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hullo all and welcome back! it’s been much too long since i’ve posted, but i’m gonna blame that mostly on school. i definitely would have posted last wednesday but i didn’t have access to wifi at all because i was in the mountains with my school and didn’t have anything scheduled so sorry. anyways, the wonderful fabulous croissant sav has nominated me for a tag he created (in honor of 200 followers by the way so go follow if you don’t and add to that number!), which as you probably can see is the ten for ten tag. i’m really super excited for this because i have a butt load of life goals but i’ve never bothered to write them out well, i just have a bunch of images in my head of how i want my life to go. anyways, i feel like i’ve been doing much better about shortening my intros so let’s get on with the tag!


  1. acknowledge the inventor of this tag (sav the lion)
  2. thank the amazing person who nominated you for this tag (savvy mcderp)
  3. write down the 10 things you want to achieve each year for the next ten years by counting it off year by year (he worded it differently but i think i did it better, sorry)
  4. nominate a max of ten bloggers to do the tag

sixteen well as you probably know i turned sixteen two weeks ago (pretty much on the dot) so i figured i might as well write my goals for the next 50 weeks of being sixteen. side note: categorizing parts of your life in sections of weeks makes them seem so much shorter than they really are… weird. anyways, i think my goals for the age of sixteen are probably to try and write more (writers block is the fucking worst right now for me, more than it has been in a while), to have picked a college to apply to by the summer before my senior year, and to have finished redoing my room because i’ve been working on that for forever. nothing huge, but these are things i need to get done. a boyfriend would also be nice, but i can’t be too picky because those things don’t just happen when you write them as your goals. my friend group and i have decided that this year we want to try and merge our group with the group of guys we talk to a lot, henceforth to be referred to as the weird guys. they’re like the guy equivalent of my group of friends at my school, and we talk to them quite a bit but don’t do any thing like eat together at lunch or talk between classes or anything like we’re trying to. oh! and to hit 100 followers probably because i’m really close to 70 and from there it shouldn’t be far, so that’s my blogging goal for the year of sixteen. oh my god i almost forgot! also to have a job, because i need one sooooo badly. wow i have a lot of sixteen goals…

seventeen it seems weird to think i’ll be a senior in a year, and that i’ll be seventeen, because i legit still feel like i’m an underclassman and i don’t feel like i should have this much responsibility. for seventeen i think my goal is just to graduate and to be accepted into the college i wanted to be, and to have my life together enough that i feel comfortable leaving for college and like i won’t die or anything. i think by seventeen i should also have travelled out of the country, preferably to somewhere in europe, probably for my senior trip because i’ve only ever been to canada and canada is just a colder, nicer america so it’s not that exciting. funny story though, when we went to canada my sister and i were much younger (like 10 and 7) and i convinced my sister that if she licked a maple leaf it would taste like maple syrup. she did, it did not, and i laughed. i’d also like to either intern or be employed by some sort of theatre company and find some way to put stage managing for a bigger company on my resume.

eighteen by eighteen i should be done with my freshman year of college and i think by then i want to be for sure positive on what i want to major in. i know i want to be an english major, but i don’t know for sure what i want to do with that. i know for sure that if none of my more artistic pursuits like acting, playwriting, novel writing, etc don’t work out, i want to be an english teachers, but i’d like to know for sure by the time i’m eighteen whether or not i’m going to follow through with an education degree. also by eighteen i want to get a bunch of piercings done, because i won’t be able to without parent permission (which i for sure won’t have) before then.

nineteen by nineteen i want to have written something successful, be it a play or novel published, an article on a website somewhere, a piece for my college newspaper, or bringing this blog to the next step (paying for a legitimate domain name and writing for money, crossing my fingers). i know i want to be a writer, it’s all i’ve ever wanted to do, and i think in order to do this i’ll have to have something big to put on my record as “i wrote that and people know my name because of it”.

twenty hopefully by twenty i’ll be either living off campus alone or with roommates, because all the colleges i’m looking at require you live on campus the first two years but after that you can do whatever. i really want to live off campus as soon as possible so i can get a dog (or six) and start crazy dog lady-ing it up sooner rather than later. by this point i’d also hope to have been in a serious relationship (not necessarily during the year of twenty but by that year’s finish) so i can have that experience. also, i won’t be able to call myself a teen blogger then! noooooo (a lot of people have talked about this in their tags but it’s honestly the saddest thing even if it’s four years out).

twenty one by twenty one i’ll be able to drink, yay i guess, and if it didn’t happen in the year of twenty, i want to for sure be living on my own by twenty one. also by the time i’m twenty one, i’ll have graduated college! because i’ll have graduated college by then, i’ll hopefully be able to support myself and be living still in washington (did i mention all the colleges i want to go to are in washington? no? whoops, okay i want to live in washington). i think twenty one will be the year i’m trying to figure out life, so i don’t really have any huge life goals for that year to give me flexibility and such. since i’ll have graduated, i really want to get a tattoo. hopefully i’ll have a tattoo before then, but my parents are in control of my college funds and therefore also will have a big say in my life decisions so they might try and stop me while i’m still in college. my cousin got a tattoo when he was eighteen though, so maybe… at some point i’ll have to do a post on what sort of tattoos i want in the future and everything because i have most of it planned out.

twenty two by twenty two i want to be settled in either seattle, tacoma, or bellingham (all in the same area so just the puget sound area in general really), have at least two dogs, and have a job i can count on for stability. probably teaching, although writing of some sort would be preferable (albeit slightly unpractical). in general, i just want to be settled into my life and be stable, although i’m sure this is probably unpractical considering it’ll only be my first year out of college and i’ll more likely be living in a tiny apartment with three other people and teaching.

twenty three you know what, i’m just going to say twenty two and twenty three are pretty much the same, in that two year space i want to try and achieve those things. that way i’ll give myself enough time and not be working for something probably unlikely.

twenty four i think that by the time i’m twenty four i’d like to be settled into wherever i want to live for the majority of the rest of my life and hopefully published at least twice or thrice (i really like that word… thrice). i’d also really like to be stable enough in my financial status that yeah, i’m worried about money, but not so much that i can’t splurge once in a while or buy the nicer brands of food instead of instant ramen. also, multiple dogs by this point and probably a fish or two and maybe some plants because i’d like to think that by the time i’m twenty four i can sustain life other than tangible living beings.

twenty five by twenty five i really see myself very involved in my work, be it directing the plays i’ve written, going on tour for a published novel, or getting some sort of recognition for teaching. i’d also really like to still be writing on this blog, because i see myself doing this for a long time to come.

twenty six holy fuck i can’t believe in ten years i’ll be twenty six… that means my sister will be twenty three, my baby cousin (she’s five but we share a birthday and i’ll always see her as little so same thing) will be fifteen, and my other cousin (don’t tell anyone but he’s my favorite, mostly because i see myself in him the most) will be eighteen. whaaaaat????? i don’t feel like this should be a thing, can i just stay sixteen forever? actually no, this year may have been the best year of high school so far, but i don’t think i could stay this way forever. anyway, by twenty six i’d like to be settled in for the rest of my life, pretty satisfied in my faith and life situation and maybe hopefully in a good relationship with someone that i’m happy with and ready to settle down with. i’m an old soul at heart, and i don’t want much so i’m content easily (although if i want something i really want it), so to be happy is all i really want in life when it comes to my future, at least that’s all i really dream about.





elm tree



wow, this tag was a freaking time shock. to think that i’ve only two more years till college, i’m already stressed out enough about that, but ten years until i’m twenty six? that doesn’t seem right… anyways, if anyone’s a really good artist or something like that i would like to enlist them to draw my future apartment or something because i have lots of ideas and i can’t draw but all i want is a little visual or something… (not joking, contact me if you art, my email is in the contact page) anyways, i worked really hard on this so i hope you all liked it and if you want to do it, go right ahead, i have the few i nominated above but other than that feel free to try it out because it’s kind of amazing. also, wish sav a happy 200 followers if you know him (and if you don’t what are you doing with your life???? hmmmm???? go follow him!) and i’m out for the night! farewell and i’ll be back soon enough!

xxx abi


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  1. awww, thanks a mil for the nomination! i know this sounds really weird, but is it okay if i do this on my birthday (in april)? I know it’s so far away, but please trust me, i have a reason for it :).

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