presidents’ day sale haul // gap, kohls, & ulta

Hello all! Woah I have not done one of these for a long long time, but they generally seem to go over pretty well and it’s about time i changed up some of my content. It’s been pretty emo up in here for the past while hasn’t it? But anyways, here in the good ol’ USA we have a holiday called President’s day, which stores like to take advantage of a lot and of course, have sales. Which I’m honestly not complaining about because, I mean, sales. I know I generally don’t seem like the shopping lover type in my general personality, especially since my style is very comfort based and I never get hugely into current trends and styles and just stick with what I like. But this is not really the post to be talking about my style sense… maybe another time (hint hint). But I actually really love shopping, especially for clothes, and on the days you just go and go and go from store to store until you drop. Yes, I actually genuinely enjoy “shopping until I drop”. Anyways, I was in a very productive mood over the four day weekend I had for the holiday and my mom suggested we go out shopping and run some errands. I had a few things I’ve been wanting to pick up so I went along, but I DID NOT expect to get as much as I did. However, I don’t regret any of it because none of it was really an impulse buy, everything I picked up was something I’ve either been eyeing or needing for awhile. Also, shoutout to my mom first of all for having a cool camera and second for letting me borrow it. You’re the best.

First off, we stopped by GAP (is there GAP in the UK? I don’t know… if there isn’t you guys are really missing out). I’ve been working my way from the jeans I own being entirely American Eagle to being mainly GAP and a few others. I could sit and rant about American Eagle for awhile but now is not the post for that. They were having a 50% off sale for all jeans, so I got three pairs. My all-time favorite pair of American Eagle jeans, which I bought 3 years ago before they stopped making actual jeans, RIPPED on the inside of my thigh, and my others are much too tight, but I’ve been putting off buying new ones for way too long. Side note: I couldn’t find any of these on the website otherwise I would link them.

Dark wash, high rise legging jean


Black legging jean

Medium wash, slightly beat up legging jean


Teal XL, loose sweater


The GAP in my area is in a mall type place thingy with an Ulta in it, so that’s where I convinced my mom to stop by next (she hates makeup shopping anywhere not online). They weren’t actually having any sort of sale, it was just nearby and I needed to pick up a few things. I also may have ended up finding my new favorite makeup brand… as well as fueling my hippiness through it.


Soap & Glory Supercat liquid eyeliner

NYX Shine Killer primer

Pacifica Alight BB cream

At some point I’ll do a separate post talking about how I use these on an everyday basis, and like an updated kind of “everyday school makeup” thing, but for now just know that I frigging love the Supercat eyeliner, and I also basically want to buy out Pacifica because their products are ahmazing. The whole brand is vegan, cruelty free, and all-natural, and the hippie in me (which has been coming to light quite a bit lately) is so incredibly happy with everything about their brand.

And last, but certainly not least, we made a, admittedly 3 hour long, stop at Kohl’s. I love Kohl’s so freaking much honestly, it’s such nice stuff for so cheap. Of course, because it’s cheap, I always think that means I can buy all of the things and pay none of the money… but that’s definitely wrong. I have become quite skilled at browsing through their clearance racks to find the non-cheesy, cool clothes I’ll actually wear. It’s an acquired skill, and one I know quite well if I do say so myself *hair flip*.

Oversized chambray shirt


Cactus embroidered ringer tee


Paint splotch jeans


Black lace cold shoulder top


Red sweater leggings


Denim button-up shirt dress


Purple flowered swing dress


So there ya go dudes, that’s what I did this weekend. I know I haven’t posted in awhile but I mean… I came back to you with this, a post I actually put effort into, so… Anyways much love, and I’ll be back whenever.

xxx Abby

gotta get it right (meditation is cool and i’m a hot mess)


i’m sad.

is that a bad thing? i don’t think so. it’s never really been a bad thing for me, at least as long as i get over it and deal with it and do something with my life eventually. it’s alright to be sad as long as it’s not for long, i think. at least for me.

no no no wait, i’m not sad.

i am melancholy. yeah, that’s better.

if you even care about my life and my activity in the community you may have noticed that i just haven’t been around lately. i can’t really say sorry about that because i haven’t acknowledged to myself that i even am sorry about not being around, i’m just kinda not here.

i don’t have any motivation.

i can’t even say “i don’t have any motivation anymore“, which is what i almost wrote, because for the past few years or so i don’t think i’ve even had any personal motivation. honestly, i kinda suck as a human being. i don’t leave my house, if i’m alone in my room all i do is watch endless amounts of youtube videos rather than doing anything productive, and i’ve been getting straight b’s (and the occasional c or a) on my recent assignments.

if you knew me years ago when i used to do things and have straight a’s (so like mid-sophomore year and before), you know that’s… not me.


what the fuck is wrong with me?

seriously, if you have any idea please tell me because i’m screwed over and i don’t know how to *fix* it.

i want to be healthy and active and involved in some sort of fitness. i want to balance my school work and follow what’s on my planner. i want to write good blog posts and be active in the community and raise my presence. i want to hang out with people and do things outside of rehearsal and classes. i want to have my own developed sense of style and a basic idea of how to do makeup. i want to have time to write my own things and work on projects. i want better relationships and good conversations with people i love. i want more time for things i love. i want to tell people how i really feel about them and have the self confidence to tell some of my “friends” (among others) to go screw themselves.

how in the world do people just have their lives together.

god who knows, certainly not me. i am a knotted up wad of stress yarn (don’t even ask about the metaphor, i made it up awhile ago and i don’t feel the need to explain it at the current moment) with irregular periods and a dog for a best friend.

i was recently asked “wait, why are you so anxious just all the time? like how is that physically possible?”. and to be completely honest, i have no idea. i’ve just adapted to it.

you know those little things in life, like a bruise in a specific spot or a knob you have to jiggle *just right* to make work? the things you just kinda get used to, and then someone comes along and questions you like “you live like this?” and at that point you’d gotten so used to it you had forgotten you ever lived differently? yeah my life is just one huge jumble of a bajillion of those little things.

i don’t even know anymore. maybe i’m just listening to too much 1975 and being emo lately but my life just doesn’t seem to make sense anymore.

i need to self search or something. what’s mediation like, anyone who does it? can you help me out? i feel like if you meditate, you have your life figured out. so if you meditate, please help me. that’d be nice thanks.

i know sometimes i seem like i have my life together and i’m cute clothes and nice words and wear mascara most days like a normal person but at this point in my life i’m just so used to holding it together i can’t even remember what in my life is real and what isn’t. i feel like my life is being held together entirely by a rubber band and some ticky tack and a paper clip. and that rubber band is about to fucking snap.

a hot mess. that’s what i am. i am the dictionary definition of a hot mess. except that i’m not hot so i’m literally just a mess.


what a life.

yeah i don’t fucking know what this was okay? just, whatever. i don’t know.

also there is no correlation between this being written the day before valentine’s day and the topic, okay? if there’s one thing i’m actually okay with in my life at the moment it’s my relationship status. for once in my life, i’m happy with being single. of all the things i can’t seem to figure out right now, this is the one thing i’m literally at the point in my life where i just know being in a relationship would not really go well right now. so yeah. just in case you were like “well it’s valentine’s day that explains why abby is being emo, she’s sad she doesn’t have a date”. most of the time, you would be right. but this time? no. (at least as far as i’ve convinced myself).

i think this is going to be the semi-beginning of a series of just self-reflective posts in which i talk about being a mess and attempt to slowly rise from the mess and shape myself into a decent, functioning human being. yeah, let’s do that. also some of those may come in the form of voice recordings because i like talking to myself in the car k thanks.


(end note: the title of this song and the subject of this post is the hook lyric from k. flay’s song get it right which i’ve been reflecting on heavily lately. give it a listen. it’s fucked up, and it makes so many good points that have hit me so hard lately and i love it. just her in general yeah, go look up her stuff. yeah. do that.)