february playlist

january.jpgonce again, ladies and gentlemen, the songs i’ve had on repeat for the past month of february.

crazy little thing called love // queen

absolutely smitten // dodie

no duh // k flay

get it right // k flay

never met you // tom law

heart out // the 1975

m.o.n.e.y. // the 1975

here // alessia cara

96,000 // in the heights original broadway cast

take me or leave me // cast of the motion picture rent

make me cry // steffan argus

i feel it coming // the weeknd

rebel girl // dog party

bad reputation // joan jett and the blackhearts

fake love // drake

(yes i know, that last one was a surprise to me too, but it’s been on the radio a lot and i found it quite catchy). i’ve found these posts easier to do than normal “favorites posts” since i don’t use enough stuff on a regular basis to actually do favorite products, clothes, etc. as always, you can find me on spotify @-abigailmarie- (the link isn’t working for some reason right now and i’m too lazy to try and fix it so you can just search me it’s whatever). anyways, short post for today, but yay content, and i’ll be back at some point probably. see you soon!

xxx abby


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