I’m glad that got your attention anyway today I, Sav of the savage savannah shall bless this blog with my presence. Anyway so this idea was inspired by a blogger called Hideaway Girl and she did a post basically about her best friend and Miss Abigail Marie followed by a last name I don’t think I’m allowed to reveal being my honourary best friend, potato momma extraordinaire gets to be the victim…I MEAN SUBJECT of this post. Also her actual name isnt Abigail I just like to elongate people’s names for fun.

So firstly I’d like to start with my first impression of her. This was rather interesting because she initially reached out to me via a comment saying that she loved my blog and all that and I was like awwww thanks. She then emailed me and we had like two inside joke from practically the get go so this obviously hinted at the friendship being a positive one. So then I eventually read her post about when she curled her hair or something, thought she was cute and so followed her blog and now the rest explains itself.

Now onto some things about her that you wouldn’t really know.

  • She makes the weirdest most funniest faces in the world.
  • She’s a professional rapper/cover artist that specialises in covering Hamilton songs. (seriously it’s to die for)
  • Whenever we Skype and her parents are calling her then she always shouts WHAAAAAAAATTTTTT!!!!!!!! Incredibly loudly and it never fails to pierce my eardrums.
  • She has this face of disapproval that she makes whenever I make a really crude innuendo
  • She’s incredibly crazy and doesn’t really enjoy her emotions so I’m kinda her unpaid therapist and I kinda organise her emotions and remind her that she’s part human and not all potato.
  • She has the same favourite colour as me in purple. 
  • She has the best laugh in existence. 
  • She has an extensive stash of food that she keeps in her nightstand and she makes me hungry with it all the time. I’m even getting hungry just talking about it. 

Okay so I’m gonna shut up now and I hope you enjoyed me being all sappy. If you’d like to see how being friends with me really is, then click here to reach my blog. Before I go I’d like to give you some pieces of advice:eat your weight in croissants,make sure you become one with the life of the paninians and third of all make sure your balls are well ventilated and itch free. Anyways stay fabulous. 

Sav ūüí™ūü¶Ā 

a bunch of things i’m calling a questionnaire

hey all. a short update before i get into the post. there will no longer be a homecoming post, sorry. shit has happened, i’m working through a lot of emotions, i wasn’t completely happy with the post in the first place, and i’m not in a good place at the moment to post it, so i’ve just trashed it and it won’t be going up. apologies on my part, but i have to preserve my personal mental well being over the happiness of my readers. love you! but emotions come first. maybe i’ll write a little talk up about what happened but for now it’s all good, i’m just gonna keep living and letting life happen.

aight now that that’s been taken care of, i have- well, had- a predicament. twice over the course of one week i was nominated for the sunshine blogger award. also, i’ve already done it once (back in the very beginning of this blog’s existence), so this is a little odd for me. to be completely honest, i’m not in the greatest mood for a tag so i’m just going to combine both of those nominations and answer the questions in them just for funsies. i’m also thinking i’ll bring back my very first nomination post and re-answer the questions in it just to see if i feel the same way as i did nearly 9 months ago. holy crap… nine months? wait let me double check this… oh my goodness gracious it’s been 10 months! what in the world? okay okay this is getting way off topic. i apologize… onto the questions.

firstly from¬†allie’s¬†nomination:

1. if you were a perfume what scent would you be?

ummm idk, something darker feeling but warm and somewhat sweet…¬†which coincidentally actually describes my usual day to day bath & body works scent, thousand wishes. so yeah just go with that.

2. what is your favorite color, but described with imagery?

the lilac bushes on the front lawn of our old house, especially when they were first in bloom.

3. chili fries or pizza fries?

neither because if i tried to eat either of those i would literally puke my guts. stomach issues for the win. so yeah just normal steak fries thanks.

4. do you have a secret talent?

i can do really fun stuff with my face… not in a weird way. okay yeah it’s weird but i have a really expressive face and i can do this weird thing with my eyes where they shake and freak people out. it’s a lot of fun at parties. not that i’ve ever actually been to a party, i just assume it would be in that situation. oddly enough it can’t be captured on camera because my pupils are moving so quickly it can’t be recorded but if i ever met any of you in person you can ask and i’ll show you if you want.

5. do you prefer day or night?

night. i’m an actual night owl, lately i’ve had super off sleeping habits where i want to fall asleep at 9 and sleep for 12 hours, but in the past i’ve had the worst sleep pattern ever. up until earlier this year i used to sleep for maybe four hours a night, from 3 am to 7 am each night if i was lucky. as i mentioned it’s getting better but yeah, that’s a thing. and i flipping love the night too. i like the darkness and the silence and the whole if i were to go outside and scream really loudly i’d cause a mass panic in my neighborhood concept. which i’d obviously never do i just think it’s fascinating.

6. you have one day to prepare for the zombie apocalypse: what do you do?

literally everything i’ve learned on supernatural. first, buy a bunch of really thick work clothing so i’m protected, pack up jo (my subaru, coincidentally named for jo harvelle from spn) with a bunch of shotguns and other axes and weapons i can whack heads off with, a shit ton of salt because honestly you can never have too much salt, and the few people i actually care about, and silver nails because while slightly ineffective, you can fully destroy zombies by nailing them into their coffins with silver. i would then proceed to make my way up to northern idaho (like as far north as possible) and join the rednecks up there¬†with their arsenals of weapons to help protect me and put as much distance between myself and the zombies of choice (plus northern idaho is actual wilderness and that’s a pretty safe bet here).

7. describe one of your best moments

last year, backstage with my theatre family during our last performance ever with all of us together, laughing, crying, worrying over mistakes, sobbing to showtunes and¬†bohemian rhapsody while breaking the set, watching our last performance’s recording on the big couch at marge’s house in a giant cast cuddle puddle. the family that is my cast makes every one of the moments i’ve spent with them one of my best.

8. what book, quote, movie, event, etc, made you completely re-evaluate your life?

“be curious, not judgemental”¬†

9. your favorite poem?

‘mad girl’s love song’ by syliva plath

10. if you could change your name what would it be to?

i like my name as is, i’ve talked about this before also, so i’m good. but if i had to choose i’d say avery, which is my go to name any time i get an idea for a novel.

11. have you ever had anything supernatural, paranormal, or something that couldn’t be explained happen to you?

ummm not that i can think of. oh my goodness but last month at the same time i was binging stranger things we were getting our house painted and some spots of our electricity were out so the light fixtures could be painted around. i was home alone one night and after watching a particularly frightening episode i made my way downstairs to the kitchen for a snack (keep in mind it was only 8:45 or so but still freakishly dark outside even though it wasn’t that late) and went to turn the lights on, forgetting that all our light fixtures had been taken out of the ceilings and¬†wouldn’t work. that was possibly the most horrifying moment of my life, going to turn the lights on still in adrenaline mode from stranger things and it not working.

and last but not least from¬†edge’s¬†questions:

1. have you ever ridden on a motorcycle?

no i have not and i also really have no desire to because i can barely drive a car without having a mini freakout. driving and i… we have a love / hate relationship. it’s complicated but yeah i don’t really want to ride a motorcycle.

2. what’s the scariest experience you’ve ever had?

wow we’re really getting into the scary stuff today man. the most terrifying experience i’ll always remember is in 8th grade when i went to a music camp in washington with my best friend, her sister, and her sister’s best friend. we had a free day to go hang out in the lake nearby for a bit and hang out in town and the four of us decided to rent a paddle board and hang out in the lake. the three of them were all competitive swimmers in triathlons and such races, but i wasn’t, so when they decided to swim out to the bouys in the center of the lake, i went as far as i could and then just started treading water where i was to wait for them to come back. this was long before my growth spurt, i was still only about 5′ 2″, and the spot i was in was almost 6 feet deep so i couldn’t reach the bottom. after about ten minutes or so of treading water (i was much more athletic back then) i got really tired and couldn’t breathe and started gasping. i got so tired i couldn’t get back to where i could reach and could hardly hold myself above the water. it was probably only a few moments but for what felt like forever, i was bobbing back and forth under the water and felt like i was going to drown. eventually i pushed myself towards where i could reach the bottom and managed to take a few good breaths and stabilize myself. so yeah, that’s the story of how i almost drowned.

3. if you ever had to kill someone, how would you do it? (explain in horrible detail)

first of all, it would be on a boat somewhere near international waters. i’m thinking stabbing of some sort. i’d then proceed to have a good friend pick me up and sink the other boat with the dead person on it along with the murder weapon and all evidence. that way, nothing can be traced to me and i have the alibi and a friend with me along for the ride in case the alibi doesn’t work out and we get stuck in prison.

4. would you mind posting the 11th picture you have?
Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 11.00.01 PM.png

sure. it’s of myself and kyla and i honestly don’t know any context behind it at all other than we look extremely un flattering and sleepy and she’s wearing her glasses so we probably did something that forced us to be up really late and wear sweatshirts the next day. oh wait, this is dated from somewhere around the week of finals last year… everything makes sense now. i think we were in study hall prepping for our chem final before we took this. finals drain you completely, so that makes sense. there ya go.

5. what’s the meaning of life?

the meaning of life is to figure out the meaning of life. i’ve definitely answered this before so think on it for a bit and let me know your thoughts on it rather than my explaining what i mean.

6. would you rather have terrifying nightmares every night or see creepy things during the day that aren’t there?

hallucinate during the day. sleep is often my escape from my brain, so i’d really prefer not to have nightmares invading that.

7. if you had to live in a movie, which movie would it be?

ah frick, i don’t know… honestly probably¬†she’s the man because i’ve always had this weird desire to go to boarding school. also it’s a rom com so maybe the rom com-i-ness will rub off on myself, a secondary character. also i just watched that movie recently and i’m still in that mode.

8. would you be willing to go on a scary adventure with me?

can i bring a frying pan? they’re extremely useful on multiple accounts, and i’m in.

9. can you describe in 3 words who you are?

possesses no chill

10. what’s the name of the last song you listened to?

you’ll be back from the hamilton soundtrack (da da da dat da dat da da da da ya da
da da dat dat da ya da).

11. if you had to be killed by someone, how would you want them to go about doing it?

wow mr brightside really getting into the gruesome questions here. ummmm probably that way they do it in the giver when they euthanize old people. mostly because i really hate pain and my worst fear is painful death like i just cannot handle it.

anyways! that’s all i have for today and i don’t really feel the need for a longer outro paragraph so bai. i’ll be back whenever.

xxx abi

stay in school, kids: my backpack

hullo all! i hope you’re having a great day, i sure am. so i definitely have about six other posts i’m currently writing and just now decided i was going to post this because i could. i’ve been in school for about two months or so now, give or take, and my backpack definitely says it all. it’s brand new, last year’s was falling apart at the seams, and now it’s definitely more of a mess than seems necessary. so just to img_0620peek inside my life for a quick second, here you all go, my backpack.

so first off, this right here is my backpack. black, matches my soul, etc, etc. i’m a pretty big fan, it holds my stuff and occasionally gives me extreme back pain. note the house pride pretty much all over it, my ravenclaw merch is practically impossible to miss.

img_0619aight here we go, starting in the very front pocket. here is where i keep my old anatomy notecards and calculator. last week there was a squished bag of goldfish as well so sometimes i put snacks in there too. nothing too exciting really, just the things i need occasionally but aren’t huge necessities.


there’s technically another pocket between the front and the next one, but i don’t keep anything in there. not sure why, occasionally i’ll stick something inside temporarily, like a tampon or colored pencils when i need them. but i don’t store anything inside all the time, so i didn’t really bother taking a picture or anything. inside this little slit pocket near the top, i keep all my essentials. things that aren’t really necessary for school, but are important for my life, etc. from left to right, my bible marking kit (technically this is for school, i use it in my hebrews class because it’s a set of highlighters specifically designed not to bleed through the pages of a bible), coconut burt’s bees chapstick, ear buds, organic “tums” because food tends to hate me, and car keys (on my ravenclaw lanyard as well). i also usually have a little contact case with advil inside for cramps and headaches, but i used them all last month so i took itimg_0614 out to refill and haven’t put it back in yet. should probably get on that…

i think most people are this way, but i tend to use my second biggest pocket for little notebooks and such things. i also probably have an excessive amount of books in there, but oh well, i need some of those for school… from left to right, my copy of the script (discreetly covered on the bottom because my last name is written there), jane eyre for my ap lit & comp class (awful book by the way, 0/10 would recommend), my doodling notebook for little notes and such, my bullet journal, my tbr notebook because i need more than just a few pages for all the books i want to read, my novel of choice at the current moment (i’ll give you the sun), my bible, and my pencil pouch.

i’ve never been super organized at all, but a few weeks ago i stumbled across a bullet journal pinterest board and decided to go for it. i’ll probably post something in the near future entirely on bullet journaling, but here’s a few pictures of how it’s going so far. also because i can, a few photos of my tbr notebook and my bible so you can see the nice highlighters. this is actually a journaling bible, and by far the best one i’ve ever had. i’ve had it for a few months now, and i love it for school because i can take class notes in the margins to refer back to later on in life, and there’s a lot of room for everything. i would definitely recommend getting a journaling bible if you can, mine is esv (the best translation, duh). also a pic my script is down there with my role highlighted and everything so you can see that a little closer.

now for my biggest poimg_0612uch, the place where i keep all the really important stuff. first we have my lunch box, empty at the moment of the picture. then my psat prep packet (aka death in a booklet), world history notebook, french book, french workbook, and general notes notebook for my algebra, french, hebrews, anatomy, and econ notes. and finally, up top leaning against my backpack we see my french binder. yes, that is a doctor who reference drawn across it, that took approximately six hours to pencil, sketch, trace, and finally sharpie onto my binder so i’m pretty gosh damn proud of it. my laptop is also usually inside there, i just took a separate picture of that (below) so i could show off my twelve doctors sticker on the back of it. below as well are a few pics of my notes because i have really nice handwriting and i like to show it off because i can. also a picture of the item i live off of in the mornings, i don’t eat breakfast because food hates me most in the morning, so those starbucks thingies are my life. they get me through ap lit & comp and world history in the morning, which isn’t an easy task. my mom likes to use the bottles for her projects so i have to bring them home and they reside in my waterbottle pocket when i don’t have a waterbottle (which i usually do, i’d just left it in my locker the day i took these pictures).


well there you have it folks, my backpack. i’m still not entirely certain what my motivation towards doing this was, i just thought it would be interesting so i took the pics and slapped it together and called it a post. i’m also seriously considering turning school related posts into a series of some sort, the working title (as you can see) is “school sessions”. i’m considering doing something like this about my school locker as well, and maybe some tips on note taking and my favorite school supplies and probably bullet journaling so i hope you liked this! also, homecoming was last saturday so i promise i’ll have a post for it up sometime this weekend. pinky swear… anyways, i’m off to sleep so let me know what you thought of this, since it was a bit different than usual, and i’ll be back sometime this weekend. *note: guys this is officially my 50th post on this blog. whaaaat. anyways, carry on, i just thought i should let you all know.

xxx abi