totally innocent.”

i’ve always been the oldest, and all of a sudden i have eight older siblings

“we’ll show you the ways of the world, but we’ll protect you from the crap of it”

how do you argue with that?

i became the affectionate little sister, only a few years younger but still a little kid to them

and thus, i became part of a family

a dysfunctional, weird, crude, geeky family, but a family nonetheless

how do you leave something like that, even when you get scared of the art

acting was fun for awhile, but it’s hard work

you become self conscious of your skills after awhile, unsure of your ability

timidity hit me like a truck, but there was no way i could lose my family

arsenic and old lace only requires a few actors, why should i audition when i could be behind the scenes?

and thus, i became stage mom

stage manager if you prefer the technical term

once the affectionate little sister, now the affectionate slightly older mother

the blisters on my palms brought on willingly despite the burn of the curtain rope

the bruises on my knees gladly earned from hours of stage hopping

the weak muscles in my calves a bit stronger from fetching tissues and lost props

nerves calmed after rounds up and down the sketchy ladder to the prop cabinet and back again

makeup skills sharpened when kiss scenes ruin lipstick and smudge foundation

my bag bulges slightly more with the addition of “just in case”and all it requires

i chose not to memorize lines, but end up with the entire production stored in my brain

i learned to anticipate our eccentric director, dictating random thoughts he’d never again bring up, running errands that served little to no purpose, stopping him from buying set details like paint or trim that he hadn’t thought through quite enough

if it weren’t for me, our set (old lady house, 1940’s) would’ve been painted bright orange

i started keeping extra writing utensils in my script binder, ones i didn’t care much about

he liked to throw them at people who didn’t know their lines or blocking

after searching for too many of my nice pens he’d stolen to hurl at the actors, i learned my lesson and stored up chewed pencils and dried out ballpoint pens

when we broke the set at the end of the production, we found a collection of them that had rolled upstage to rest against the back wall

these are the memories i’ll have for the rest of my life

chasing after our resident trouble maker after he brought his scooter in to rehearsal

“christian you either give all of us a turn or put the scooter away.”

“go change, christian, you can’t just decide to switch costumes with people. give marge her dress back, it doesn’t even fit you. you look ridiculous.”

hunting down the freshman who seemed to think track more important than rehearsal

fixing up loose hairs and slipping buns with the can of hairspray and tin of bobby pins that never left my side

safety pinning the shirt of the busty girl who somehow landed a costume with a button up, a process necessary between almost every scene

“um, jess, next production you do, make sure the director and costume designer realize that your shirts need to be fitted. i doubt every stage manager is as willing as i am to safety pin your boob gap every scene change. not that i’m complaining… it’s just something you should probably think about next time you take a character.”

panicking every time the loose cannon actors entered their scene

“i swear to god, if the freshmen run that scene wrong one more time and make me stay past rehearsal for the third day in a row, i am going to strangle them. and god forbid they run it wrong during the actual performance. someone will die.”

checking lines and highlighting the ones that needed practice next rehearsal

watching the tricky scenes through the crack in the set and breathing a sigh of relief when they were over with no slip ups

slipping carefully past the part of the set the audience could sometimes see behind in an effort to grab lost props and costumes on the other side of the stage

panicky set changes involving trying to light a candle during the 30 seconds of closed curtain and flimsy prop curtain rods that fell if you shifted them too quickly

“tanner, don’t flip that tablecloth over here, i’m trying to light a match. do you want to set the stage on fire. we only have another fifteen seconds or so, the music is falling. get nathan’s emergency lighter, i’m running out of matches. thanks, i don’t have enough time to light it and get back, hand me the tablecloths and hide the lighter somewhere as soon as you get the candle going. toss me the cigar, too. hurry!”

whispered between-scene line practice for the main role actors with hundreds of lines

“no brandon, you can’t just read your lines from the phone scenes. you have to actually memorize them! yes, i know the desk would cover it, and yes i know you have 578 other lines to memorize, but that’s cheating! fine, whatever, fuck it i don’t care, just don’t make it obvious to the audience that you’re reading them off.”

intermission parties where we all gathered on the set to discuss how it was going so far and what we needed to fix or change and chat and eat backstage snacks and candy

“you can’t hog the gummi bears, brandon, those are everybodies’!”

“yes but i bought them… and the cheetos nathan is currently destroying. i can hog whatever i want, i always buy the snacks. and you can deal with it. i’m hungry.”

mid scene backstage checks to ensure no one was forgetting their cues or props

“jess, remember, nathan changed your entrance line from ‘knock at the back door’ to ‘coming around the back door’ at last rehearsal. you need to prep for your entrance now.”

slipping in and out the back door after the house opened and we weren’t allowed out but still needed scattered props and costume pieces, random necessities, etc.

“abi! could you be a dear and run to my car and get my box of tissues out of the passenger seat? i’m on in five but my nose is running like niagra. thanks, mom, you’re the best!”

the pleading “i left it in my car i’m on in five can you run and get it?”s

“abi, oh my god, i left my watch prop in my car and i can’t leave backstage because the house is already open. here’s my key, run to my car and grab the watch, it’s wrapped around a sock in the trunk. i think the sock is clean, but don’t quote me on that. and don’t ask, i don’t even remember why i did that, i just need it fast! and don’t tell wes i forgot it, he’ll kill me. thanks, you’re the best stage mom.”

the helplessness of the guys who knew nothing about their makeup

“abs! hermione! stage mom! oh my god so caitlin’s on stage and she did my stitch makeup but i just rubbed my face again and completely ruined it. help me! i’m on in 10 minutes and i don’t know how this stick thingy works and i’m freaking out because wes’ll kill me if he finds out i smudged it again. also, caitlin said something about this being ‘$15 eyeliner’ and i think that means she’ll kill me if i mess it up again. thanks deary.”

the clueless and horrid freshmen we begged our director to never again let audition

“um, abi, so i know you’re on set change in two but i can’t remember which rope works which side of the curtain. can you help me real fast? thanks, i just always forget it.”

quiet exchanges and giving the actors a hard time about funny line mistakes

“oh my god tanner, it was all i could do but keep from laughing when you changed that one line with the dead body to ‘one leg, two leg’. you sound like doctor seuss with that accent. ‘one leg, two leg, red leg, blue leg.'”

they’re all such nerds, dorks, weirdos

i love them so much

my family

eight older siblings, amazing actors all of them, and my family

i miss them so much

all i have to do

is make it to september

and i can have my family back

thanks for reading you guys, this was another product of the two am rabbithole of ideas. i’m really depressed about my theatre family right now because six of them were seniors last year, and i don’t think i can go back and call it theatre without those idiots. thankfully, they’re all but one going to state schools and won’t be far away at all (they’ve all promised to visit) but i still miss them so much. they were trying to make plans before summer is over but i’m going to be gone for pretty much the rest of the summer so even if they do, i can’t go. anyway, enough about that, i have a bit of exciting news. *drum roll* after months of thinking about it and wondering if i’d even use it, i finally made a twitter! i went around following as many bloggers as i could find (who i follow) so if you were one of them, follow me back pleaaaase! if i skipped you, go ahead and follow me @lepunkbutterfly. i’m so excited for this honestly, i never use my blog instagram so hopefully i’ll use my twitter to actually update you all on when i post and when i’m working on stuff. also, hopefully to just be goofy and silly and talk to you guys so yeah, for sure go follow me. i am kind of depressed because i’ve heard soooooo much about #teenbloggerschat (it was one of the reasons i finally decided to make my twitter) and i just figured out the next one is the day i go to camp, so i won’t even be able to participate *cries*. i’m not fully aware of how it works, so if one of you guys has done it before and can inform me, all i know is there’s a sort of theme every week and it’s a whole bunch of teen bloggers hanging out on twitter for an hour. i’m not certain how to participate though, so if one of you could comment some help out there that’d be so great. i made a skype yesterday as well so i could chat with some of you guys, it’s thepunkbutterfly. if you do want to skype, i’d prefer if you dm or email me first so i know and i can not be looking like a dead mop and so i can actually be home when you want to chat, but i’m open to talk with any of you guys just so long as you give that warning. all of my contact info is available on my about page, just scroll to the very bottom to see what social medias i have and where you can follow me on them. love you guys so much, you’re amazing, and i’ll be back soon enough!

xxx abi

cooking classes & forgotten birthdays

hullo frens and welcome back. so this is something i’ve been wanting to do for awhile now, but kept forgetting to actually write. oops again. these are sort of based on ruby’s ‘what i did this weekend’ posts, but i’d like to do one each week about the entire week. i’ll probably skip any weeks that were super boring or just the same thing over and over, but other than that i’ll have one each week. my intros have been super long lately, so let’s just get into it:

saturday/sunday: so last friday and saturday, my town had their annual ‘fun days’ celebration, but friday i had my sister’s tourney (see: that tourney life) and there weren’t many exciting things going on that day, so we didn’t go that day. saturday, i met up with kyla and shelby and we walked around the downtown market and ate some ice cream and looked at the booths set up. there was a wet and wild parade too, but we left about halfway through because the parking situation sucked and we wanted to get out of downtown early and quickly because we were in three separate cars and had other places to be. we then drove a few minutes up the road, stopped off at my house and dropped off my and kyla’s cars and got some water and let my dog out before we headed out to shelby’s house. she fosters puppies, and she just got three new little girl border collie mixes and they were adorable. we helped name them, bathe them, and then feed them and tire them down so they would nap, and kyla fell in love with the one named georgia. after that, we headed back to my house and watched some tv, pretty boring, before my parents got home. shelby wasn’t feeling well, so she headed home but kyla and i went out and window shopped for a bit to get out of the house, then went to target and bought a crap ton of candy. we then went home and made popcorn and went upstairs to the tv room and binge watched new girl, ate all our junk food and fell asleep sometime around 3 am or something, your average sleepover. she left sunday morning, and i pretty much just spent the rest of the day lounging around, watching tv, etc. not super exciting.

monday: so monday was the first day of my cooking classes, but i’d been up super late for the past few days so i slept in quite a bit. my sister was starting a softball camp that week as well, so my mom dropped her off then came home, woke me up, i showered, and we ran to staples to pick up a new agenda planner for her because we both wanted new ones. we’d been doing some research on their website as to which ones we wanted, and ended up going to both locations looking for the one i wanted, which took up way too much time, sadly enough. it also turned out to be a 2016 planner rather than a 2016-2017 planner, so i only get to use the last 5 months of it, whoops. she then dropped me off at home, and went to get my sister while i drove myself to class. the class was for two hours, then i drove home, copied the recipes i got into my laptop and messed around on my laptop and watched some tv before going to bed.

tuesday: i woke up and my mom had decided to watch my sister’s entire camp day so i had the house to myself. i got dressed, chatted with some friends on snapchat, watched new girl (i’m trying to finish all that’s on netflix), had some toast, and hung out with my dog until leaving for class. that night, because my family has passes to our local shakespeare festival and my dad wasn’t in town, my friend celeste came with us to the play. we saw and then there were none, which was amazing albeit slightly boring (which i didn’t mind, my sister was the one complaining) and were out until almost midnight. we went with my aunt and uncle and it was a really good performance, so i had a nice night.

wednesday: basically same as tuesday, except i made a pizza and watched a few episodes of supernatural as well as new girl before going to class. also on wednesday we got to attend another production at the shakespeare festival, my fair lady, but it was just my mom, sister, and aunt this time. that was honestly one of the coolest productions i’ve ever been to, our shakespeare festival is really high budget and creates the most amazing musicals and plays and i love them so much. this year, besides and then there were none and my fair lady, i’ve also been to love’s labour’s lostas you like it or a midsummer night’s dream are probably my favorite shakespeare plays overall, but they haven’t yet performed those at the festival so i’m just waiting for that. later this year, we also have tickets for the other two performances, twelfth night in august and forever plaid in september (they overlap the productions because the same acting company does all of the plays, about 20-25 people, so they always have one in production and two they’re performing from late may until early september).

thursday: probably the most boring day of the week, i hung out at home all day until my class and then came back home and did nothing again for the rest of the day. meh.

friday: this was the last day of my class, which wasn’t super depressing because it was fun, but i was ready for it to be over. again, i just hung out at home until class, and then when i got home, my dad had come back from his work conference and brought us a whole bunch of stuff. he does networking and installation and works with a whole bunch of different clients, and a bunch of them were at the conference where they have stalls selling merch from their companies. because his company and their partners / clients are techie and quite geeky and nerdy, all the t shirts they give out are as well, so he always brings a bunch back for us. last year wasn’t that great because he forgot to pick them up in my sister and i’s size, but this year was a pretty good haul. also, they’re all guy t shirts, so they’re really big and soft. among the ones i snatched (because my sister has a very first-come-first-served mentality, i just have to grab the ones i want and run), was a rather large white one that reads “i am in a serious relationship with my wifi”, a really soft gray one in my size that reads “your time is now”and then the name of my dad’s company, and two that i’ll just wear to bed because they’re really large, one of which is just black with a company name on it and the other is blue with a picture of a guy smashing a printer, which i relate to on a spiritual level. ya know what, i’ll just add a picture. here ya go. also friday was my cousins’ birthday, they’re twins and turned two, honestly the cutest kids ever. that particular aunt and uncle have four kids, all under the age of eight, so they’re pretty stressed and out of it most of the time, and my uncle forgot to invite us to the picnic they were having to celebrate their birthday. so, at 6:15 on friday night, after we all ate and were ready to relax, we got a phone call saying “oh hey the twins’ birthday party is in a half hour, hope you can make it.” also, my mom forgot that their mom (my aunt)’s birthday had been the week before, and we forgot the twins’ birthday was coming up, so we had nothing for them and had to go pick up three gifts and some chips and salsa, wrap the presents in the car, and make it to the party in time. needless to say, that was a fun night, but i also got ice cream cake so it’s all good. we got home about 10 and went to bed, but i was up for quite a bit that night on my laptop chatting with a blog friend in another country and working on yesterday’s post and this post.

let’s all just agree that nerdy tees are kind of the best thing ever. black one not included because it’s boring. 

saturday: the night before, i’d been up until about 4 am because time difference sucks, so i got up super late (about noon), showered, pulled on a tee shirt and called it good, and did a few chores. my parents had plans with friends at about 5, and my sister’s bff’s birthday party was at 7, so i was going to have the house to myself all night. after my parents left, lily and i split up and took over the two tv’s and just lazed around for a few hours. we have a routine for whenever we’re home alone, she’s downstairs in the living room watching whatever, i’m upstairs in the room above the garage so i can hear when the garage door opens and can warn her they’re home in case she’s watching something my mom wouldn’t like (i’m a cool sister, oh yes) or if it’s really late and we should’ve been asleep. that wasn’t the deal this time because she was going to the party, but we’re a great team when need be. so at 6:45, i drove her to her friend’s house (which is like 10 minutes down the road), then went 5 minutes further down the road and stopped and bought some candy at walgreens, went back home, and settled in with my candy, some popcorn and soda, and a lot more food i shouldn’t list because it was so much food i’m really quite ashamed. i pretty much just cuddled with my dog and watched new girl until about 1 am when my parents got home. i finished almost two whole seasons you guys, two whole seasons. i’m seriously so close to being done. i also worked on inputting some of the recipes i got at class that week into my recipe book and wrote a bit more of this post and posted yesterday’s post. probably the best night of the summer so far.

so yeah, that was my week! i hope you enjoyed this post because i’ll be trying to do at least one each week. if you didn’t, well, get used to it. and now, stay tuned for a special message.

hey guys, so i’m going to camp next week! i have this week to pack and get everything i need and run a few errands i’ve been needing to do, and then i’m gone. camp starts next sunday, but it’s in the same area as my sister’s next tourney that same weekend, so i’m leaving town on thursday and i’ll have limited access to wifi (aka stealing the free wifi from the cafe across the street because our nana’s cabin there, where we’ll be staying, has no wifi) until saturday and maybe sunday morning, then i’ll be completely gone for that week. unfortunately, i’m leaving camp early to go to our family reunion, where i also won’t have any wifi, so there’s that. in short, i leave this thursday, i’ll post something that weekend probably and get two or three posts scheduled for next week (i’ve been nominated for two tags this week, so it’ll probably be that and maybe a recipe post because they’re easy to throw together and get up), then i’ll have no wifi or cell phone or anything until the next friday morning, when i can probably respond to any comments, answer dms or snaps, etc. we’re travelling up to my aunt’s cabin in northern idaho for all of friday, and then i won’t have any wifi again until probably monday. that made zero sense even to me, so here’s a mini schedule:

thursday, 7/21: leaving in the evening to go to tourney; limited wifi 

friday, 7/22-sunday morning, 7/24: tourney; limited wifi

sunday, 7/24-friday morning, 7/29: camp; no wifi

friday, 7/29: travelling to family reunion; limited wifi

saturday, 7/30-monday, 8/1: reunion in cabin in wilderness; no wifi

so yeah, i will be in the great outdoors for almost two weeks straight, which should be fun. i’m not at all an outdoorsy person, but i love camp, and i’m putting myself out there for the reunion and hoping that being around my family will be enough to get me through the whole no-toilet-no-wifi-no-shower-no-nothing thing. i get to see my cousins savannah and july who are the only cousins i have my age, whom i haven’t seen since i was about 12, so i’m really excited. anyhoo, that was the big announcement for the day. i promise i’ll have posts scheduled ahead of time, nothing huge on content, but i’ll have them. well, since this has gotten ridiculously long and i have nothing else to say, i hope you enjoyed this, goodbye for now, and i shall be back soon enough.

xxx abi