my week aka oh look abi posted something for once in her damn life

hullo all and welcome back to my first normal post in a looooooong time. whoopsiesit’s been a very very full week but it’s also been an awesome first real week of school so i thought i’d update you all! on with the post!

monday so monday was my first legit day of school (in my eyes) because last week us upperclassmen only had three days of school and then the other two and a half we were up at a camp type place on our junior / senior retreat. i can’t really properly remember everything that happened monday because it seems to me that it’s been more like a month since monday than a week. the big thing i did on monday though was switch my sixth period class from health to theatre so i could be in the production this semester. our director likes to make it so the first semester production is a class-only cast and the second semester production is an audition based cast. because i want to be in both semester’s worth of productions (*cough* theatre nerd *cough*) i had to take the class. so i had to drop health but whatever, it’s not that important i’ll just take it next year instead. that’s really all that went down monday other than regular school stuff. here’s my schedule also for you guys so that when i reference classes what i’m talking about makes sense:

period 1: world history

period 2: ap literature & composition

period 3: algebra 2

period 4: french 2

lunch (yas)

period 5: hebrews

period 6: theatre (yas to the tenth power)

period 7: anatomy & physiology

tuesday to be completely honest i don’t really remember what happened tuesday either. all i really remember is i had a crap ton of homework that night. also, we did read throughs of the script for the play we decided on, which is called peter / wendy and is essentially a dark and trippy version of peter pan. it’s super short (39 pages) and next week we have auditions and casting all week and start rehearsal the week after. i’m stage managing yet again and praying for the role of tiger lily, but i’ll really take whatever role our director gives me. we have an annoying freshman who can’t act to save her life, two girls in my class who are just generally annoying and also awful actors, and one new sophomore who might actually be okay, especially in comparison with the other three girls, in addition to our normal cast (or what’s left of it). myself, marge, madeline, tanner, and devon will be the ones getting the main roles, along with probably the sophomore, and the other three will hopefully end up with extra type roles. crossing my fingers!

wednesday so wednesday was actually a rather eventful day as it goes. at my school we do block days, which is essentially just where we have 4 classes two days out of the week (wednesdays are all odd periods and thursdays are all even periods) and they’re each an hour and a half. also a little bit of context here but y’all know kyla, my best friend. if you’re new to my blog you can read this and also this for some background and such. so basically kyla has this thing called a vasovagal syndrome where when she sees something that her brain doesn’t like, she faints. in her case, it’s blood and anything generally medical. sometimes just the sight of hospitals triggers it, and so far she’s fainted 12 times in her life, 6 or so of those times having been when i knew her. also, she’s gotten very very close to fainting at least once or twice a year, most of those having been around myself. so i’ve really gotten used to her issues and always know the system and exactly what to do in those situations. so anyways, school was normal, i didn’t have theatre that day which sucked and i didn’t really like any of my other classes so it was meh, and then we got to our hour and a half of anatomy. so kyla really shouldn’t be taking anatomy because issues, but she is because she didn’t want to take physics (the other option at the time). all was fine and dandy, we were taking notes on the different types of tissues, and then kyla turns to look at me and says “abi, do i look pale?” (that’s how we know she needs to leave the room and collect herself) which she very much did and i let her know that. so she left the room, and our teacher, mrs. r, knows about her issues and was really accommodating to kyla because she really didn’t want her fainting in class. she also knows that i’m basically her personal nurse and know everything to do in those situations and just let us do what we needed to do and didn’t try and take over which was really nice since there wasn’t anything she could’ve done. there wasn’t anything i could do until she either fainted or didn’t, so i took the last two notes in the packet and then excused myself to go check on her. i don’t know if any of you have ever had the experience of walking into a bathroom and finding your best friend passed out on the floor, white as a ghost and barely breathing, but if you haven’t i hope to god you never do. it’s a truly terrifying and panicky experience and i honestly don’t know how in the world i didn’t pass out myself. i woke her up, and thank the good lord above she woke up right away otherwise i would’ve had a panic attack, and tried to help her get up and get to the trash can since she always pukes after she wakes up. once she was stable against the wall and feeling slightly better, i ran down the hall and got the nurse, then we made our way back to the bathroom and had kyla go back down to the nurse’s office to lay down for a bit before i went back to class. when i got back, people in the class were kind of freaking out so mrs. r explained her issues and that this happens sometimes but not to worry because i know what to do and she’s perfectly fine. long story short, kyla’s switching out of the class to take online zoology seventh period instead. which is probably what she should’ve done in the first place but we didn’t actually know that was an option until now.

thursday so thursday was also minorly uneventful, although something pretty exciting happened in theatre! our director was contacted by a casting director filming a blue cross of idaho commercial in our school gym and they asked our theatre class to be a part of the casting going on that day at our school. so yeah, i got to audition for a legit role in a commercial on thursday, no big deal. i’m not really interested in being an actor, i’m more of the behind the scenes / writer type person, but it was really fun and they asked us to be extras and come watch the process when they filmed next week! other than that, all that really happened thursday was school, school, more school, and oh yeah i almost got into a car crash. i blame my sister, but as i was trying to change lanes she threw her water bottle at me and the guy in the lane next to me cut me off (and was in my blind spot) so i swerved very close to him and almost crashed but he honked and it was fine, i’m just still kind of rattled from the experience. i’ve almost rear ended people before, but never that close to crashing or anything.

friday may very well be the day to go down in history as the best day of abi’s life. so i had this pretty ordinary day school-wise, except it was picture day for our id’s and such so i got that done and i don’t look awful for once which is nice. but then… i got to theatre sixth period and two of my favorite people ever, caitlin and brandon (for more context read this post about my theatre experience) surprised us by visiting the class. they both graduated last year, along with nathan, jess, and christian, and they’re all like big siblings you really miss when they go off to college. nathan especially, if you read the post i linked it kind of explains it but he really took me under his wing and taught me everything i know in acting, life, and innuendos. the last one especially. as soon as i walked into the classroom, caitlin basically attacked me and hugged me for a full minute or so and then marge walked in and they both screamed and attacked each other and didn’t let go (they have a special bond since they played sisters in the last production we did). then brandon gave me a hug and told me i was wearing too much black as usual and we told him about the new kid in my grade who’s essentially his doppelgänger. he told us to take a stalkery pic and send it to him and also said that nathan would have been there but he couldn’t get off work. we also watched the 2003 peter pan movie and hung out until they had to leave and and i was really sad because i miss them all so freaking much and it’s weird to not see them every day. nathan texted me later on and said he would try and visit next week but i wish he could’ve been there with the other two. i had anatomy last period for the first time without kyla, but marge and i sat in the back behind this guy i like a lot (oh yeah alex and i broke up i totally forgot to mention that but we just kind of rushed into the relationship and chose to break it off because we didn’t really have time and never saw each other). mrs. r let us hang out for a few minutes at the end of class and he was just sitting there and we’re friendly, so i asked him how his week was (trying to flirt and be friendly and stuff) and we struck up a conversation and next thing i know he’s asking me for my number. the guy i like asked me for my number. you could say it was a pretty good day. it’s also sunday night at the moment and i’ve been texting him on and off the entire weekend, and overanalyzing whether he likes me back or not. also, like 90% of the reason i wanted to write this post was because of friday soooooo. that’s it really, all i did this weekend was text him and work on homework. i tweeted about this because it happened right before i finished this post but he apparently hates reading so i’m having very mixed feelings at the moment. other than that, he’s basically perfect so i’ll keep you guys updated.

that’s all i have for you all today, but i’m kind of really proud of myself for actually finishing a normal post for once. my next post will probably be my august favorites since i don’t have anything else planned, but i shall be back soonish and until then have an awesome week!

xxx abi

10 in 10 tag

hullo all and welcome back! it’s been much too long since i’ve posted, but i’m gonna blame that mostly on school. i definitely would have posted last wednesday but i didn’t have access to wifi at all because i was in the mountains with my school and didn’t have anything scheduled so sorry. anyways, the wonderful fabulous croissant sav has nominated me for a tag he created (in honor of 200 followers by the way so go follow if you don’t and add to that number!), which as you probably can see is the ten for ten tag. i’m really super excited for this because i have a butt load of life goals but i’ve never bothered to write them out well, i just have a bunch of images in my head of how i want my life to go. anyways, i feel like i’ve been doing much better about shortening my intros so let’s get on with the tag!


  1. acknowledge the inventor of this tag (sav the lion)
  2. thank the amazing person who nominated you for this tag (savvy mcderp)
  3. write down the 10 things you want to achieve each year for the next ten years by counting it off year by year (he worded it differently but i think i did it better, sorry)
  4. nominate a max of ten bloggers to do the tag

sixteen well as you probably know i turned sixteen two weeks ago (pretty much on the dot) so i figured i might as well write my goals for the next 50 weeks of being sixteen. side note: categorizing parts of your life in sections of weeks makes them seem so much shorter than they really are… weird. anyways, i think my goals for the age of sixteen are probably to try and write more (writers block is the fucking worst right now for me, more than it has been in a while), to have picked a college to apply to by the summer before my senior year, and to have finished redoing my room because i’ve been working on that for forever. nothing huge, but these are things i need to get done. a boyfriend would also be nice, but i can’t be too picky because those things don’t just happen when you write them as your goals. my friend group and i have decided that this year we want to try and merge our group with the group of guys we talk to a lot, henceforth to be referred to as the weird guys. they’re like the guy equivalent of my group of friends at my school, and we talk to them quite a bit but don’t do any thing like eat together at lunch or talk between classes or anything like we’re trying to. oh! and to hit 100 followers probably because i’m really close to 70 and from there it shouldn’t be far, so that’s my blogging goal for the year of sixteen. oh my god i almost forgot! also to have a job, because i need one sooooo badly. wow i have a lot of sixteen goals…

seventeen it seems weird to think i’ll be a senior in a year, and that i’ll be seventeen, because i legit still feel like i’m an underclassman and i don’t feel like i should have this much responsibility. for seventeen i think my goal is just to graduate and to be accepted into the college i wanted to be, and to have my life together enough that i feel comfortable leaving for college and like i won’t die or anything. i think by seventeen i should also have travelled out of the country, preferably to somewhere in europe, probably for my senior trip because i’ve only ever been to canada and canada is just a colder, nicer america so it’s not that exciting. funny story though, when we went to canada my sister and i were much younger (like 10 and 7) and i convinced my sister that if she licked a maple leaf it would taste like maple syrup. she did, it did not, and i laughed. i’d also like to either intern or be employed by some sort of theatre company and find some way to put stage managing for a bigger company on my resume.

eighteen by eighteen i should be done with my freshman year of college and i think by then i want to be for sure positive on what i want to major in. i know i want to be an english major, but i don’t know for sure what i want to do with that. i know for sure that if none of my more artistic pursuits like acting, playwriting, novel writing, etc don’t work out, i want to be an english teachers, but i’d like to know for sure by the time i’m eighteen whether or not i’m going to follow through with an education degree. also by eighteen i want to get a bunch of piercings done, because i won’t be able to without parent permission (which i for sure won’t have) before then.

nineteen by nineteen i want to have written something successful, be it a play or novel published, an article on a website somewhere, a piece for my college newspaper, or bringing this blog to the next step (paying for a legitimate domain name and writing for money, crossing my fingers). i know i want to be a writer, it’s all i’ve ever wanted to do, and i think in order to do this i’ll have to have something big to put on my record as “i wrote that and people know my name because of it”.

twenty hopefully by twenty i’ll be either living off campus alone or with roommates, because all the colleges i’m looking at require you live on campus the first two years but after that you can do whatever. i really want to live off campus as soon as possible so i can get a dog (or six) and start crazy dog lady-ing it up sooner rather than later. by this point i’d also hope to have been in a serious relationship (not necessarily during the year of twenty but by that year’s finish) so i can have that experience. also, i won’t be able to call myself a teen blogger then! noooooo (a lot of people have talked about this in their tags but it’s honestly the saddest thing even if it’s four years out).

twenty one by twenty one i’ll be able to drink, yay i guess, and if it didn’t happen in the year of twenty, i want to for sure be living on my own by twenty one. also by the time i’m twenty one, i’ll have graduated college! because i’ll have graduated college by then, i’ll hopefully be able to support myself and be living still in washington (did i mention all the colleges i want to go to are in washington? no? whoops, okay i want to live in washington). i think twenty one will be the year i’m trying to figure out life, so i don’t really have any huge life goals for that year to give me flexibility and such. since i’ll have graduated, i really want to get a tattoo. hopefully i’ll have a tattoo before then, but my parents are in control of my college funds and therefore also will have a big say in my life decisions so they might try and stop me while i’m still in college. my cousin got a tattoo when he was eighteen though, so maybe… at some point i’ll have to do a post on what sort of tattoos i want in the future and everything because i have most of it planned out.

twenty two by twenty two i want to be settled in either seattle, tacoma, or bellingham (all in the same area so just the puget sound area in general really), have at least two dogs, and have a job i can count on for stability. probably teaching, although writing of some sort would be preferable (albeit slightly unpractical). in general, i just want to be settled into my life and be stable, although i’m sure this is probably unpractical considering it’ll only be my first year out of college and i’ll more likely be living in a tiny apartment with three other people and teaching.

twenty three you know what, i’m just going to say twenty two and twenty three are pretty much the same, in that two year space i want to try and achieve those things. that way i’ll give myself enough time and not be working for something probably unlikely.

twenty four i think that by the time i’m twenty four i’d like to be settled into wherever i want to live for the majority of the rest of my life and hopefully published at least twice or thrice (i really like that word… thrice). i’d also really like to be stable enough in my financial status that yeah, i’m worried about money, but not so much that i can’t splurge once in a while or buy the nicer brands of food instead of instant ramen. also, multiple dogs by this point and probably a fish or two and maybe some plants because i’d like to think that by the time i’m twenty four i can sustain life other than tangible living beings.

twenty five by twenty five i really see myself very involved in my work, be it directing the plays i’ve written, going on tour for a published novel, or getting some sort of recognition for teaching. i’d also really like to still be writing on this blog, because i see myself doing this for a long time to come.

twenty six holy fuck i can’t believe in ten years i’ll be twenty six… that means my sister will be twenty three, my baby cousin (she’s five but we share a birthday and i’ll always see her as little so same thing) will be fifteen, and my other cousin (don’t tell anyone but he’s my favorite, mostly because i see myself in him the most) will be eighteen. whaaaaat????? i don’t feel like this should be a thing, can i just stay sixteen forever? actually no, this year may have been the best year of high school so far, but i don’t think i could stay this way forever. anyway, by twenty six i’d like to be settled in for the rest of my life, pretty satisfied in my faith and life situation and maybe hopefully in a good relationship with someone that i’m happy with and ready to settle down with. i’m an old soul at heart, and i don’t want much so i’m content easily (although if i want something i really want it), so to be happy is all i really want in life when it comes to my future, at least that’s all i really dream about.





elm tree



wow, this tag was a freaking time shock. to think that i’ve only two more years till college, i’m already stressed out enough about that, but ten years until i’m twenty six? that doesn’t seem right… anyways, if anyone’s a really good artist or something like that i would like to enlist them to draw my future apartment or something because i have lots of ideas and i can’t draw but all i want is a little visual or something… (not joking, contact me if you art, my email is in the contact page) anyways, i worked really hard on this so i hope you all liked it and if you want to do it, go right ahead, i have the few i nominated above but other than that feel free to try it out because it’s kind of amazing. also, wish sav a happy 200 followers if you know him (and if you don’t what are you doing with your life???? hmmmm???? go follow him!) and i’m out for the night! farewell and i’ll be back soon enough!

xxx abi

liebster award

hullo all, and welcome back! as you may have noticed, i have been nominated for the liebster award (side note: who came up with that name? i’m quite confused by this award mostly because of the name and how odd it is)! thanks greatly to the wondrous allie (see what i did there?) for nominating me. on with the award…


  1. acknowledge the blogger that nominated you
  2. answer the questions they asked
  3. nominate 10 bloggers with under 200 followers
  4. inform the bloggers you have nominated them
  5. post 10 questions for them to answer

the questions:

1. what is your favorite musical genre?

rock, without a doubt. i love pretty much everything music wise, i don’t mind pop or anything, the only thing i really hate is country, but at my roots i will always go back to rock. it was what i was raised on, it’s what i always prefer, and it’s what i’ll always keep loving no matter what.

2. if you could change your name, what would you change it to?

truth / let’s get deep on a straightforward and ordinary question time! i already use a name i’ve chosen, sort of. my name isn’t abi, not the way i spell it, nor is my full name abigail. my birth certificate reads “abby marie …”, abby is my real, birth name given to me by my parents. however, a few years ago, i decided i wasn’t into that because it’s an “incomplete name” (i very well could have ranted about this before) and decided i was going by abigail from now on. kyla even helped me out by coming up with my nickname, and the name i write on all my social media, abigail marie. when i started this blog, i really didn’t want to only go by abigail, i wanted to be abby again, but i really didn’t feel like i was the same person i was when i was abby, so i decided to change it up a bit and thus became abi. to me, abby, abi, and abigail are three separate manifestations of the same person. to my family and the adults in my life, i’m abby. abby’s kind and sweet and doesn’t talk much, but she’s smart and mature and loves dogs and wears things her mom approves of and babysits her cousins and loves jesus and wants to be a teacher. i haven’t been abby for more than a day or so during holidays in years, she really only comes out when i’m with my family during thanksgiving or christmas. i don’t hate her, she’s just not me anymore and hasn’t been for awhile. to my teachers, classmates, not super close friends, and acquaintances, people i don’t have a close relationship with, i’m abigail. she’s smart, and a fangirl who wears a lot of black and not very much makeup but she’s a good writer, doesn’t really get into trouble, and a theatre geek who hangs out with the other nerds and occasionally releases her sass onto people who annoy her. abi is the person i aspire to be in life, a combination of smart and sassy and someone who genuinely loves life. she’s the person i am to all of you, my readers, and the person i try to be whenever i’m around my friends or talking to someone new. abi is the music lover, the writer, the punk feminist who challenges stereotypes and takes no shit. she is unapologetic, tough, intelligent, someone who loves unashamedly and is herself in every aspect of life. so yeah, i’d say i wouldn’t change my name, i’d keep it the way i have it currently on this blog. sorry that got so deep, i just have a very strong connection with names and personalities and i felt like i needed to write something like that. anyways…

3. who is your celebrity crush?

ummm no one? maybe david tennant or seb stan or benefit chocosnatch but i don’t really have celebrity crushes. i’m not really into that sort of thing because i’m a realist, so i usually just appreciate their attractiveness and the other things i enjoy about them as people and then move on because they’re famous and also usually 20 years older than me.

4. which universe would you rather be in: marvel or dc?

*prolonged yelling from the distance gets closer until i run up next to you screaming* maaaaaaarrrrrrvvvveeeeelllll. all the way. my sister is the dc fan of the family, i’m the marvel one. seriously though, if you ask my sister anything about dc heroes, plot lines, shows, groups, movies, etc, she will be able to tell you what you want to know. and if she can’t, she’ll google search it and sit there reading about it for hours until she knows it all. don’t get me wrong, i love the new cw flash and arrow shows, they’re my addiction, but marvel is just better to me. plus, if i were in the marvel universe i’d for sure be some sort of hero or agent of shield, so that would be kind of amazing.

5. what three things would you save from your house if there were a fire?

wait, can i count “books” as in all of my books as one? no? *sigh* fine. i actually was thinking of this the other night and came up with my list so here you go:

  1. my laptop / school backpack (since it’s usually in there)
  2. my dog (that counts as a thing right?) or if she were already out, my copy of complete plays of william shakespeare because shakespeare is just as important to me as a dog
  3. as many of my notebooks as i could hold or carry in a bag if i had time

literally every single thing on that list involves the written word (other than my dog), either mine or someone else’s, so you can see where my priorities lie. i also feel like i’d definitely have time to save most of my stuff (or at least more than three things) because my room is in the corner of the house with a window i could just toss stuff out of, assuming the house wasn’t already like fully consumed in flames. but those are my three priorities for sure.

6. what is your dream career?

novelist. or anything that involves living in washington in a cute little apartment with at least three dogs and having massive amounts of time to write for both my blog and my own works and then baking when i feel like it. i don’t usually think about the career i want, more of how i want the little details of my future to be like what i described above.

7. who is your role model in life?

that’s really hard to narrow down to one, i don’t really have a single person who comes to mind when i think of role model, not in the usual way like “my mom”. i have a lot of people i like but don’t know in person who i want to become when i grow up so i’ll just list those and call it good: troian bellisario, arden rose, emma watson, tom petty, kathleen hanna, rainbow rowell, j.k. rowling, sylvia plath (besides the suicide part), and a lot of female fictional characters which is a list longer than i care to put in this post.

8. favorite series- book, movie, or tv?

can i list one for all three? too bad, i’m going to.

book- the mysterious benedict society

movie- harry potter (this would be my favorite book series but tmbs deserved the spot. no, this doesn’t mean i liked the movies better, this is just because i wanted it in here somewhere and i don’t really have a favorite movie series)

tv- supernatural (because my favorite tv show is always the one i’m currently working on)

9. your best memory from 2016?

i feel like this is probably just all the times i’ve ever hung out with friends and been weird and just existed with them because i really don’t do that often enough. oooohhhh wait no! okay this is kind of the same thing because theatre friends are friends too but probably all the backstage antics and fun i’ve had with my cast before and after productions and at the cast party and during rehearsals. i’m going to miss them all so much, most all of them graduated and now all i have left is memories… and the knowledge that they were all horrible in school and going to community college and will come visit whenever they can.

10. your favorite season?

in the past i’ve always said summer because i hate the cold and wet and miserableness that is basically every other season in idaho, but i think i’m changing it just slightly. i like the two-four week gap between summer and fall in idaho where one day it’s 82 degrees and i barely make it through class wearing jeans and then the next day it’s 50 degrees and i get to wear a sweater that day. i like when it’s still warm, but it could be chilly the next day. also fall is really pretty and halloween is the one time of year it’s acceptable to gender bend cosplay with kyla (last year we did john & sherlock, this year we’re doing 9 & 10, next year we’ve decided to do dean & cas. you can guess which one i’ll be / i was).

because i’m lazy af and also haven’t had time to finish this post, all you lucky ducks are my nominees. you can also just use the questions allie gave me or make up your own questions because seriously, i’m way too lazy to find 10 people i want to nominate who haven’t already been and then come up with questions for them. i start school tomorrow, early in the morning, and i don’t have time for this. you’re all lucky i even wrote this while i was gone so it would go up now because i’m seriously so stressed out about school and classes don’t even start until tuesday because tomorrow is just techie set up day for our laptops and such. anyways, do it if you feel like it, it’s fun, and i really want to sleep now so farewell and goodnight my friends.

xxx abi

what i got for my birthday

hullo friends! so today i have for you all something i’ve been pretty excited about. since it was my birthday monday and i because i can, i’ve got for you all a post about what i got for my birthday from my friends and family and such (as you can tell from the title obviously). if you’re not a fan of these posts or you think it’s braggy of me to be showing you all everything i got, well, just leave. i’m really happy with this year in terms of presents, my friends are honestly amazing and know me so well and i got some of the coolest things ever, handmade and store bought and i would like to share them with you all so if you don’t like that, well, just deal with it. let’s get on with it!


i did my birthday party type thing on sunday and then most of my friends (well, all but one) stayed over until the next day. there were quite a few of us, eight in all, and i had a lot of fun with everyone because one of my friends, chloe, i haven’t seen in more than six months, and she and kyla hadn’t seen each other in probably more than a year and the four of us, chloe, shelby, kyla, and i haven’t all four been together in longer than that. i also hadn’t seen some of my friends all summer (because i’m antisocial and hate making plans) so it was fun to see them all at least once before school starts next week. side note: ummmmm school starts next week??? what??? i’m not okay with this. anyways, kyla and i usually plan each other’s presents so we know what we want and what to get each other so this year i knew half of what she was getting me, which was the mug, and then she surprised me with this adorable notebook that i’m really excited to write in because it’s super cute.

mug and notebookcan we please just appreciate this mug? like, that’s awesome and very much something i feel like i needed in my life. she bought the notebook at my favorite store of all time, this little stationary boutique in my area called paperie + pen, which is all stationary and paper products and basically my favorite place ever. i tried to apply for a job there, but you have to be 18 *cries*. my other friend, makenna, also bought me some stuff from there because she’s amazing and knows me so well. the pens are ballpoint, which is sad, but they’re still super cute and i tried them out and they write really well inspite of that, so i’ll be using them quite a bit. also, that notebook though. it’s perfect. she also just finished the cursed child so she left her copy with me to read so i’m super excited.


something pretty exciting about this birthday is that it marks approximately the ten year mark for shelby and i’s friendship (we’ve been besties since august of second grade, and we were friends for half of first grade or so). i’ve been friends with someone for ten years. holy crap, ten whole years we’ve been friends and i honestly don’t see it ending anytime soon so here’s to ten more years. anyways, she knows me ridiculously well and bought me this book, which i haven’t read yet but looks really good, and then a gigantic bag of sour patch kids which i am proud to say i haven’t broken into yet (edit: i ate a handful or so when i opened the bag to get a cool aesthetic photo, don’t judge). she also made me this crazy cool word art thingy with one of my all time favorite quotes on it (it’s a thomas jefferson quote and while we were in monticello for the dc trip freshman year, i bought a bag, tshirt, mug, and magnet that all say “i cannot live without books” on them so yeah, you could say i like that quote) which i’m also kind of in love with.


my friend chloe, who is my theatre buddy even though she’s at a different school and a much better actor and singer than i could ever be (i’ll stick to stage managing and smaller roles thanks) got me this awesome photo display thingy. she put a few of my all time favorite quotes on it, most about theatre because she knows how much it means to me, and a few of my favorite bible verses. she told me to switch them out as i wanted to, but i really don’t think i will because they’re all pretty perfect.


celeste i’ve actually known for longer than shelby (close to twelve years now, we were kindergarten besties), but our paths kind of went different ways and then back together again over the past few years. she really knows my beauty and fashion lover side a little bit better than most of my other friends. she bought me a little travel set of perfume, lotion, and bodywash from bath and body works in the “thousand wishes” scent. it’s not my usual scent, but it smells seriously the exact same just a bit stronger so i’m kind of in love with it. she also bought me this seriously cool keyring with my hogwarts house on it, which also matches my ravenclaw necklace so i’m seriously in love with it.


i don’t feel like adding a picture but my friend nicole from camp also came to the party which was awesome because she’s so much like all my other friends, but she just got me an itunes gift card. she also wrote a doctor who poem on the card that read “roses are red, the tardis is blue, bowties are cool, and so are you” which was honestly the best because she’s a superwholockian too and that’s part of the reason we became friends. that’s it for friends, now for…


so my parents and i have a deal every year where they get me one thing they picked out and then pay for everything i need for school, which is a great deal because i love getting practical presents. the big thing actually ended up being something i needed for school as well, so they killed two birds with one stone there. that was a macbook air, which is someIMG_0720thing i’ve really been waiting for the longest time to get. they also told me it had to last me through college, which i’m pretty sure i can do easily so long as i don’t smash or horribly ruin it. so far, i like it quite a bit more than my lenovo yoga (do not ever buy a yoga, they suck, they are horrible, they are supposed to last three years, they lasted me one and a half and two just barely) the only things i’m not a fan of are the little pc / mac differences, but i’m adjusting. they also got a student deal with it of some sort that included beats headphones with the laptop, which i will probably never use but they’re pretty cool i guess. they’re just like this horribly expensive pair of headphones that i will not allow to leave my house, and i prefer earbuds personally, so i’m cool with the fact that they were free but i never would have asked for them (and my dad informed me that he never would have bought them either).

my sisterIMG_0717 though, i think she defeated everyone’s present game because she bought me the limited special edition copy of my all time favorite book ever, fangirl. she also said she ordered the last book in the heroes of olympus series, but it hasn’t come in yet so i’m waiting on that. i have the entire pjo set, both series, but they’re all in paperback so i was waiting for the last one to come out in paperback before i could buy it and then just never got around to it so she bought it for me (or so she claims, i still have no physical evidence of this).

my grandma and nana (great grandma) gave me money, and then a $75 american eagle gift card because i’m the odd grandchild and they never know what to get me. i already had $60 in american eagle gift cards from my aunt that i’ve accumulated that i just haven’t gotten around to using yet so i’m currently ordering some stuff online and wondering how in the world i’m going to use all $135. i love their clothes, but i never go in the store except when i buy jeans once a year, so i’m really just hoping the stuff i ordered fits because no way i’m going to the mall willingly. too many people, not enough space, blaaghhh. i’ll for sure be doing a back to school haul at some point, but if my stuff doesn’t come by then i’ll do another separate american eagle haul post for that. for this birthday, my aunt also got me another american eagle gift card, which was to be expected since that’s generally all she gets me. as i mentioned, i’m difficult. so yeah, there will for sure be an american eagle haul going on at some point in the next month or so. those are all the gifts i’ve received in the two day period since my birthday, pretty much any gift i get after this will just be money or a gift card to somewhere, which isn’t amazingly exciting so that’s all i have for this post!

thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed this post! i know i don’t usually do things like this but i really enjoyed writing this so keep a look out for another one around christmas time or more haul posts since those are pretty similar. also, since it’s back to school season, i’ve got a series of three or four posts involving back to school that i’ll be posting during my first week of school (since i start pretty early compared to most schools). also, i have officially hit 60 followers, thanks to everyone who made that possible, i’m very excited for that milestone even if it isn’t huge compared to 100 or anything like that! thanks again for reading, and i will be back soon enough!

xxx abi


50 random facts about me

hullo friends and guess what?! it’s my birthday!!!! i am officially 16, as of 11:20 am this morning (aka the exact time i published this post because i can, okay?). in honor of this memorial occasion, I’ve been preparing a collection of 50 weird, odd, random, and all very true and hopefully interesting facts about myself for the past month or so. this type of post isn’t easy to just sit down and write, so i’ve been writing one or two down whenever i think of something odd about myself and then just add it when i can, for quite a bit now. i hope you all enjoy, and maybe learn a thing or two about me in the process. enjoy!

  1. i’ve been told by friends that i “sparkle” in the sunshine. like a vampire, but not.
  2. i hoard snacks and candy in my top nightstand drawer like a squirrel. at some point i’ll tweet a photo of my finished organized drawer but right now it’s pretty random and i’m still organizing all the boxes and such. it’s in progress.
  3. if i’m around my northern idaho family for too long, i develop an idaho ranching drawl and feel the need to fish and ride horses and call creeks “cricks”.
  4. my dad named our first dog ‘sage’ which up until recently was just a cute nature sounding name to me. last year, i found out he named her that after his favorite fly fishing company. good grief.
  5. i wore the same pair of ballet flats for an entire year in third grade until my mom washed them and they disintegrated in the washer they were so badly worn out. i’m also really close to that point right now with a pair of canvas slip ons i wear everywhere, and i’m attempting to replace them at the moment.
  6. my favorite number and the source of 99% of my ocd compulsions is 7.
  7. i drive a white 2003 subaru outback named jo. she also has a time turner hanging from the rear view mirror, and an owl shaped air freshener that says “live the life you love”, which my mom bought for me and is horribly cheesy but smells pretty good and i like owls so i keep it.
  8. i have a scottish terrier named precious who is my favorite thing in the world and i love her immensely *and now for pics*    
  9. i believe just a little bit in the supernatural. not like vampires and such, but i think ghosts and demons probably exist since there’s proof of angels in the bible and ghosts and demons are similar beings. and also because there’s so much proof i seriously can’t. it freaks me out.
  10. i am physically incapable of wearing nail polish for longer than a week. i have zero self control towards not peeling it off.
  11. my fish is named jasper after my heroes of olympus otp, jason and piper (technically said jaysper but people look at me weird when i call my fish that so it’s a subtle reference).
  12. i’m a ravenclaw! my nickname was also hermione for 90% of theatre my freshman year.
  13. i’ve been involved in two plays, but i’ve also had parts in excerpts for final projects and shows. in all, my roles have been: justice death in treasure island, katherine in the taming of the shrew (one of my all time dream roles to fully perform), puck in a midsummer night’s dream, dartagnan in the three musketeers (gender bent version since all of us were girls), and lady anne in king richard iii.
  14. my all time ever dream roles are velma in chicago, puck in a midsummer night’s dream, katherine in the taming of the shrew, glinda in wicked (the most illogical one, i just love her so much), and matilda in matilda the musical. i know the chances of all of them are literally none, those are just the roles i absolutely love beyond belief and would never say no to.
  15. i’m in the nhs at my school (national honors society).
  16. my all time favorite youtuber is arden rose, she’s amazing and my life goals.
  17. every time i find a grasshopper in my yard or whatever, i name it frederick. i honestly don’t know why, we just have a lot of grasshoppers in my area and i feel the need to always name them frederick for whatever reason.
  18. i have an overly expressive face and i make a lot of weird noises so being around me is kind of like being around a child. i don’t really know how else to describe it. let’s just say if i made a youtube channel every one of you would be concerned for my existence and i’d probably scare you all away with my strangeness. which is why i write instead of talk, my face is very odd and i sometimes sound like a goose.
  19. i’ve been told by someone (and then i asked everyone i know to confirm this and they agreed) that my natural voice sounds like i’m constantly mocking whoever i’m talking to. sarcasm and sass come amazingly well to me so i’m on the fence as to how i feel about this because i both love being sassy but it’s also really hard to sound sincere when i need to.
  20. i’m 1/16 native american and i rarely burn, and when i do, it fades to a tan within two-three days and doesn’t hurt unless it’s extreme. that being said, while i was at camp i wore sunglasses for two-three hours straight for the first time since i was five (shout out to prescription sunglasses) and i have the worst fucking sunglasses tan. i kid you not. i look like a horrible superhero with pale instead of a mask. i have never before wanted to learn how to use foundation more than right now.
  21. i bought the complete plays of william shakespeare at hastings for $3.17 and to this day that is my crowning achievement. for reference, this was a really nice copy, no stains, barely even looks like it’s been read, almost brand new, and the retail price on the back cover was $42.59. i found it on the used book shelf, i was all prepared to pay the “used book, reduced price!” sticker retail of $15 because that’s still a fucking good deal you guys, got up to the register, and the cashier said “that’ll be 3 dollars and 17 cents” and i kid you not i stared him straight in the eye for at least 30 seconds like “you’re joking right?”. kyla was there, she can confirm my story, we seriously just forgot the used book sale we were there for was that extreme. it’s a fun story anyhow, i like to tell it. my director almost punched me out when i brought it into rehearsal the next week (with the receipt as proof, which i would show you but i don’t remember where i put it i just know i didn’t throw it away) because he was so jealous. so yeah, that’s my all time favorite thing i’ve ever bought.
  22. when i passed my driver’s test, my sister and dad bought me a balloon that says “congratulations” on it and a visor attaching cd case. i still have the balloon attached to my bed (that was three months ago in a week or so) and the cd case is 90% my dad’s classic rock cd’s i’ve been stealing from his office and hoarding in my room. the other 10% are classic rock cd’s i bought myself.
  23. the 6 presets in my car go in this order: alt rock station, classic rock station, today’s rock station, 80’s, 90’s, and today’s hits station (for my sister), pop / alt station (sort of for my sister but i don’t mind it), another classic rock station.
  24. if i had to pick a favorite book series, it would be the mysterious benedict society series because i’ve read them all at least once every year and i think everyone, no matter what age, should read them at least once in their lifetime. just don’t ask me to choose a favorite book from the series or else it gets complicated.
  25. my favorite movie as a kid was the aristocats and i used to watch it over and over at least once a day. my dad also said that after awhile, he started to consider naming my sister amelia so we could be like the geese, abigail and amelia, from the show, but my mom was thoroughly against that idea.
  26. i’ve been able to read since i was 3, and before that i would memorize books word for word and look at the pictures while i recited them to myself.
  27. i’ve never had a cavity before, despite my crazy sweet tooth.
  28. despite how much of a bookworm i am, my bookshelves are almost bare. i go to the library once a week and read like crazy but i rarely  buy books, partly because i’m always broke and i spend all my money on other things when i have it, and partly because i rarely go to bookstores because my mom won’t take me (that’s a different story though now that i can drive).
  29. my favorite candy of all time are fruity sour balls, which are also my dad’s favorite candy. that’s part of the reason I love them, and my mom likes to say i am my father’s daughter and roll her eyes when i do something exactly like he would (i inherited my mbti type from him, so i don’t know why she’s surprised i turned out like i did).
  30. i played basketball for 5 years on my school teams and with a local program, and i was actually pretty good. not amazing, i didn’t go on to play after junior high and i was never on the “a team” (they separated us into two teams based on skill so everyone would get playing time and not just the really good players) but i was still really small, i was fast, and i was mean, so i was one of the best players on the “b team” and played almost the entire time. i got to play on an all star school team in sixth grade that went up against every elementary school in the state in a tournament and we won the entire thing. i played maybe once or twice, but shelby was on it with me so we were benchwarmers together and i still have the t shirt from when we won so it’s a good memory. 
  31. partly because of my theatre training and partly just because i pick up things really well, i’m really good at accents (at least i like to think i am). i don’t like using them around people unless i’m performing, but i road rage in a british accent quite often and use my others like german or russian just because i can or to make a point when i’m feeling goofy or just feel like it.
  32. i don’t just use lowercase letters for no reason or because i’m lazy (okay, it’s kind of because i’m lazy). i just really hate the look of capital letters, i think writing without them is much more aesthetically pleasing and so that’s just what i do. i’ve never elaborated on that, but there ya go, now you know why!
  33. i have a crazy accurate memory and remember everything people tell me but i can’t memorize formulas or mathematic concepts well at all. for instance, if you casually mentioned to me three years ago that you preferred blue over purple or loved pillows, i’d be keeping that in mind three years later as i buy you a birthday present. i can remember the exact wording of things people said six months ago, but, despite taking at least six tests involving it and it being on the final study guide i could not tell you the formula for finding the area of a parallelogram.
  34. when i say things i mean them. even if i sound like i’m joking or trying to be cool about something, whatever i say i genuinely mean. there are exceptions like obvious sarcasm or sass, but i genuinely mean everything i say about 90% of the time.
  35. i love the idea of dresses but i cannot stand wearing them. they’re just so much trouble i don’t think they’re worth it, so even though i love them you will rarely see me wearing one.
  36. my current top two prospective colleges (can you tell i’ve been planning college tours for next week?) are the university of puget sound and western washington university.
  37. my goal in life is to become a writer, either on the side or as my legitimate job. my backup is high school english teaching (i’m literally so ready for college right now, i’m going on a few tours in washington next week and i’m scheduling everything and writing this and doing a bunch of other crap so i’m very busy at the moment and college is on my mind.)
  38. i’m borderline addicted to sweet tea, my mom had to cut me off last year because it was the only thing i’d drink.
  39. my eyes have been four different colors in my lifetime, blue when i was born, brown when i was really little, hazel all through elementary school, and then they started turning green around the time i turned 12 and have been since then. i really like them green too, so i hope they don’t change again.
  40. i’ve been wearing glasses since third grade, and 3 out of 5 pairs i’ve owned in my life were either purple or had butterflies on them. now, they’re plain black (well, black and clear) but when i was younger i had zero sense of design and style so i just chose the ones i thought were cutest. also, according to the eye doctor, i’ve had wonky vision since birth, so up until i was 8 i just thought not being able to see more than five feet ahead of me was normal.
  41. i’m an intp 90% of the time, but my love of theatre and performing, combined with my desire to meet people (which only manifests itself once in awhile, i just like new people and figuring them out) makes me an entp the other 10% of the time. imagine tony stark, but female and mostly introverted and that’s literally me. i rarely sleep, i get the randomest ideas and just roll with them, and if it weren’t for kyla (she’s like my rhodey), i’d be nowhere.
  42. my favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough.
  43. i currently own 5 pairs of canvas shoes and 3 pairs of boots, but no heels. i hate them, i’m already 5’7″ and hate being above average height, i seriously don’t need a boost.
  44. i consider iron man 2 to be my favorite marvel movie of all time.
  45. i’m pretty good at typography and designing words to look cool, so my binders in school every year always look really cool and probably have a fandom reference on them somewhere.
  46. i love anything mango scented, i currently own two lotions, two body washes, a bath oil, and a shaving cream that all smell like mangoes so when i get out of the shower it’s like a cloud of mango scent trailing me around (which i love).
  47. my favorite color besides black is purple, in case you couldn’t tell by the purple accents decorating the black and white theme i have going on here.
  48. i’m a die-hard los angeles dodgers fan, and i will beat you if you insult my team. baseball is very important in my family, coming in second only to beer, and even though the rest of my immediate family is on the mariners side of the family baseball feud, i’ve joined my uncle and cousins on the winning side.
  49. i chose the name of my blog from my love of music and butterflies, but the reason i love butterflies is a bit sad. i’d been associated with butterflies since i was little, my grandma made me a quilt with them on it and that pretty much cemented my fate, so it’s not like i love them for no reason. for my eighth birthday, my grandpa bought me a gigantic plastic purple butterfly balloon, the helium kind that lasts a long time and doesn’t pop, it deflates into a flat version of it’s original shape. he died only a few months later, and i’d kept that balloon for all that time and decided to never get rid of it and to keep my butterfly thing for as long as i could. i still have the balloon, it’s hanging on my bathroom wall, and i will never get rid of it as long as i live.
  50. my favorite musical artist of all time is tom petty, he’s my dad’s favorite and therefore also mine. i was raised on his music, i love it ridiculously, and it’s something i will never let go of. no matter how many new artists i come to love or stop enjoying, tom petty will always be my favorite because i’ve always had his music. one time, my dad and i watched a three hour documentary on him and went to bed at 2 am just for fun, and it was amazing, i love his history and his lyrics and everything about his musical and artistic style.

so, i guess that’s it! some of it was pretty deep, some of it was meh, and some of it i hope surprised you a bit. that’s all i have for today, and i hope you did enjoy this even though it was pretty different from what i usually do. i do have a few quick matters i have to tell you right now, first off, i’m going on another trip soon! i mentioned this in one of my facts but i’m going to seattle for the week before school starts, beginning thursday and until sunday. i will have wifi, so i’ll try and post something brand new but i’ll be super busy touring colleges and the city and such, so it will probably be something i wrote this week before i leave. secondly, i’ll have a few posts also involving my birthday up soon, one of which is the recipe for the cupcakes i made for my birthday and the other will probably be on what i got for my birthday (because i want to share, okay, it’s like a haul but i didn’t have to shop for it myself). i might also do one on what i did for my birthday, but i’ll probably just include that in my cupcake recipe post and kill two birds with one stone. finally, you guys, i am very very proud to announce that one of my dear, close, real life friends has also created a blog. she is an amazing writer and amazing person and if you get the chance to check out her blog, you should for sure (coffeeandpillowsandjesus) because she is awesome and i love her so much for doing this because she’s the blog type of person and just hadn’t even told us she was thinking about it until now. sadly, because she’s fully anon and has a cool secret name and everything, i can’t call her by her real name on here, which is probably good because i hadn’t yet. but yeah, i’m crazy excited about this and go check her out because she is a lovely fellow fangirl and crazy good artist. that’s all i’ve got for today, i hope you enjoyed and i will be back soon! love you all, and happy birthday to me and anyone else whose birthday it is today.

xxx abi

what happens at camp…

hullo friends!!!! i am so freaking excited right now because this is my first post in a week that wasn’t scheduled or anything like that. i know i tweeted the other day that i’d have this up by tuesday but life happens and i’m crazy busy, so sorry. anyways, a crap ton of stuff happened at camp this last week and good grief i am so excited to spill to you all. i’m going to try and take this one day at a time but there’s some back story to a lot of it soooo… we shall see. let’s get on with it!

so first of all i have to say that if someone were to ask me what my biggest regret in life is, i’d say it’s not going to camp before i did. this is only my second year and i cry thinking about how much time i missed out on because i love camp so much and i can only keep going for one more year. only one more year guys. i could possibly sneak in another after that, but it’d be the summer after my senior year and i don’t think they allow that. as you might know, my sister had a softball tourney in the same town my camp was located, so we were up there three days before camp actual started for that. the camp i go to also has a stay-over opportunity for people going to two camps in a row (this stay-over was for leader in training week to teen week) and that saturday i ran into the stay-over group while my sister and i were getting ice cream at the same time as they were in town hanging out. this was a tad awkward for me because i have an, ahem, history with one of the guys in the stay over group. i’ll get into this later but let’s just say he’s 1 of the 3 guys who’ve ever flirted with me. so yeah, that was great. anyway explanation over i’ll start with the day by day run throughs.

sunday: camp didn’t start till 3 pm that day, so that’s when we headed up. i found out i was in a cabin with two of my best camp friends from last year, nicole and sami, as well as a girl i’d hung out with a bit the year before as well, meghan, and two other girls i didn’t know that well but who were friends with the other 3. there was one other girl as well but she was new to camp and ended up being a huge troublemaker for all of us. we did rotations with our cabin, which is just checking in with the nurse, taking the swim test, unpacking, etc, and then had dinner and signed up for the activities we’d be doing the rest of the week. nothing too exciting, but i did find out from one of my cabin mates who’d also been on the stay over with the guy i mentioned that he still liked me and had told our story to the entire group of lit’s (leaders in training). so yeah, apparently everyone who’d stayed over knew i was his ex and even though he’d really given a nicer story than it probably was, they also knew i was the girl who friend-zoned him. basically, last year at camp we got together and then found out he lives across the road from me so we tried to start something up and went to homecoming together but i broke it off after a bit because i was going through a lot of crap at the time and didn’t need that sort of relationship at the moment. he’s a great guy, though, i’m really excited he gave me a second chance but i’ll get into that later.

monday: basically how every morning went. breakfast, then cabin clean up and changing for activities, and chapel. my activities that day were spiritual connection (required for everyone, you basically just hike a trail and take a personality test and then pray a bit and hike back down) and archery. the day before, i’d made sure to sign up for all my activities with sami or nicole, so i had archery with sami. she’s a very petty person, and she’d already decided she hated these three girls from the next cabin over who ended up being in our archery group. the rest of us did too, they were real bitches and judged everyone and wouldn’t speak to anyone outside of their group, and the entire archery time they gossiped and sami listened for dirt. she got quite a bit, too. i was also asked “aren’t you the girl who dated alex?” (that’s the guy) maybe six times that day. how everyone at camp, even people who hadn’t been at the stay over, knew we had a history, i seriously have no idea but they did. i did talk to him a few times that day, and we hung out during beach time that day and had a genuine conversation so all my cabin mates started shipping us and telling us to get back together and by the end of the day, i genuinely wanted to fix our relationship. especially since i was the one to end it in the first place and i’ve hated myself for it ever since. also on monday, the troublemaker girl i mentioned before somehow managed to get a boyfriend on the first day. she wasn’t that attractive, she was really super emo (i have nothing against emo music since emo trio for life, it’s just the persona bugs me to no end), and the guy she got was sami’s crush so already sami was against her and all cabin loyalties fell with sami so we all kind of turned against the other girl. she didn’t seem to realize this though, and kept on being friendly and trying to be part of the group. we also had social hour that night and i literally sat and talked to alex the entire hour. pretty good day, overall.

tuesday: everything important happened tuesday so prepare for this one to be loooong. basic morning routine like i mentioned before, then my activities were boating / tubing (where i pretty much just rode the boat and enjoyed the view since i’m not a fan of water) and ultimate frisbee. somehow, i ended up on the boat with one of the three little bitches (that’s what i’m calling them from now on because i’m really damn proud of that nickname, okay?) and the entire time she spoke to no one but this one other girl who was popular, but still sweet to everyone. i also managed to get in the ultimate frisbee group with all three little bitches and guess who didn’t get the frisbee once all game? ah me. not that i minded, i’m not exactly sporty and i was soaked from the boat ride, the only reason i signed up for ultimate frisbee was because nothing else sounded fun and i was okay at it in pe last year. one good thing that came from playing though, was that this one other guy i became good friends with that week, nick, and i talked quite a bit. he was friends with alex and he was asking me all these things about why i broke it off and telling me that if we tried to fix things at the campout that day, he could pretty much guarantee that alex would go for it and that he still liked me. he was also asking for advice on how to flirt with meghan, whom i’d become good friends with over the two days we’d been there but that wasn’t important. as i mentioned, the campout to the hotsprings was also that evening, so we skipped beach time and went straight onto the vans as soon as toes up was over (toes up is basically just the hour to relax, which is also used as changing and packing time when necessary). we drove to the camp spot, then set the tents up so we wouldn’t have to when we got back from the hot springs, and then walked the road up to the springs. while we were there, meghan (who’d been shipping alex and i since she found out about our history) and sami (who’d actually set us up last year) came over while alex and i were talking and asked if we were a thing again since we’d been talking so much all day that day and yesterday. it was ridiculously awkward because both of us are antisocial weirdos who can’t do feelings (i know, we’re made for each other), but he asked me what i thought and i said we could give it a shot again so yeah. i have a boyfriend (ish? i honestly don’t even know what we’re calling it). when we got back to the campsite, we had dinner in a group that included myself, alex, nicole, nick, this really funny and nerdy guy martin, another kind of shy guy josh, the other girl in my cabin jasmine, her boyfriend isaac, and occasionally sami and meghan would come over and talk for a bit but they were kind of part of a clique-y group of girls i wasn’t a huge fan of. the campsite was on a foresty sort of hill, and our group decided to hike it and see the view at the top. there was a group of girls ahead of us too, but we didn’t realize they were climbing the hill to pee so we were trying to catch up to them and just kept forcing them to go further away. at this point, nick, the goofball / idiot of the group had broken his flip flop so the side wasn’t attached and kept flopping around, and even though he could’ve changed into the tennis shoes he brought, he chose to hike the mile or so up and down the hill in his broken flip flops. for reference, there were pine trees everywhere so he stepped on like 6,000 pine needles (i almost just typed pine noodles whoops), and there was no real path so it was straight through bushes, over and under logs, through the wilderness of idaho, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and scratched up by stray branches. one of the counselors went up with us and he was one of the more interesting employees, more fellow camper than counselor, so the hike was very interesting. at one point the counselor decided that we needed to chop down a dead tree and bring it back to camp for firewood, so he enlisted the guys to help him kick it repeatedly (seeing as we had nothing to actually chop it down) and then once it started to crack, he jumped onto it and wrapped himself around it like a sloth and shook it until it fell backwards on top of him. this is a completely true story by the way, and it’s about to get crazier. so we haul the tree down the hill, half the time we had to throw it javelin style down the hill and then pick it up again and throw it further because the hill was too steep. we get back to the campsite, realize the group of girls we’d followed up the hill in the first place hadn’t gotten back, drop off the tree with everyone left at the campsite so they could somehow chop it up with our non-existent axe (i was 100% against the dead tree plan), then turn around and go back up the hill to find the girls, the entire time our counselor was singing “we’re going on a manhunt, a manhunt, a manhunt, we’re going on a manhunt to find some peeing girls”. halfway up, we heard screaming and the girls came running towards us yelling “chainsaw, chainsaw!”. thankfully, no one was running it they just passed by a rusty chainsaw on the ground and freaked out. so, logically, the counselor with us decided to bring the chainsaw back to camp. on the way back, we also found a rusty rake, which our counselor handed to alex (at this point even counselors knew we were together) and told him to protect me. we have some really interesting camp counselors. we got back to camp with all this stuff, and our counselor had stepped in the creek and his socks were soaked. because logic, he decided to put them on a stick and put the stick in the fire to warm them up. ironically enough, the socks had little campfires on them and the words “fire it up” around the bands, and then they lit on fire because you really shouldn’t put your wet socks in the fire that’s not a good thing to do. also that night were s’mores, our group hung out around the fire, and alex tried to do the hugging standing thing i don’t even know how to describe it but the counselors flashlighted us and told us to step apart twice and then we just gave up and made josh and meghan and sami stand in front of us in the circle so we could hold hands.

wednesday: i woke up and got out of our tent and there was a dog at the campsite, so i immediately knew wednesday would be a good day. on the way back to camp, we passed the campsite our counselor had given the chain saw and rake to, assuming they were the camp host. so it turns out, he gave the chainsaw and rake to a family of random campers. we drove back, then my activities that morning were ceramics and log rolling. rather than log rolling, which i also ended up being with sami and the three little bitches so sami and i sat and talked about the events of the night while everyone else did actual log rolling. it was a pretty average day, and then we also had social hour again that night and our group of people hung out and talked and blocked the counselors from seeing how close together alex and i were. also, nicole was concerned about a bug bite she had so she went to the nurse and the nurse refused to give her anything but benadryl. i went to the nurse a couple of times with various people in my cabin for various ailments and the only things she would prescribe them were benadryl and ibuprofen. so benadryl has become a very large inside joke in our cabin, to the point of one girl in my cabin changing her instagram bio to “benadryl?” after we got back.

thursday: thursday we had or ordinary morning, then my entire cabin except for jasmine had signed up for axe throwing so we got to do that together before we left for the rafting trip that afternoon. we only had one activity since the rafting trip started an hour away so we had to use our activity time to travel. the bus to the raft place was interesting, i sat with sami and meghan and nicole and a bunch of guys sami was talking to who’d been on our camp out. they were… crude, to say the least. they also referred to me only as “alex’s girlfriend” so that was fun. we were all split up on the rafts but i ended up in the same raft as sami and one of the other girls in our cabin, ashley, who i was almost certain hated me for whatever reason. i really try not to make enemies at camp because i’m seriously not a mean person unless i feel the person i’m being mean to deserves it for whatever reason, so i really was trying to be nice to her. she was just very passive aggressive, so whatever. the rafting part was awesome though, river raft guides are like the idaho version of surfer dudes, and our guide was no different (imagine crush from finding nemo but as an outdoorsy wilderness person). we got to float in the river in our life jackets too, which sami and i did together down a few of the rapids our guide said would be okay to swim. meghan also caught up to us at one point since her raft was right behind ours, and the three of us held hands and floated down the rapid so we wouldn’t get behind. after the raft trip, we all drove back and got ready for dinner and the movie on the beach, which was finding nemo. there was also quite a bit of drama in our cabin because jasmine hadn’t gone on the raft trip and when we got back, she was wearing sami’s shorts and everyone’s bags and stuff looked like someone had gone through them. sami fucking flipped, she was furious and would not speak to her the rest of camp and refused to be left alone with her anywhere. i was honestly terrified sami would beat her up, she went crazy especially after jasmine tried to deny they were her shorts. the movie was fun though, our group all sat together and alex and i tried to hold hands under our blanket but at this point all the staff knew about us and we didn’t want to cause any trouble like jasmine and isaac (they had to be seperated by a counselor during the movie) so we just kind of sat really close and joked during the movie. that was a pretty good day.

friday / reunion: i actually had to leave early friday so i could get to our family reunion, but the first half of the day was pretty fun. my parents came and got me during lunch, and meghan and sami and nicole and i cried because i would be missing so much fun stuff that evening like the chalk dance and glow games and the last campfire. nicole and i were sobbing, even though we hung out last year after camp she’s one of my favorite people and i hated leaving her. i got everyone’s contact stuff and said goodbye, and then we drove the six hour drive up to my aunt’s property where the reunion was. that was really fun, i got to see my cousin savannah whom i haven’t seen in five years, and found out she was coming down to where i live in september and we could hang out then. also, i have a crap ton of cousins, we got a picture of all of us while we were up there and there were 24 of us up there, and that didn’t even include the 10-15 or so who didn’t make it up. we drove back sunday morning, and even though i loved camp and the reunion, it was such a relief to be back home in my own room. i missed my bed, and the internet!

i apologize for the length of this update, but so much happened and i really didn’t want to leave anything out so if you read the whole thing, thank you so much! i also apologize since this should have been up tuesday and it is now friday, i’m so sorry but this has been such a busy week. anyway, thanks for reading and i have a super duper special post planned for monday, my birthday, but probably nothing between then and now, sorry you guys. i missed you all so much, and i promise posting will return to normal after this! you’re amazing, and have a great week 🙂

xxx abi