how to start over (or: new year’s resolutions and some thoughts)

  1. Delete everything.

Wait no, don’t do that. You can’t start over and work with something if you have nothing to start with. Hmmmm… How about:

  1. Delete almost everything.

Okay yeah, that works. But is it specific enough? Probably not. Let’s try this one more time, shall we?

  1. Decide what you don’t like.
  2. Change that, so it seems like you deleted it but you actually didn’t.

Perfect. But is that really all? Yeah, I think I’m good.

*1 week and two posts pass before Abby realizes she forgot to mention her changes and introduce them properly*

Oh right. Don’t forget to actually to tell people what you’ve done with your blog. Way to just post a bunch of shit and confuse people. Very nice going *facepalm*.

Well hullo everyone. So in case you haven’t noticed, I did some things. Well, actually rather a lot of things. For one, I changed my domain. Yeah, that happened… hehe. For those of you who liked my old domain, really sorry but it had to happen. If you absolutely must know why, read this and you’ll understand. I really love what it is now, especially since I am the cookie queen when it comes to baking. I really feel like this new domain expresses what I’m trying to make my blog content more of, plus more bookish posts (which isn’t really included in the title, whoops). I’m also kinda not done with the changes, so hold tight. The next portion of this post will be a listing of things I’m resolving to do, related to blogging, in 2017 (oh, and how I’ll be going about doing those things):

  • Write more book, food, music, and lifestyle posts. Or, write more actual content.
    • For book posts, I’ll be participating in the 2017 popsugar reading challenge, which I did a few years ago with one of my friends but just for fun. This time I’ll be writing a review post for each book in order to check them off my list.
    • For food posts, I don’t have a challenge in particular but I’d like to be posting a recipe at least once every two weeks, if not once a week since that’s basically how often I bake.
    • For music posts, I’ll mostly just be writing a playlist for each month based on the music I’ve been listening to that month, and then posting it here.
    • For lifestyle, I’ll pretty much just be trying to write monthly favorites posts and talk more about different things I’ve been trying each month, besides my usual random updates and life chats.
  • Blog updating, essentially I’ll just be beautifying my actual site a little differently and fixing my about page since it’s pretty much just blank at the moment.
  • Update my social media and different usernames and such so that everything is cohesive and easy to find for people to contact me outside of my blog.
  • Accustom everyone to spelling my name “Abby” now instead of “Abi”, which might take a little bit because it’s been close to a year of me calling myself that and now I have to change it.

And because I really suck at personal resolutions, that’s all folks. I know this is kind of a shitpost way to finish off the year, but ah well. I hope you all have a happy new year, and may 2017 be our year.

xxx Abby

Blogger Secret Santa- Joce! 

First, to thank the lovely Teenella for coming up with this idea!

Second, to say hello to Joce / Isobel Moon… hey girly! I’m your secret Santa this year!

I know we’ve never actually interacted and I only just followed you because of the secret Santa arrangement, but trust me, I’ve done quite a bit of reading of your blog over the past few weeks. And I may have sorta fell in love with your style of post… Every book you’ve reviewed so far that I’d read as well, I thought your opinions on were amazingly well thought out and well written, and I admire your ability to make every post the same way. No matter what you’re writing about, be it a blogger interview, book review, or discussion post on whatever seems to cross your mind, it’s always incredible, both content and editing wise. You always come up with cool ideas for posts, and I love that you keep up with your post series on a regular basis- something I always struggle to do (whoops hehe). Over the past few weeks you’ve been working to become non-anonymous, which I think is wonderfully brave of you and wish you the best of luck throughout your next few steps. I know it’s scary to put yourself out there and not be able to hide behind another identity and name, but I think it’s really worth it if you feel brave enough to do so. I also think it’s awesome that you’re working to write your own novel, something I’ve attempted (and borderline failed every time), so I know it can be rough going. But keep at it! I know it’ll be worth it in the end to have the knowledge you’ve written something incredible. You’ve certainly inspired me to start working on my own again… And by the way, I started reading yours in the middle of writing this post and ended up reading everything you have published before I got back to this. It’s really good so far, I can’t wait to see how it develops, so pretty please write more! I love the concept too, every time I thought to myself “one more chapter and you can stop”, I ended up reading more, which obviously means you have the makings of an awesome novel so far. Also, good luck with your 2017 goals! I’m not quite organized enough to have a goals page like that myself, but it’s such a good idea I may copy it if I can think of some good ones. I hope you finish everything you want to and read all the books on your TBR. Those are scarily endless, and I know school takes up so much time that it’ll be rough going but I’m positive you’ll make progress. Here’s hoping 2017 is much better than 2016 and that you’re able to have an amazing year. Good luck! And finally, have a virtual hug. I wish I could give you a real one, but since this is over the internet, this’ll have to do 🙂 Oh, and here’s to new friends, hopefully we can talk more over the next year! Wishing you luck, a wonderful new year, and Merry Christmas.

xxx Abby

Blogger Holiday Party

Hey everyone! So today I have to present to you all an idea of (if I do say for myself) genius proportions. I know most people probably have more free time now since it’s the winter break, so i thought it’d be fun to have a holiday “party” of sorts over Skype! Similar to teen bloggers chat which is every Saturday on Twitter, but on Skype so everyone can talk in real time and there won’t be questions or a theme other than the holidays. I’ll be administrating, so anyone who wants to join should add me on Skype, info I’ll put below. If you’re not comfortable doing video chat, that’s perfectly fine. I will personally be on video along with I’m sure a few other people but if you’re worried about anonymity then just turn your video off and join the party over voice call. I’m also planning it for between Christmas and New Year’s so more people will be available since most festivities are paused around that time. Also to accommodate for bloggers being all around the world, make sure to check your time zones since I’m only including London, American Mountain Time (my zone) and Melbourne time in the info. The limit for Skype group calls is 25 people, which I don’t really think is an issue. Here’s the complete info for everyone who wants to join so you can make plans around it or check and see if you can join:

  • December 29th, 2 pm MST (my time), 9 pm GMT (London) / December 30th, 8 am AEDT (Melbourne). And obviously convert times as you will.
  • Make sure to add me on Skype @thepunkbutterfly and message me to let me know who you are ahead of time if it’s not obvious from your username.
  • Also, be sure to settle down in a comfy spot with some snacks, hot cocoa, headphones, and a good wifi connection. It’ll be about an hour long of just chatting about the holidays and whatever else comes up!

Also, if this is successful and a lot of people enjoy it, or I have a bunch of people who want to join but can’t, I think it’d be fun to host one or two a month to give as many opportunities as possible to communicate with other bloggers. I know that personally my friendships with other bloggers were strengthened after Skyping with them, so I think it’d be a great way to hang out and meet more people!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and I’ll see some of you at the party!

xxx Abby

ch ch ch changes (and some thoughts on being happy)

i’ve been listening to a lot of david bowie lately, okay? anyways, no long intro today, i just want to talk about some things i’ve been thinking a lot about lately.

the first is my name. as you probably know seeing as i’ve mentioned it multiple times, my real name is abby. i spell it the way i do on here because i’ve never liked my birth name. it’s an insecurity i’ve dealt with for a long time now, starting mainly in eighth grade when i rode the bus with a group of guys i thought i could be friends with. one day on that bus, one of them informed me that “abby” sounded like a little kid’s name. “oh yeah, or like, a stripper name hahaha”. there was a lot of crying that day once i got off the bus, but they’ll probably never realize that from that point forward i despised my name. i’ve always hated my last name too, it’s four syllables, norwegian (just google norwegian last names and you probably won’t see mine, but you’ll understand what i mean), and seemingly unpronounceable. never mind the fact that it’s said the same way it’s spelled, every school year is a struggle. anyways, over the past few years i’ve tried multiple different variations of my name- abigail, abi, etc. but i don’t see myself as these people anymore. i don’t want to hide behind this sort-of pseudonym anymore, i don’t like it. i don’t want to be unhappy with my name anymore, explaining to teachers every year why my name isn’t spelled the way it is on their roll sheet or why i write ‘abigail’ on my assignments. it’s only the beginning of december, but i want my new year’s resolution to be “be joyful”. and i don’t think i can be truly joyful in christ and in myself if i’m not really me. which leads me to the next few things i think i’ll be changing.

when i started this blog, close to a year ago, i was a very different person. i wasn’t happy with myself, i was depressed, i was trying to be someone i wasn’t, and i had a lot of insecurities i was trying to cover up and convince myself didn’t matter. i don’t want to be the punk butterfly anymore because it doesn’t express the person i am trying to become, it expresses the person i was trying to hide behind last year. it’s time for some changes.

over christmas break, a lot is going to happen. i’m planning on changing my site address, i have a few ideas as to what it will be to but for now it’ll stay the same. i think i’m going to start using capital letters, and going by abby. posts will be the same / similar, and probably (hopefully) scheduled. everything will be different except my content, don’t worry there. if anything, i’m planning to improve my content and hopefully add a little more variety to them- music, style, book reviews, etc. everything i wanted to write when i first started this blog. it’s like a fresh start, but i won’t be restarting- just rearranging.

this is really important to me. i don’t think i can begin to explain how much, this is just something i have to do to move on with my life and attempt to become a better version of myself. a new year, a new blog, a new me. it sounds incredibly cheesy but this is how i have to do it. i’m changing many things in my life, trying to become more organized, write and wear and listen to and do things that make me happy. read my bible more, i want to start water color painting again (betcha didn’t know i used to paint), limit my time doing random crap on the internet. there’s a lot of things i want to do, and if i don’t start now then when?

the bottom line, things are going to change over the next few weeks, but as far as i’m concerned, it’s for the best. over the past year, i’ve changed a lot, and i want this blog to reflect both the changes i’ve undergone and the changes i can open myself up to. as far as i’m aware of, if you’re following me now, you’ll still be following me when i change domains. thanks to all of you who have followed me, who’ve interacted with me, who’ve shaped me as i’ve grown and changed and continued writing here. you’re all fantastic, and i have an incredible amount of love for each and every one of you. i wish i could hug all of you individually for supporting me as i write, and i hope you’ll continue to do so as i make these changes and do my best to grow out of my insecurities and into joy. much love.

xxx abby

stay in school, kids: sick days

*this post may or may not be inspired by true events happening right now in my life*

hey friends! so for the past three days i’ve been sick in bed slowly wasting away. i’ve been attempting to write other posts and such things but i thought now was a good time to introduce another post to my “stay in school, kids” series. aka the series in which i give advice on how to figure life out at the same time as i myself am figuring life out. yaaaaayyy. today i’m doing a slightly different format though, the do’s and don’t’s of how to make the most of sick days, as i’ve learned over the past three days of my sickness. fun times, amirite? let’s go.

do: finir tes devoirs 

for those of you who don’t speak french, finish your homework. being sick, especially not that extremely, is not an excuse for you to not do your homework, especially not if it was already assigned before you were gone. my school has a two day policy, which is basically where if you were gone the day an assignment was due then you have two days after you get back to finish it. i usually like to check online where my teachers post assignments as well, my school uses moodle, and just make sure i know what i’ve missed and what’s coming up when i get back.

don’t: strain your brain

obviously, because headaches are a thing and if you’re thinking too much it takes a lot of energy and does more harm than help. also, if you’re running a fever, wait until that’s not a thing anymore before doing anything because a fever will not help you in any way.

do: keep everything you need close by

on my nightstand / bedroom floor near my bed at the moment: a bottle of advil, my giant water bottle, mentholatum, a bowl of soup, savex, all my homework and school stuff, laptop, laptop charger, phone, phone charger, tissues, oyster crackers, hairbrush, headphones, half eaten pomegranate… keep these things nearby and you’ll be very happy with yourself.

don’t: expect your parents to do everything for you

this may have been fine when you were in elementary school and could hardly leave your bed and your mom would bring you soup and read you books and let you stay in bed all the time, but that probably won’t fly now. now she might be fine making you soup or picking up some tylenol at the store, but your parents aren’t going to come running every time you decide you need a glass of water.

do: stay hydrated 

drink all of the water. all of it i say! trust me again, your body will thank you for this. water is the best thing in the world for you while you’re sick, and the less you drink the sicker you’ll get.

do: vitamin c

trust me on this one: your body really likes vitamin c. pomegranates, oranges, orange juice, other varieties of vitamin c… consume all of it. trust me, you’ll thank me on this one. and your parents probably tell you this all the time, and that’s because it’s fecking important guys. also- iron supplements, and other vitamins. these are incredibly important because your body is more focused on fixing itself than sustaining itself. that’s not the best way to explain it but my mom tells me this all the time so whatever.

don’t: consume too much sugar / dairy

chocolate is bad for sick people, okay? if you have a stomach ache, drink some ginger ale or seven up or whatever you usually do to solve that, but don’t be chugging soda and eating chocolate bars or any other sort of junk food. that’s no bueno for your immune system, let your body fight the sickness in peace! and dairy, trust me on this one, dairy is not a good plan because it’ll mess with your sinuses and you won’t be too pleased with yourself.

do: take all of the showers 

the steam will open your sinuses, and trust me, you’ll feel so much better. i know that personally when i’m sick i just feel gross, so when i’m sick i literally shower every morning and night so that i can breathe better and just feel clean.

don’t: stay in bed all day 

 it’s really best to move around, try not to let your body parts cramp up, and get some blood flow going. if you just lay in bed all day you’re not going to be very happy with yourself. so get up, make a smoothie, make some toast, let your dog out, walk up and down the stairs, and you’ll feel a lot better.

do: stay in contact with your friends 

they’ll tell you what you’ve missed in class, send you notes, keep you company via snapchat while you’re alone at home… they’ll also probably tell you how crap you look and visit you / bring you your books and such if they really love you.

don’t: feel bad about missing school or missing out 

you’re sick, dude. don’t feel bad that you’ve missed a day or two. your body needs some time to relax and heal, and if that means you’re missing out on some sort of drama or conversation in class then so be it. it’s just another day, and your friends will probably fill you in on anything incredibly important that has happened.

i know this was a bit of a different post but i’m actually really pleased with the way it turned out and i really like this series in general so expect more of these! also i posted my 100 follower q&a but it literally has 2 views soooooo…??? idk go check it out, i posted it a few days ago. so yay! i’ll probably have maybe 1-2 more posts before christmas so i won’t say merry christmas now, but i will see you all soon.

xxx abi



100 follower q&a!

hullo all! so it’s been like a month or so since i actually hit 100 followers (it’s at 120 now! yeeee), but at long last, i have finally compiled and answered all of your questions for you. happy reading and i’ll be back again soonish. it is getting close to finals week though, so studying is very important and i’m going to be needing to focus more on that so apologize if my absence is more extended, at least until christmas break and i’ll be trying to write more than i have been. also, the way the questions are formatted is that i put the names of the person who asked them at the end of all their questions, like the first two were asked by elm so her link is next to the second one, etc, etc.

if you could paint the sky a different colour, what would it be and why?

purple, because i love sunsets/rises with purple in them, i just think they’re so beautiful. also because that hole song, “and the sky was made of amythest”, that just sounds so pretty to me. i love driving to school in the morning because there’s this one hill i always stop at the light on and the sunrise just peeks over the top of it ahhhh.

if you had to burn one of your favourite books to light a fire, otherwise you’d die, which one would you sacrifice? (elm)

why would you ask thissssss ughhhhhh. this feels like a crime against books, but i think if i had to pick it’d have to be the mysterious benedict society because i accidentally bought the first book of the series in a different set than the other three so i’d burn it and then replace it with a new one that matches the rest of the series.

what is the definitive best meme? (leo)


what is your favourite thing to do when you are feeling down?

i usually put on my favorite ravenclaw sweat pants and a sweater, listen to hamilton, write a bit of either a post or my own personal whatever, maybe scroll through pinterest or my reader, drink a few peppermint mochas (my addiction), eat some dark chocolate and oyster crackers, pop on a blackhead strip or other face mask or something, or watch some netflix or youtube. just things that make me happy and relaxed and feel good that don’t require much effort.

would you rather have the superpower to be invisible or have super speed?

invisibility probably since running is not mah thang. in my opinion, shape shifting is the ultimate superpower so that’s what i’d want if i had the choice of anything but invisibility for sure out of those two.

how did you find out about santa being not real? (lia)

i don’t really know specifically? i’ve always been a very realistic person, even as a child, so i think i just kinda understood it as time went by. it was probably sometime around when i was 7 or 8 that it happened though, i was a very mature child.

what is your opinion on the us election?

blech. that is all.

what is your dream role to play in a theatre thingy?

katherina in the taming of the shrew. i read for her in eighth grade when we read the book in class and ever since then i’ve just wanted to really be her in a real performance of the play. also that’s one of my favorite shakespeares so honestly if i could just be in it at all i’d be happy.

what inspired your blog name?

i really love butterflies and i felt like i needed to express that i’m not just a cutesy little butterfly loving girl. hence my adding the “punk” to it, since that’s my general favorite genre of music.

would you ever become non-anonymous (aka share pictures of yourself, last name, etc)? (trish)

ummm i don’t think i’d share my last name since it’s super uncommon and it’d be super easy to find me in real life. i have shared a few past pictures of myself, but just as a life update here’s a good picture from right after i cut my hair most recently so y’all know who it is behind the keyboard.

img_1140also this photo is originally from my personal instagram, which if you want to follow and see my real life and such you can comment below telling me your @ and i’ll follow you. i do ask that it be your personal account if you have one though (if you don’t you’re totally fine too, just let me know that), since i did have a blog insta but went fully personal with my social media around a month ago. so if you want to see my personal life, i’d just prefer that i saw yours as well so that we’re on the same page. also, i’m one of those people on instagram who literally will like every single one of your photos after i follow you so there’s that. shameless self promo over.

if you could have a profitable, successful business what would it be?

kyla and i decided last year after reading mr penumbra’s 24 hour bookstore that we want to open a 24 hour bookstore of our own. so i’d say that’d be it, i think i’d love beyond all else to own a bookstore open 24 hours a day and just everything that goes along with it. also being able to go in and write while running the counter during the night shift, being the one who picks the books to order, knowing all the regulars, oooooo having a coffee shop inside! somewhere near a college campus, probably in seattle… allowing dogs inside because dogs are awesome. like, that sounds like a dream to me, i waaaant it.

if you could spend a day with anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would you do?

hehe the person who asked the question probably. if i could spend a day with anyone, it would be sav. i’d go to london, hang out with him and the other london bloggers, then fly him to seattle with me, take over the target there, and then not let him go back to england so that we can actually hang out for longer than a day. cheating the system like a cool kid.

what would be the title of your autobiography?

“the girl who never left her house”

if there were a real life purge what would you do?

hide in my room until it was over. although if i were feeling particularly adventurous i might go out into the world in my locked car to meet up with my friends and hang out and do whatever they wanted to but i probably wouldn’t participate in the “do whatever because nothing is illegal” part of it.

what has been your favourite and least favourite meme of 2016? (sav)

i think my favorite meme has probably been “don’t talk to me or my son ever again” (that was 2016 right? i honestly don’t even remember) and my least favorite was damn daniel. it was just stupid, and i remember when it first became a thing i watched the video with one of my friends and saying to her that this probably wouldn’t last more than two weeks before it was over. also rip everyone named daniel or who owns white vans in that month or so that people kept it alive, you truly do have the patience of god himself.

do you like cafe rio? if so what’s your order?

i do! i don’t get it very often though because there’s only one in my area and it’s in a part of our city we don’t go to often, but i usually get their chicken nachos. i also really like the enchiladas but that’s mostly because i just really like enchiladas…

if you could kiss one blogger who would it be? (aspen)

probably no one since we say “if you could”. if the question were “if you had to” though, i’m not repelled by any blogger i’ve spoken to so i don’t think if i had to choose one it’d really be a quandary for me. that’s not really an answer to this question but i’m tired so it’s good enough.

if you could meet anyone from anytime in history who would it be and why? (ruby)

gahhhhhh i have no clue… is what i wrote before i got a clue. and i still don’t have a clue. i literally can’t think of anyone. janis joplin? sylvia plath? angelica schuyler? the female revolutionary war spy who went by the number 355 and whose real identity is unknown to this day? one of those, but i either can’t choose or can’t think of a better one.

tell an embarrassing story?

my life.

who’s your role model and why?

stevie nicks. or emma watson. like, mesh the two of them together and that’s my role model, there ya go.

what’s your favorite memory? (fibit)

i honestly don’t really have one. anytime involving being with my friends and just goofing around, hanging out backstage with my fam, or anytime i’ve been genuinely happy. which at the moment i can’t think of a specific time but i’m still aware that those moments exist in my head somewhere.

xxx abi