i’ve been busy

enclosed- a copy of my to-do list for the next week.


  • AP book packets finish (shmoop)
  • Organize school stuff (switch up binders and buy pens and stickies)
  • Finish theatre character assignment (youtube)
  • Work on about page for RA
  • A&P packets and coloring page
  • Study for A&P retake
  • Study AP vocab terms and quizlet
  • Buy prom dress
  • Figure out prom group (talk to Devon & Tanner)
  • Set build (text Nathan & Brandon)
  • LAUNDRY!!!
  • Finish Corinthians Bible questions in Google doc
  • Make cookies for Monday
  • Set up debit card and checking account
  • Clean room and bathroom
  • Return library books and pay off debt
  • Movie & fro-yo with Kyla (schedule)
  • Write a post? (ha. you wish)
  • RSVP for Nathan & Hailey’s wedding
  • Change sheets

also- a list of things i’ve done in the past 4 weeks:

  • Rewritten an entire Shakespearean play script (60 pages) in approximately 3.5 days
  • Studied for 6 tests
  • Forgotten to study for 1 test
  • Failed 1 test
  • Signed up for my AP Lit test
  • Met with my school’s counselor to discuss my future (and cried after)
  • Questioned my major 18 bajillion times
  • Researched 6 different colleges
  • Spent 3 hours every day in rehearsal for the Tempest
  • Sent passive-aggressive “get your ass to rehearsal” texts to 6 different people
  • Been asked to prom
  • Spent an entire weekend at my sister’s softball tournament
  • Went to a Panic! At The Disco concert
  • Spent $35 on a P!ATD tee shirt (no regrets)
  • Forgotten to do laundry for 3 weeks
  • Redesigned this blog’s format and changed the URL (shameless self-promo: if you haven’t seen my actual site since this happened, go check it out because I’m super proud)
  • Taken my SAT (I cried after this too)
  • Bought new jeans and cried (yes, again)
  • Researched yoga studios in my city for the 16th time
  • Had the bottom of my notebook fall out and been forced to reorganize all my papers
  • Forgotten to eat at least once a day
  • Spent my lunch finishing homework due the next period at least 3 times a week
  • Stayed up until 12 am 4 nights straight
  • Cried (yes more) just because
  • Slowly learned to drink my coffee with less sugar
  • Said “oh I’m fine, don’t worry” more times than I can count
  • Really, really, really needed this break

so now you know where i’ve been and where i’ll be for the next few weeks. if i get the time to post, i will, but odds are i won’t (just being honest). the last few months of the school year are absolutely insane for me, and i’m mostly just stressed out trying to get everything done for the play. last year i had enough time to post during the school year because i had a study hall where i would write, but this year i have a class every single period of the day and therefore no time to work on or read anything. so my apologies, but i won’t be around doing things and writing and interacting until at least may. don’t worry, i still love blogging and all my followers and friends, i just need to reprioritize for the next few months. anyways, i’m off to go do some laundry… see you later ♡

xxx abby


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