the fall of butterflies review

The Fall of Butterflies by Andrea Portes, ☆☆1/2

img_1202We Were Liars meets Looking for Alaska in a uniquely funny and heartbreaking teen novel about a passionate-yet-doomed friendship set against a backdrop of wealth and glamour.

Willa Parker, 646th and least-popular resident of What Cheer, Iowa, is headed east to start a new life. Did she choose this life? No, because that would be too easy—and nothing in Willa’s life is easy. It’s her famous genius mother’s idea to send her to ultra-expensive, ultra-exclusive Pembroke Prep, and Willa has no intention of fitting in. But when she meets peculiar, glittering Remy Taft, the richest, most mysterious girl on campus, she starts to see a foothold in this foreign world—a place where she could maybe, possibly, sort of fit in. When Willa looks at Remy, she sees a girl who has everything. But for Remy, having everything comes at a price. And as she spirals out of control, Willa can feel Remy spinning right out of her grasp.

I just have 1 word: meh. Personally, I wasn’t incredibly impressed by this book, but it also didn’t completely suck and I would probably read it again if I had nothing else to read. I read it in one sitting (which I do with most books), and I used it to cross off “a book with one of the four seasons in the title” on my challenge list. I wasn’t entirely sure if it qualified if I’m being honest, because I had no clue if it meant the butterflies were falling out of the sky or it was the season (fall) defined by butterflies. But I really don’t think it matters that much either, so oh well. But if you don’t really care about quality of the book and just read for the storyline then you’ll probably enjoy it fine.

Realistic, relatable, and diverse characters- nope. I was not a fan of the way some of the characters were written, particularly Willa and Remy. I found Remy absolutely ridiculous and I thought her ending was exactly what she had coming to her, and I hated the way Willa treated her. Willa was also really annoying to me, and I only felt bad for her at one point during the book even though she was written for people to feel bad for her. I also absolutely hated Milo, I thought he was a horrible person and badly written character and I was not a fan of his plotline at all. I didn’t think anyone could relate to the characters since they were absolutely insufferable.

1/2 Theme and diversity- I gave it this 1/2 star because it did deal with different themes like suicide and drugs, but was highly lacking in diversity. I probably wouldn’t have given it this star at all, but I felt like it put drug use in a different light and gave it an interesting perspective even if I did question the realism of it. I do give the author some credit for diversity since it was supposed to take place in a richer setting at a prep school and that’s a very white environment and that was portrayed in the book.

☆ Realistic world, plot, and settings- this aspect wasn’t bad, the world in which Willa and Remy existed was what I would have thought a prep school / Ivy League type environment would have been like so I’m not mad at it.

☆ Interesting and realistic plot- I didn’t mind the plot, it wasn’t incredibly fascinating but it still fulfilled my criteria of giving a reason for everything that was happening. I felt like it was kind of disconnected at times between scenes and different plot points, but it told the story well (even if I didn’t like the story that much).

Well written and overall interesting- hehe this is the star that relies entirely on my opinion and blech I was not a fan of the writing. From the beginning it was like the author was trying to create a different take on first person narration, but it just didn’t work and was basically abandoned a few chapters in which made me frustrated because if you’re gonna take risks then see them through. I was not impressed. I did enjoy reading this book thought, when I wasn’t paying attention to the quality of it. However, I didn’t enjoy it enough to actually give it the star so sorry not sorry.

Things I liked:

  • Um?
  • The themes maybe
  • Willa’s narration during the drug scenes was clever I guess
  • That’s it

Things I didn’t like:

  • Every single character
  • Narration
  • Willa’s parents
  • The ghost??? Like wtf was that I’m seriously disappointed it made no sense
  • The sad attempt at symbols in the novel please stop
  • The lack of diversity, there wasn’t even one unimportant black or gay character I’m honestly so disappointed
  • The portrayal of the acting community in it, not okay
  • That they put butterflies on the cover of this sad excuse for a book, I’m honestly furious they used those beautiful creatures to represent the title

Okay I’m done. Go read it, it wasn’t horrible I just didn’t enjoy it. That’s it guys, I hope you enjoyed my very first attempt at book reviewing, let me know what you thought of both the review and the book! I’d love to discuss it in the comments if you have different opinions (or similar opinions, I’m not picky).

xxx Abby

my book rating system

Hey guys! As most of you may know, I’ve chosen to participate in a 52 week long book challenge this year. I already have my first week finished, although I have yet to write the review because i was having a difficult time figuring out a standard to base my review on. So, I thought I should write a post to evaluate and outline the different standards i’m planning to base all of my reviews on so that this resource is available to people to understand my process of evaluation. I tend to be really hard on books, especially when it comes to giving them high ratings, because I feel like there are a lot of aspects that need to be taken into account for me to give a 100% rating to them. After working through a lot of different ideas, I decided on a 5 star rating, each star representing a different aspect I’ll be judging in the book. For a book to get all 5 stars, it has to have a good representation of each aspect. This way the review isn’t entirely my opinion, and there are a few things that don’t depend on my personal view of the book for it to have a good rating. Of course each star / aspect is my own personal opinion on what’s important in a book, although i do think I’ve done a pretty good job of diversity in each star so that each one represents something different.

☆ Realistic, relatable, and diverse characters- this doesn’t necessarily mean characters I personally relate to, but they must be realistic and well-rounded, as well as well-written. If the author is writing from a perspective of a different age, gender, sexuality, etc, the character has to be realistically written. In general, characters also should not have any sort of anomalies in their development (i.e.: being introduced as having brown eyes, then later being described as having blue eyes).

☆ Theme and diversity- this is 2017, people, if an author doesn’t have characters of different sexualities, races, etc, then I honestly don’t think it deserves praise. My personal standards for this are that at least 1 in 5 characters (then 2 in 10, 4 in 20, etc) should be of either a different race or sexuality. Or both, I’m not picky. Also, the book should deal with themes and different struggles, and portray them accurately.

☆ Realistic world, setting, and language- this isn’t a difficult star for a book to earn, if an author is truly invested in their novel then they should be putting in the time to make all the points line up. All a book needs for me to give it this star is to be using language appropriate for the setting, have developed their world realistically, and have other aspects to it that all line up and work together to create the story.

☆ Interesting & realistic plot- the book should provide a reason for everything to be happening. This ties into the realistic setting as well, but there should be a backstory as to the how and why of the plot, as well as provide a motive for the characters. The structure of the book should also make sense and work well to make the reader understand what is happening.

☆  Well written and overall interesting- this is kind of where my own opinion comes into things. Whatever book I happen to be reviewing should be well written in the sense of having proper grammar and the use of good writing techniques, but also in having overall interesting scenes and a good mix of excitement and mellower emotion to it. I should want to keep reading the book. This is essentially the aspect in which the book should impress me overall otherwise I won’t give it this star.

That’s all for today, kids! Hopefully this is helpful to you in the future and a good resource to have around for the future in my different reviews. I’ll be back soon with another post, and until then have a great rest of the week.

xxx Abby

what i’ve been reading

this was supposed to be a favorites post, but a few items in, i realized that i don’t really have many good beauty items or anything like that to share, so i turned it into a book recommendation post. hopefully this makes up for the lack of a favorites post, but i really wasn’t feeling one this month and got a lot of good feedback on my other books post, so i thought this would be a good idea to try.

unrivaled: beautiful idols series // alyson noel

i honestly didn’t think i’d like this book at all, but i follow a few bookstagram accounts on instagram, and it was one of the books i noticed they were all featuring this month. so, i decided to check it out. the first few chapters, it was pretty slow, but it really sped up about halfway through and the ending is such a cliff hanger that now i have to get the next book as soon as it comes out. it wasn’t the greatest book, if i’m being honest, but the plot of it is a really good idea and i want to follow it through and see how it ends.

red queen series // victoria aveyard

this series is very resemblant of the hunger games and divergent in that it’s just another series about a girl with special abilities and a love triangle. it wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t great, and pretty much felt like pretty much every other book out there right now that authors seem to think ya readers want. it was a pretty well written book and had a good plot and good character development, it was just really very predictable and kind of boring. i’d definitely still recommend it, though, it wasn’t bad.

underneath everything // marcy beller paul 

this was a really, really sad book to me. it’s another of my favorites when it comes to novels (they’re my absolute favorite genre) and it made me both mad and sad, which is very important when i’m reading a book. to me, books are supposed to make you feel something, they’re not just entertainment, so emotional books tend to be my favorites. i would definitely recommend this book, it was so emotional and depressing and the characters were very real and relatable.

paper towns // john green

i know, i know, this book is way old news. unfortunately for me, i was unable to even get my hands on it at all when it was super popular, so the copy i just bought a couple weeks ago was the first time i’d read it. i still haven’t seen the movie, even though this was an absolutely amazing book and i loved it. i honestly could not stand the fault in our stars, i thought it was predictable and boring and i know everyone loved it and thought it was so sad, but i actually laughed when augustus died because it was so bad. i was really scared to read another john green novel, which is why i waited so long to read paper towns. after i read this one, though, i’ve been picking up as many of his books as i can because i’ve come to the conclusion that his only bad novel is tfios.

let’s get lost // adi alsaid

this is another of my favorite novels, and i read it a little while back, but recently re-read it after i ordered it on thrift books. i felt like i had to include it in this post because it’s one of my favorites, just not quite enough to make it onto my all-time favorites post. this book is written from a bunch of different perspectives, so i feel like there’s something for everyone. it’s also really humorous and emotional, and really, really well written, so it doesn’t just rely on the plot like i feel a lot of books nowadays do.

all the light we cannot see // anthony doerr

historical novels are by far some of my favorites, and my dad recommended this one to me because he knows we have similar taste in that sense. i actually haven’t finished this all the way through, it’s my most recent read and is fairly long. even though i do read pretty quickly (i can read a book a day when i’m really into it), i just haven’t had the time to finish this one lately, what with finals and everything else going on. it is really, really good so far and really well written, nothing like a ya novel, and i’m excited to finish it.

so those are the books i’ve been reading lately and what i’ve been thinking of them. i’ve tried to make my reviews less of plot summaries and more of reviews, so let me know what you thought of it. i might just end up doing one of these a month as well as my accumulation from now on, because i really enjoyed doing this post. give me some book recommendations in the comments and i might just end up putting your favorite book in my next one. side note: did anyone else notice i actually put this up at a reasonable hour or nah? cause it’s only 5:30 where i’m at as opposed to midnight like i’ve been doing. good job, self, you didn’t procrastinate for once!

xxx abi


my favorite books

ever since i was a wee one i’ve been an avid reader, and my favorite place in the world is the library. asking a reader like me to pick their favorite book is like asking a parent to pick their favorite child. we probably could, but we’d immediately feel like we were betraying the rest of them. so here are my top seven favorite books, no specific genres or anything, these are just the books i’d list off if someone asked me what my favorite books are or for a recommendation.

the mysterious benedict society // trenton lee stewart

this is a series, but i’m listing the first book as my favorite because when i was in elementary school, this was my go-to book when people asked my what my favorite was. i grew up reading these as they came out, and they’re pretty obscure compared to some of the other books out around that time or in a similar genre. they’re crazy well written for children’s books, and i still reread them at least once a year because they’re just so good.

thirteen reasons why // jay asher

i just recently read this book maybe last month and it’s so freaking good. this is the type of book i think everyone should read because it carries such a powerful message behind it, but it’s also pretty funny at the same time. if you don’t take mental health seriously and don’t think it’s a big deal, read this book, it will change your mind and change your life and make you think about everyone you meet in a different way.

the bell jar // sylvia plath

sylvia plath is my all-time favorite author and poet, and is basically everything i aspire to be as a writer. she also struggled with mental health and most people saw her as crazy and suicidal, but her works are so beautifully written and depressing that they will make you take everything you know about the world and burn it. shes also regarded by a lot of people as the feminist author who didn’t know she was a feminist, so the themes in her works are both empowering and just plain sad at the same time. i’ll mention this later, but i really want to get a line from her poem “mad girl’s love song” that says i think i made you up inside my head tattooed on my inner forearm.

the perks of being a wallflower // steven chbosky

there’s so much about this book left unsaid that it can be interpreted so many different ways. it could be about mental health, abuse, childhood trauma, friendship… there’s so many different themes to it that it’s almost impossible to see as superficial or just another novel. i know i’ve said this like three times already but if you read this, it will change your life. also, do not google anything about it before you read it. just read the synopsis on the cover and maybe watch the movie’s trailer, but do not search anything about it. if you google it, it’ll ruin the book for you, and that’s not good. just read, don’t question.

this song will save your life // leila sales

this is just one of my favorite novels, nothing super special, but it’s really good. it starts off with a huge bang, the main character has a lot of issues, and it’s relatable. the reason i count it as one of my all time favorites is that i read it at a time when i was going through similar things to the main character, so it made it 100% more powerful at the time. it still is, i’ve read it a couple times now, and i will never get sick of it. the music mentioned in it is also really fun to look up and listen to while you’re reading it, and i believe there’s a list of everything mentioned in the back of the book (i also could’ve found that online). just overall really good.

fangirl // rainbow rowell

rainbow rowell is possibly my all-time favorite author, but because people like j.k. rowling and sylvia plath still exist, let’s call her my favorite ya author. fangirl is beautiful, it’s well-written, it’s about a girl who majors in english and falls in love and writes fanfiction, and it is everything i aspire to be when i’m a modern published author (fingers crossed). rainbow rowell’s books are works of art and no one can ever tell me differently. when i talk to people about how i want to be a writer, i never say i want to be j.k. rowling famous, i say i want to be rainbow rowell famous. living off of my books, but not swarmed on the streets and being called a queen. the special part about this book is that in it, the main character writes a fanfiction about a harry potter-esque series, and rainbow rowell got so caught up in the world of the fanfic that she had created specifically for this book that she actually wrote out the whole fanfic and published it about a year or so later under the name the girl in the book was calling it. it’s called “carry on” and it will make you weep tears of joy, sadness, and gay shippers everywhere will delight. it’s not good enough to be on my favorites list, but it’s still really, really good. but again, every rainbow rowell book is worthy of this list, i just had to narrow it down and they couldn’t all fit as my all time favorites.

every last word // tamara ireland stone

the girl in this book has the same mental issues as i do, just to an extreme and she’s on medication for it, so this will always be a very important book to me. this is the only book i’ve ever read where the author actually researched ocd and its different symptoms and varieties and extremes and then created a character who fit that so well, instead of writing a book about a girl who washes her hands a lot and likes things a certain way and occasionally freaks out about things but has never had a panic attack or been depressed. it’s sad, it’s depressing, it makes me want to cry, but it’s also amazingly well written and awesome and just go read it. i’ll talk more about what i struggle with in the later planned post but if you read this, think of me as the main character (just with a slightly different personality) and that’s what i got. the book does reach an extreme that i do not deal with, but i don’t want to spoil it, so just look out for that post in the future.

so there’s my seven favorite books, go read each and every single one of them, love them, be them, exist as them, they are amazing. if you don’t like reading, first of all why? and second of all, read them anyway and also every other book in the world. so there goes my summer blogging challenge day one, i’d say it was pretty successful, and i’ll be back tomorrow for my all time favorite movies. be prepared for a lot of musicals.

xxx abi


thank you

almost five years ago now, my dad started driving me to school in his white pick-up truck, something that hadn’t happened since i was in the first grade and he was still working for his old company. at that point in time, my sister was about three or four, and my mom relied more on my dad to transport me to and from school. i can remember very distinctly a few half days at my school where my dad would pick me up at 12:30, my pink hello kitty backpack clutched tightly over my shoulders, and then take me to his favorite pizza place, shakey’s. there hasn’t been a shakey’s in my state for over ten years now, and i really wish i could go back there.

shakey’s was always dark, at least how i remember it, and the red leather booths were cracked and ripped. my dad always ordered us a pizza to share, two waters, and a side salad bar to share. and by *share* i mean he would let me load up my plate with croutons, cucumbers, and black olives to snack on while we waited for our pizza, and then fill his plate with a salad he’d take a few bites of and then never finish. sometimes, there’d be a baseball game playing, and i grew up knowing three things about baseball. 1. never cheer for the yankees, no one really likes them 2. always cheer for the team whose home was closest to our home state, and 3. unless the rangers or mariners are playing, in which case you cheer for them.

my dad taught me a lot of things, some about baseball, some about life, but most about music. his old truck had a tape deck in it, something most trucks today haven’t had for years, and he used to play all his old tapes from high school for me. when i was really little, he used to sing to me. songs like the tennessee waltz or the ugly bug ball were what i would fall asleep to, my dad’s personal favorite for me being abracadabra by the steve miller band, for my name, abi.

my grandma’s a piano teacher, and she’s sung in a professional choir since she was my age. unfortunately, my dad got no where near her talent, his voice being much closer to that of an off-key walrus. despite him knowing this very well (my grandma has never missed a chance to remind him of it), he sings all the time. if something someone says reminds him of a song, he will sing the chorus, off-key and as loud and he pleases, a little habit i’ve picked up from him.

those rides in his old white ford were times i got to hear music my mom never would have wanted me to at such a young age. my mom’s side of the family is almost stubbornly christian, and at the time the only music i was exposed to was christian pop radio, and those old cassette tapes in my dad’s truck. tom petty and the heartbreakers, the police, the steve miller band, john cougar mellencamp. i grew up on this music and the story behind it all, like why john cougar mellencamp had three different names, or why full moon fever was both the best and worst tom petty album. i remember being so confused by the police’s name, and then loving them almost as soon as i heard their music. my favorite was, and still is, message in a bottle, something i don’t think my dad ever understood, seeing as he found it one of their worse songs.

my sister grew up on this sort of thing as well, but not in the way i did. i think her memories of my dad’s musical education are significantly lesser than mine. around the time i turned eight, there was a shift in my attitude towards my dad. there’s really no better way of putting it than i hated him. i didn’t want to be near him, and every time i was left alone with him, i threw a fit. i don’t really remember why, but about that time as well, he sold his old truck with the tape deck and bought a new one, similarly white, but with a cd player. he got a new job, this time at a company farther away from my school. my mom was the one taking me to school now, and for about 5 years, i was limited almost entirely to the christian pop stations my mom played and the 80’s pop station my best friend’s mom played when she picked us up for carpool in the afternoons. anytime i was in my dad’s truck, he played news stations with his newly acquired satellite radio.

we moved. i graduated sixth grade. i started seventh grade, a new campus, this time only five minutes down the road from my dad’s job. all of a sudden, it was like first grade all over again. except this time, instead of having all my dad’s tapes and being at his mercy to choose, i was in charge of the satellite radio. one of my dad’s presets was the 80’s station my best friend’s mom used to play, before her dad was laid off, we moved farther away, and she had to start school at the public junior high close to her new house instead of at the secondary campus of the private christian school we’d attended together since kindergarten.

the 80’s station became a permanent part of our morning ride to school. if you wanted to know the three songs that defined my junior high years, i could tell you easily; beat it by michael jackson, abracadabra by the steve miller band, and raspberry beret by prince. at least every morning, the station would play a prince song, and raspberry beret very quickly became one of my all time favorite songs. of course, i could also sing you pretty much every other one of his hits by the end of those two years. i was always fascinated by my dad’s ability to name a song, and the artist who created it within hearing the first few bars of the song.

by my freshman year, i’d actually started listening to other music and rejecting the repetitive christian pop music the rest of my school and family chose. the end of my eight grade year, we were listening to the classic rock station as well, my dad filling me up with new stories and artists to listen to, as well as quizzing me on who sang that song or what band was that. i received a stevie nicks’ cd for my birthday, and then a foo fighters cd in my stocking, and after falling in love with the foo fighters’ sound, i started to branch out into finding my own favorite music. artists like nirvana, paramore, fall out boy, dead sara, blink-182, royal blood, and halsey quickly became my favorites, but to this day i still don’t know what genre would classify as my favorite. a little bit of everything, i suppose.

on thursday, april 21, 2016, prince was found dead at his home. i don’t think i’ve ever cried more for someone i didn’t know in person than i did when i found out he was dead. if it weren’t for his music, i don’t think i ever would’ve become the music fan i am today. so thanks, dad, for introducing me to music. and thank you, prince, for everything you’ve done, and how you’ve shaped me today. the world will never be the same now that you’re gone.


amortentia and other such speculations

i am a fangirl, no question, and because of this, i really do wish i lived in another world sometimes. and if i can’t actually live there, at least i can think of what i’d be like if i did. so today i will be exploring these things! i won’t really be looking at what character i’d be, it’s more like what i’d be like as my own person in these worlds, so this will exclude quite a bit of my regular fandoms. let’s go!

so unlike most people, my first harry potter experiences didn’t come until last year, when i read the books for the first time. i live in a fairly strict household (reason numero uno why i can’t wait for college), and my mom didn’t like the books because “witchcraft”. my dad on the other hand, didn’t give a shit what i read.

so, after about three years of pleading and begging, i finally reserved every single book at the library… and then proceeded to read every single one of them in a day each. and then re-read them. in short, i’m obsessed, just like every other human being on the planet (except for my mother, for obvious reasons). and, like every other human being on the planet, i wish i’d gotten a certain letter in the mail for my eleventh birthday. i also really wonder a lot of things about my life had i recieved that letter.

what would my patronus be? what would my amortentia smell like? what core would my wand have? what hogwarts house would i be in? actually, i already know that last one. ravenclaw pride!!!!!!!!!! it really wasn’t ever a question, especially after the six different quizzes i took. if you’re wondering what yours might be, take this quiz

so i’ve actually been wondering this quite a bit lately, and it’s something i’d never actually thought of until i randomly remembered the word the other day and it occured to me that i didn’t really know what my amortentia would smell like, which was the inspiration for this post. now, i’ve never really been one for scents, but the inner hermione in me loves everything about the idea of potion studies, even though i hate chemistry.

in case you’re not familiar with amortentia, it’s basically the strongest love potion in the harry potter universe, but since love can’t be artificial, it just makes the person under its spell think they’re in love. it smells different to everyone, according to what you’re attracted to and what you love. when hermione smelled it in half blood prince, it smelled like parchment, freshly mown grass, spearmint toothpaste, and ron’s hair (the one she freaked out about in the movies in case you haven’t read the books). for harry, it was treacle tart, broomstick handle, and ginny weasley’s scent (“something flowery”). here’s what i’ve come up with for myself:

  • mango-vanilla body wash, or the air in my room right after i shower.
  • movie theater popcorn, or when you walk into the theater and the air is sort of sweet as well as the strong popcorn smell because of all the candy and soda.
  • the air walking into a used book store, kind of musty and off but you know it’s old paper because sometimes you stick your nose into the spine of books just ’cause.
  • campfire smoke + the guy you’ve been sitting next to the whole bonfire, even if you don’t even like him, it just combines and it’s really nice (for the record, i went to homecoming with the guy i sat next to at a summer camp bonfire and i’ve come to the conclusion that this is probably why. it didn’t work out, but we’re stillscreech_owl friends).

another thing i think every potterhead wonders is what their patronus would be. i already sort of knew this one, an owl, but i narrowed it down a little better to a western screech owl. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook. isn’t it sassy looking and fabulous and adorable?! it’s meeeeeeeeeeee. for those of you who know me in person, don’t even try and deny it. that bird is me. it’s dark in color, has a fabulous death glare, is small but not tiny, and even the resting bitch face is on point. and besides looks, owls are known in pop culture to be intelligent and in real life to be very creative and also, more importantly, nocturnal. like meeee. on a side note, look at those cute widdle ears. awwwwwwwww. it’s official. i found my spirit animal/patronus. don’t even try and convince me otherwise.

now this next one, my wand type/core, i’ll admit i had to log in to pottermore for the first time in months to remember. i did have one! and i knew it was the same size/type as hermione’s! i just couldn’t remember the core… also, if you don’t already have pottermore… why? so here, no more excuses. my wand (according to pottermore) is 11 1/2 inches long, unyielding, made of willow with simple carvings around it, with a dragon heartstring center. basically the exact same as hermione’s, which i am perfectly okay with. after all, hermione was my nickname for most of last year’s theatre production.

next, i have one of my more minor fandoms, something the movie people really fucked up for me, divergent! i actually really have no idea what my faction would be, as my personality is really all over the board. i’m one of those more creative ravenclaws, but i’m also punk as fuck, and also a huge fangirl, and also really introspective. so i dunno! i took the aptitude test for the first time for this post, and got a tie between candor and amity. i definitely see the amity thing, because creativity, but i’ve also read the books and i’d really prefer not to be drugged happy because punk af = down with societal norms and standards. also, i see the candor because i’m a very blunt person, but i also do lie quite a bit and (even though it’s probably really bad) see lying as an important trait to have. so i guess i’m divergent…? now i’m even more confused.

this last one has to do with percy jackson and friends. now, i’ve already established that i’m a ravenclaw, and we put studies first (most of the time hehe), but that’s been contradicted for me when it comes to my camp half blood cabin. for the longest time, i always figured i was in cabin 6, athena, goddess of wisdom. that’s what the quizzes tended to point to, but after the lost hero came out and i realized that i’m so much like piper, i started to see the similarities between myself and cabin 10, aphrodite. the aphrodite kids get such a bad rap for being into clothes and beauty, which i am, and being very vain and high and mighty, which i hope i’m not, but they’re also about love, and there is nothing i love more than love (pun intended). i ship everything, everything about relationships is fabulous to me, and, even though it’s stereotypical of me, i really do like shopping. if you’re wondering what cabin you’re in, this is by far the most accurate one i’ve taken.

sorry about last week and for the late post today, but i’ve got a lot of good stuff planned for the next couple weeks so i’ll try and make it up to you. writers block + depression + three performances in three days + staying up really late and living in a pig sty that entire time = not so good mental health for abi. i really needed that break, but i’m up and swinging again this week. hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your amortentia/patronus/hogwarts house/wand/camp half blood cabin would be, and i’ll be back friday, this time with something a little different. you’ll like it though, i promise!

xxx abi