10 in 10 tag

hullo all and welcome back! it’s been much too long since i’ve posted, but i’m gonna blame that mostly on school. i definitely would have posted last wednesday but i didn’t have access to wifi at all because i was in the mountains with my school and didn’t have anything scheduled so sorry. anyways, the wonderful fabulous croissant sav has nominated me for a tag he created (in honor of 200 followers by the way so go follow if you don’t and add to that number!), which as you probably can see is the ten for ten tag. i’m really super excited for this because i have a butt load of life goals but i’ve never bothered to write them out well, i just have a bunch of images in my head of how i want my life to go. anyways, i feel like i’ve been doing much better about shortening my intros so let’s get on with the tag!


  1. acknowledge the inventor of this tag (sav the lion)
  2. thank the amazing person who nominated you for this tag (savvy mcderp)
  3. write down the 10 things you want to achieve each year for the next ten years by counting it off year by year (he worded it differently but i think i did it better, sorry)
  4. nominate a max of ten bloggers to do the tag

sixteen well as you probably know i turned sixteen two weeks ago (pretty much on the dot) so i figured i might as well write my goals for the next 50 weeks of being sixteen. side note: categorizing parts of your life in sections of weeks makes them seem so much shorter than they really are… weird. anyways, i think my goals for the age of sixteen are probably to try and write more (writers block is the fucking worst right now for me, more than it has been in a while), to have picked a college to apply to by the summer before my senior year, and to have finished redoing my room because i’ve been working on that for forever. nothing huge, but these are things i need to get done. a boyfriend would also be nice, but i can’t be too picky because those things don’t just happen when you write them as your goals. my friend group and i have decided that this year we want to try and merge our group with the group of guys we talk to a lot, henceforth to be referred to as the weird guys. they’re like the guy equivalent of my group of friends at my school, and we talk to them quite a bit but don’t do any thing like eat together at lunch or talk between classes or anything like we’re trying to. oh! and to hit 100 followers probably because i’m really close to 70 and from there it shouldn’t be far, so that’s my blogging goal for the year of sixteen. oh my god i almost forgot! also to have a job, because i need one sooooo badly. wow i have a lot of sixteen goals…

seventeen it seems weird to think i’ll be a senior in a year, and that i’ll be seventeen, because i legit still feel like i’m an underclassman and i don’t feel like i should have this much responsibility. for seventeen i think my goal is just to graduate and to be accepted into the college i wanted to be, and to have my life together enough that i feel comfortable leaving for college and like i won’t die or anything. i think by seventeen i should also have travelled out of the country, preferably to somewhere in europe, probably for my senior trip because i’ve only ever been to canada and canada is just a colder, nicer america so it’s not that exciting. funny story though, when we went to canada my sister and i were much younger (like 10 and 7) and i convinced my sister that if she licked a maple leaf it would taste like maple syrup. she did, it did not, and i laughed. i’d also like to either intern or be employed by some sort of theatre company and find some way to put stage managing for a bigger company on my resume.

eighteen by eighteen i should be done with my freshman year of college and i think by then i want to be for sure positive on what i want to major in. i know i want to be an english major, but i don’t know for sure what i want to do with that. i know for sure that if none of my more artistic pursuits like acting, playwriting, novel writing, etc don’t work out, i want to be an english teachers, but i’d like to know for sure by the time i’m eighteen whether or not i’m going to follow through with an education degree. also by eighteen i want to get a bunch of piercings done, because i won’t be able to without parent permission (which i for sure won’t have) before then.

nineteen by nineteen i want to have written something successful, be it a play or novel published, an article on a website somewhere, a piece for my college newspaper, or bringing this blog to the next step (paying for a legitimate domain name and writing for money, crossing my fingers). i know i want to be a writer, it’s all i’ve ever wanted to do, and i think in order to do this i’ll have to have something big to put on my record as “i wrote that and people know my name because of it”.

twenty hopefully by twenty i’ll be either living off campus alone or with roommates, because all the colleges i’m looking at require you live on campus the first two years but after that you can do whatever. i really want to live off campus as soon as possible so i can get a dog (or six) and start crazy dog lady-ing it up sooner rather than later. by this point i’d also hope to have been in a serious relationship (not necessarily during the year of twenty but by that year’s finish) so i can have that experience. also, i won’t be able to call myself a teen blogger then! noooooo (a lot of people have talked about this in their tags but it’s honestly the saddest thing even if it’s four years out).

twenty one by twenty one i’ll be able to drink, yay i guess, and if it didn’t happen in the year of twenty, i want to for sure be living on my own by twenty one. also by the time i’m twenty one, i’ll have graduated college! because i’ll have graduated college by then, i’ll hopefully be able to support myself and be living still in washington (did i mention all the colleges i want to go to are in washington? no? whoops, okay i want to live in washington). i think twenty one will be the year i’m trying to figure out life, so i don’t really have any huge life goals for that year to give me flexibility and such. since i’ll have graduated, i really want to get a tattoo. hopefully i’ll have a tattoo before then, but my parents are in control of my college funds and therefore also will have a big say in my life decisions so they might try and stop me while i’m still in college. my cousin got a tattoo when he was eighteen though, so maybe… at some point i’ll have to do a post on what sort of tattoos i want in the future and everything because i have most of it planned out.

twenty two by twenty two i want to be settled in either seattle, tacoma, or bellingham (all in the same area so just the puget sound area in general really), have at least two dogs, and have a job i can count on for stability. probably teaching, although writing of some sort would be preferable (albeit slightly unpractical). in general, i just want to be settled into my life and be stable, although i’m sure this is probably unpractical considering it’ll only be my first year out of college and i’ll more likely be living in a tiny apartment with three other people and teaching.

twenty three you know what, i’m just going to say twenty two and twenty three are pretty much the same, in that two year space i want to try and achieve those things. that way i’ll give myself enough time and not be working for something probably unlikely.

twenty four i think that by the time i’m twenty four i’d like to be settled into wherever i want to live for the majority of the rest of my life and hopefully published at least twice or thrice (i really like that word… thrice). i’d also really like to be stable enough in my financial status that yeah, i’m worried about money, but not so much that i can’t splurge once in a while or buy the nicer brands of food instead of instant ramen. also, multiple dogs by this point and probably a fish or two and maybe some plants because i’d like to think that by the time i’m twenty four i can sustain life other than tangible living beings.

twenty five by twenty five i really see myself very involved in my work, be it directing the plays i’ve written, going on tour for a published novel, or getting some sort of recognition for teaching. i’d also really like to still be writing on this blog, because i see myself doing this for a long time to come.

twenty six holy fuck i can’t believe in ten years i’ll be twenty six… that means my sister will be twenty three, my baby cousin (she’s five but we share a birthday and i’ll always see her as little so same thing) will be fifteen, and my other cousin (don’t tell anyone but he’s my favorite, mostly because i see myself in him the most) will be eighteen. whaaaaat????? i don’t feel like this should be a thing, can i just stay sixteen forever? actually no, this year may have been the best year of high school so far, but i don’t think i could stay this way forever. anyway, by twenty six i’d like to be settled in for the rest of my life, pretty satisfied in my faith and life situation and maybe hopefully in a good relationship with someone that i’m happy with and ready to settle down with. i’m an old soul at heart, and i don’t want much so i’m content easily (although if i want something i really want it), so to be happy is all i really want in life when it comes to my future, at least that’s all i really dream about.





elm tree



wow, this tag was a freaking time shock. to think that i’ve only two more years till college, i’m already stressed out enough about that, but ten years until i’m twenty six? that doesn’t seem right… anyways, if anyone’s a really good artist or something like that i would like to enlist them to draw my future apartment or something because i have lots of ideas and i can’t draw but all i want is a little visual or something… (not joking, contact me if you art, my email is in the contact page) anyways, i worked really hard on this so i hope you all liked it and if you want to do it, go right ahead, i have the few i nominated above but other than that feel free to try it out because it’s kind of amazing. also, wish sav a happy 200 followers if you know him (and if you don’t what are you doing with your life???? hmmmm???? go follow him!) and i’m out for the night! farewell and i’ll be back soon enough!

xxx abi

liebster award

hullo all, and welcome back! as you may have noticed, i have been nominated for the liebster award (side note: who came up with that name? i’m quite confused by this award mostly because of the name and how odd it is)! thanks greatly to the wondrous allie (see what i did there?) for nominating me. on with the award…


  1. acknowledge the blogger that nominated you
  2. answer the questions they asked
  3. nominate 10 bloggers with under 200 followers
  4. inform the bloggers you have nominated them
  5. post 10 questions for them to answer

the questions:

1. what is your favorite musical genre?

rock, without a doubt. i love pretty much everything music wise, i don’t mind pop or anything, the only thing i really hate is country, but at my roots i will always go back to rock. it was what i was raised on, it’s what i always prefer, and it’s what i’ll always keep loving no matter what.

2. if you could change your name, what would you change it to?

truth / let’s get deep on a straightforward and ordinary question time! i already use a name i’ve chosen, sort of. my name isn’t abi, not the way i spell it, nor is my full name abigail. my birth certificate reads “abby marie …”, abby is my real, birth name given to me by my parents. however, a few years ago, i decided i wasn’t into that because it’s an “incomplete name” (i very well could have ranted about this before) and decided i was going by abigail from now on. kyla even helped me out by coming up with my nickname, and the name i write on all my social media, abigail marie. when i started this blog, i really didn’t want to only go by abigail, i wanted to be abby again, but i really didn’t feel like i was the same person i was when i was abby, so i decided to change it up a bit and thus became abi. to me, abby, abi, and abigail are three separate manifestations of the same person. to my family and the adults in my life, i’m abby. abby’s kind and sweet and doesn’t talk much, but she’s smart and mature and loves dogs and wears things her mom approves of and babysits her cousins and loves jesus and wants to be a teacher. i haven’t been abby for more than a day or so during holidays in years, she really only comes out when i’m with my family during thanksgiving or christmas. i don’t hate her, she’s just not me anymore and hasn’t been for awhile. to my teachers, classmates, not super close friends, and acquaintances, people i don’t have a close relationship with, i’m abigail. she’s smart, and a fangirl who wears a lot of black and not very much makeup but she’s a good writer, doesn’t really get into trouble, and a theatre geek who hangs out with the other nerds and occasionally releases her sass onto people who annoy her. abi is the person i aspire to be in life, a combination of smart and sassy and someone who genuinely loves life. she’s the person i am to all of you, my readers, and the person i try to be whenever i’m around my friends or talking to someone new. abi is the music lover, the writer, the punk feminist who challenges stereotypes and takes no shit. she is unapologetic, tough, intelligent, someone who loves unashamedly and is herself in every aspect of life. so yeah, i’d say i wouldn’t change my name, i’d keep it the way i have it currently on this blog. sorry that got so deep, i just have a very strong connection with names and personalities and i felt like i needed to write something like that. anyways…

3. who is your celebrity crush?

ummm no one? maybe david tennant or seb stan or benefit chocosnatch but i don’t really have celebrity crushes. i’m not really into that sort of thing because i’m a realist, so i usually just appreciate their attractiveness and the other things i enjoy about them as people and then move on because they’re famous and also usually 20 years older than me.

4. which universe would you rather be in: marvel or dc?

*prolonged yelling from the distance gets closer until i run up next to you screaming* maaaaaaarrrrrrvvvveeeeelllll. all the way. my sister is the dc fan of the family, i’m the marvel one. seriously though, if you ask my sister anything about dc heroes, plot lines, shows, groups, movies, etc, she will be able to tell you what you want to know. and if she can’t, she’ll google search it and sit there reading about it for hours until she knows it all. don’t get me wrong, i love the new cw flash and arrow shows, they’re my addiction, but marvel is just better to me. plus, if i were in the marvel universe i’d for sure be some sort of hero or agent of shield, so that would be kind of amazing.

5. what three things would you save from your house if there were a fire?

wait, can i count “books” as in all of my books as one? no? *sigh* fine. i actually was thinking of this the other night and came up with my list so here you go:

  1. my laptop / school backpack (since it’s usually in there)
  2. my dog (that counts as a thing right?) or if she were already out, my copy of complete plays of william shakespeare because shakespeare is just as important to me as a dog
  3. as many of my notebooks as i could hold or carry in a bag if i had time

literally every single thing on that list involves the written word (other than my dog), either mine or someone else’s, so you can see where my priorities lie. i also feel like i’d definitely have time to save most of my stuff (or at least more than three things) because my room is in the corner of the house with a window i could just toss stuff out of, assuming the house wasn’t already like fully consumed in flames. but those are my three priorities for sure.

6. what is your dream career?

novelist. or anything that involves living in washington in a cute little apartment with at least three dogs and having massive amounts of time to write for both my blog and my own works and then baking when i feel like it. i don’t usually think about the career i want, more of how i want the little details of my future to be like what i described above.

7. who is your role model in life?

that’s really hard to narrow down to one, i don’t really have a single person who comes to mind when i think of role model, not in the usual way like “my mom”. i have a lot of people i like but don’t know in person who i want to become when i grow up so i’ll just list those and call it good: troian bellisario, arden rose, emma watson, tom petty, kathleen hanna, rainbow rowell, j.k. rowling, sylvia plath (besides the suicide part), and a lot of female fictional characters which is a list longer than i care to put in this post.

8. favorite series- book, movie, or tv?

can i list one for all three? too bad, i’m going to.

book- the mysterious benedict society

movie- harry potter (this would be my favorite book series but tmbs deserved the spot. no, this doesn’t mean i liked the movies better, this is just because i wanted it in here somewhere and i don’t really have a favorite movie series)

tv- supernatural (because my favorite tv show is always the one i’m currently working on)

9. your best memory from 2016?

i feel like this is probably just all the times i’ve ever hung out with friends and been weird and just existed with them because i really don’t do that often enough. oooohhhh wait no! okay this is kind of the same thing because theatre friends are friends too but probably all the backstage antics and fun i’ve had with my cast before and after productions and at the cast party and during rehearsals. i’m going to miss them all so much, most all of them graduated and now all i have left is memories… and the knowledge that they were all horrible in school and going to community college and will come visit whenever they can.

10. your favorite season?

in the past i’ve always said summer because i hate the cold and wet and miserableness that is basically every other season in idaho, but i think i’m changing it just slightly. i like the two-four week gap between summer and fall in idaho where one day it’s 82 degrees and i barely make it through class wearing jeans and then the next day it’s 50 degrees and i get to wear a sweater that day. i like when it’s still warm, but it could be chilly the next day. also fall is really pretty and halloween is the one time of year it’s acceptable to gender bend cosplay with kyla (last year we did john & sherlock, this year we’re doing 9 & 10, next year we’ve decided to do dean & cas. you can guess which one i’ll be / i was).

because i’m lazy af and also haven’t had time to finish this post, all you lucky ducks are my nominees. you can also just use the questions allie gave me or make up your own questions because seriously, i’m way too lazy to find 10 people i want to nominate who haven’t already been and then come up with questions for them. i start school tomorrow, early in the morning, and i don’t have time for this. you’re all lucky i even wrote this while i was gone so it would go up now because i’m seriously so stressed out about school and classes don’t even start until tuesday because tomorrow is just techie set up day for our laptops and such. anyways, do it if you feel like it, it’s fun, and i really want to sleep now so farewell and goodnight my friends.

xxx abi

the food tag

hullo again everyone! once again, i am away at camp all this week so i have another prewritten tag post for you all. this one is quite unique seeing as it has little to no real rules or instructions, and it was created only a short while ago. if you guys don’t know the creator of this tag, it’s the fabulous croissant sav the lion. you really should be following him by now if you weren’t already because he’s wonderful and amazing even if he did laugh at my accent (just kidding sav, you’re still the derp king no matter what). alrighty then let’s get into it!


  • write about food, some examples being your favorites, least favorites, favorite places to eat, etc. 
  • there are no others because who wants to be tied down by stupid rules? 

since i’m in a bit of a rush to write this at the current moment and can’t really sit and come up with a whole bunch of food related questions to answer, i’m basically just going to be answering all of what sav did on his version of this tag (and maybe a few others if i can think of some that i want to answer). here we go…


first off, i have a ginormous sweet tooth. literally anything sugary is amazing to me, and i both love it and hate it because i can never seem to get enough sugar and thus am always worrying about if i’ve eaten too much or if i’m hogging the sweets when i’m supposed to be sharing with friends. i’ve never had a cavity though, which is kind of odd considering, but i’m not about to complain. i also love fruit, like watermelon, strawberries, mangoes, pears, anything really i just love fruit and fruity candy. also, i’m obsessed with soup for whatever reason. not like broths soups or noodle soups or anything like that, i love thick, creamy chowders and stews and cheesy soups. i cook for my family quite often, and as many times as i can i always try and make soup. my recipe book is about 90% soup recipes, i love it so much. i was also one of those weird children who actually liked to eat their vegetables, for whatever reason i really like cucumbers, brussels sprouts, green beans, broccoli, etc, especially if they’re cooked and seasoned really well. a few other random favorites would be chicken, pasta (especially with cheese or cream sauces), and potatoes. i know, i know, it’s a bit of a stereotype for me to live in idaho and love potatoes but i do. i could seriously eat mashed potatoes and gravy for every meal if i could. i also really love mexican food, enchiladas and chimichangas are my favorites, but i also really love the whatsitcalled something spicy rice and beans. if you’ve ever eaten at a legitimate mexican restaurant and gotten a plate with your main dish, then rice and beans and mixed the rice into the beans and eaten it, you know the true meaning of life. it’s like the best thing in the world, that’s the only way i eat it now.

least favorites:

i don’t really have many least favorites, but i have a lot of foods i’m okay with eating but i don’t want to eat all the time for whatever reason. i used to be super picky, but around the time i started cooking, i started to appreciate a lot of foods i never used to like. a few that stand out to me right now that i don’t like are peanut butter, but only straight peanut butter. i don’t mind peanut butter cups or desserts with peanut butter in them, i just hate straight up peanut butter. also, pb&j’s. i’ve just never liked them, i think they’re slimy and gross and have a weird texture so i just don’t eat them. tomatoes are another, for whatever reason i just hate tomatoes. i’ll eat tomato sauce or dishes with tomato chunks in them, but i hate tomatoes straight up. that’s pretty much all i really dislike, but i just straight up don’t eat red meat. for the longest time i’ve wanted to go vegetarian, but that’s really hard in my family because we eat a lot of meat, and i love chicken so much. it’s easier to replace things like burgers with a chicken patty or a steak with fish rather than eat salad all the time, and i legitimately do not think i could survive without chicken, so avoiding red meat was my compromise. also, the weirdest thing about me is probably that i don’t really like chocolate. even though i have, like, the worst sweet tooth on the planet, the only time i ever really crave chocolate is when i’m on my period. other than that, the only candies i really like are chewy, fruity flavored candies. sometimes i’ll randomly crave chocolate when it’s not that time of the month, but that’s pretty rare.

my favorite places to eat:

i really love mexican, as mentioned before, so i love going to this one restaurant downtown where i live that has the best enchiladas and chips. i also really love italian food, because pasta and breadsticks, and every year for my birthday we go to olive garden for dinner. one of our old neighbors who was also a really good friend of our family’s works there, so it’s nice to go see him and catch up when we can since we don’t get out to where our old house was very often. my dad and i love mongolian stir fry places too, but my sister and mom hate them (my sister is ridiculously picky, she has the palette of a five year old), so the two of us go to one of them whenever we’re on our own.

what do i think of my country’s food: 

bleh. i mean it’s america so we pretty much have taken all of the cuisines from different countries and made them our own, but things like burgers and fries which we are famous for i just don’t like. i like fries just fine, just not fast food fries or anything like that, i’m talking big, thick, really well seasoned steak fries that you get at pubs and steak houses. funny story though, at one point ruby sent me a snapchat video of her at an “american food” truck at a fair, asking what was good and if this was really what we ate. sadly, it really was (it was literally just all burgers, fries, fast food, etc, all the fattening stuff we’re famous for) and i felt the need to apologize to her on behalf of our country because all that stuff is just loaded with grease and nastiness. the one part of american cuisine that i do love though, is southern food. fried chicken, potatoes and gravy, biscuits, sweet tea, all that good comfort food is my favorite thing ever. it’s just so delicious. kfc is by far my favorite fast food place, even though their food hardly compares to real southern cuisine. sadly, i’ve only had the chance to experience real, home cooked southern comfort food like that once, in virginia when i went on our class trip to washington, dc. kfc and other places that sell food like that will just have to do for now, until i find somewhere with food just as good as that.

my food issues and weird food habits:

so despite how much i love food, i do have a rather large and sad problem with it. a lot of foods i love (and i know i love), my body just rejects. most of these types of foods are things like super duper rich desserts, but there’s also the most random of foods like uncooked broccoli, regular old plums, bagels, almonds, or even some breads that i can’t eat without getting sick. it’s not like i have an allergy / intolerance or a health problem or anything, i just can’t eat a huge amount of some foods without getting sick. it really depends on the day, sometimes if i haven’t eaten much that day, i’ll be fine, but other days even if i still haven’t eaten much that day, everything makes me sick. i’ve gotten used to the things i know i won’t be able to deal with, even though it’s honestly the broadest and oddest assortment of foods with really no category to them that i just for some reason can’t keep down. like today before i was writing this, i had some nachos at my sister’s tourney and even though i’ve had them before and i know i’ve been just fine in the past, i just couldn’t handle them for whatever reason and had to stop eating them. because of this, there are a lot of foods that most people love that i just can’t eat. pizza is one i’m just not good with, especially thick crust pizza with red sauce, anything from pizza hut or dominoes (even though dominoes crust is the best) or papa murphy’s is a no-go for me. when i get pizza, i get it from places that have either all thin crust or a thin crust option and have a white sauce option. my go-to pizza is from blaze, if you know what that is they basically make really good thin crust personal pizzas right in front of you and then “fast-fire” them in their oven which is super hot and cooks it in 3 minutes. i always get their thinnest crust, with white sauce, chicken for a topping, and cheese. that’s pretty much the only pizza i’ve had at this point that hasn’t made me really sick after one piece. my family is also super weird about food, my dad doesn’t really have many issues but my mom is gluten and dairy intolerant, and my sister has some weird allergies and intolerances that give her really bad eczema, so we eat some weird food replacements so they don’t get sick. a few examples are: i’ve had almond / coconut milk in everything instead of regular cow milk for as long as i can remember (which isn’t bad at all, it’s actually quite delicious even though i don’t like milk straight), we always have gluten free flour in the house along with regular, and my mom refuses to buy anything with any kind of chemical in it. my mom is super into really healthy, organic, all natural foods, which isn’t bad at all since i just grew up with it and have learned to deal with it, and she also buys us snacks and stuff like that, just nothing really chemically or sugary or anything like that. i just didn’t grow up eating anything like fruit by the foot or gushers or lunchables like a lot of other kids in elementary school.

so yeah, that’s pretty much all i got for today. thanks for reading and i hope you’ve all had a great week while i’ve been gone. this is probably the last tag for while i’m gone, i should be back a couple days after this goes up and i’ll have something prepared for you all then. i’ll probably be active on twitter and such and respond to comments and things that were posted while i was gone so you all know that i’m back. after that, i’m going to be pretty busy, but still going to try and post quite a bit like i have so far this summer and be active in the community all year. this is actually the longest post i’ve had scheduled for my absence, and it’s still under 2,000 words! aren’t you guys proud? anyways, that’s all i have for today, i hoped you all enjoyed my talk about food and leave me comments and like this and i’ll be back for realsies soon enough (tuesday most likely). i miss you all so much!

xxx abi


the handwriting tag

ba-dum-hey and look i’m back! hullo frens and today is post nombre deux of my time at camp. i hope you all enjoyed my last tag post whilst i’ve been gone. i’ve got about three more coming at you after this one, so i hope you like tags cause that’s seriously all i got. this tag, though, i’ve been super duper excited for because i’ve been watching it go around for a bit now and wanted to do it for quite some time. i really love my handwriting right now, but over the years it’s been quite different. i have some friends that i’ve known for years, and their handwriting has never once changed in all the time i’ve known them. i’m a bit odd when it comes to my writing though, i’m not sure what it is but i have this weird ability to change mine whenever i feel like it. this also makes me pretty good at typography and other such design things, which i love a lot and sadly haven’t been able to really do much of recently. over the years, if i decide i don’t like a piece of my writing or want to change it up, i just train myself to fix or change that specific letter and in a couple weeks, it’s the way i want it. this has made for some pretty cool and interesting handwriting combos over the years, but my current handwriting has been more or less the same over the past year and a half and i feel like it suits me well, so i plan to perfect it and stick to it. okay, i swore i was over the long intros, so let’s get into the tag!

first of all, thanks to blanca for nominating me, she was one of my very first followers so i gotta love her for that, as well as her amazing blog. now, here’s the picture of my answers and handwriting for you all:

handwriting tag.jpg

as you can see, i like to use as much space as possible when i’m writing, so my class notes tend to be a bit… artistic. i’m not an artist in the way you’d think, like sketches and gorgeous drawings and such, all my “art” is typography, little designs, fandom type doodles and typographed fandom quotes and song lyrics. at some point, all of my teachers have probably sat there wondering why i drew some sort of large blue phonebox in the corners of my notes and tests. i’ve done both my normal handwriting for the answers to the questions and then my cursive is the little doodled side notes near them. if you can read my handwriting here, hats off to you. my handwriting may be pretty to me (and possibly you too), but it’s not amazingly legible (kyla actually banned me from writing her notes in class at one point because she couldn’t read them at all). so, here’s my answers typed out (with the questions because i didn’t add those in the notebook) so that you can actually read them.

write your name

abi / abigail marie

write your blog name

the punk butterfly

write your favorite word and its definition

articulate… having the ability to speak or write fluently and coherently

write something nice

you are a lovely person 🙂

write the name of your favorite song right now

so what- p!nk (don’t ask… it’s just been on the radio a lot lately and become my anthem for whatever reason)

what’re you writing with?

i’m writing with an extra fine, pilot precise v5 rolling ball pen… the only thing i ever use to write (i’m picky)

write a fun fact about yourself

i’m physically incapable of sustaining life- plants, fish, small children… the only exception is my dog

write/draw your favorite emoji

(i don’t really have one so i just picked the number one on my most recently used listy thingy) the laughing crying emoji (😂)

write a silly message

one hen; two ducks; three squawking geese; four limerick oysters; five corpulent porpoises; six pairs of don alverzo’s tweezers; seven thousand macedonions in full battle array; eight brass monkeys from the ancient, sacred crypts of egypt; nine sympathetic, apathetic, diabetic old men on roller skates, with a marked propensity towards procrastination and sloth; ten lyrical, spherical, diabolical denizens of the deep who all stall around the corner on the quoy of the quivey (this is our vocal warmup in theatre and the only thing i could think of for ‘silly’)

i nominate:

anyone reading this who hasn’t done it yet 🙂 (i’m seriously so bad at tags, i just hate going around and tagging people and such so if you want to do it, go right ahead)

so yeah, that was a really fun tag. i do hope you all enjoyed it as i really enjoyed writing it, i love my handwriting, and i hope you all try it! i’ve got two more tag posts coming for you all while i’m gone, so i hope you’ve been enjoying them. i miss you all so much (at least i’m sure i am while i’m at camp) so please leave me comments and such as much as you want and i’ll answer them in a week or so when i get back. until then, you guys are awesome and have a fabulous day 🙂

xxx abi


makeup addict tag

hullo from camp everyone! as you read this, i am probably reading by the lake, hiking with my camp buddies, eating delicious food and chatting with my cabin mates in the caf, or hanging out with my friends in the rec hall. this post was written about two weeks ago, and i very well could have just ignored you guys and posted nothing during my absence, but i can’t do that to you, my loyal followers. wow that really made you guys sound like my army of followers who’d mob the white house for me if i demanded it. like minions or something… now that’d be fun. but also entirely against the point, whoopsies. so anyhoo, i’ve written this post so that you all won’t be completely neglected during my absence, and also because i’m being responsible for once in my damn life and wrote a post ahead of time. thank you, thank you. also, thanks to ruby for allowing me to do this tag, i’ve been semi-collecting a few tags for a bit now so i could post them all while i was gone because they’re so easy to write. so yeah, you guys should probably get used to them for the next week and a half-ish. anyways, on to the tag.

okay so first off, i’d like to say that i am not addicted to makeup. i do rather enjoy spending money on it and learning how to do different techniques, but i’m not amazing at it or even very good at it, nor have i ever bought a product more expensive than $15. i’ve never been in mac or sephora, okay wait no, i went into sephora once in seventh grade before i even knew what mascara was or how to use it, but i don’t really think that counts. i’d consider myself more of an… easy, cheap, and simple makeup enthusiast. so now that that’s been cleared up, i swear it’s onto the tag for real now.

which product do you keep buying more of despite having enough in your collection?

ummmm i’m really not sure on this one. i do the same makeup literally every day of my life, so i keep just those essentials at all times as well as a few backups in case i run out. i have a few of what i like to call “accessory” products for when i want to mix it up or have an event to go to, like eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, etc, and then one of everything else, so there’s not much i buy an excessive amount of. probably lip products though, i like getting them cheap (be it just plain chapstick or good lipstick) and trying them out, then using them once or twice and forgetting about them. i’ve been getting better about it though, i just really haven’t had a place to wear any of them lately.

what’s the one brand you couldn’t live without?

e.l.f, end of story. they have everything, for cheap, and in great quantities. if i was told i could only shop from one makeup brand for the rest of my life, it’d be e.l.f because there’s nothing i need that i can’t get off their website.

favorite makeup brand?

despite how much i love e.l.f, physician’s formula is probably my favorite brand when it comes to quality. also, they have an entirely organic line that houses my all-time favorite mascara(s), and a bb cream i tried once but haven’t had the money to actually buy and i must have it. by far my favorite brand, they’re cruelty free and natural, reasonably priced, and good quality.

how big is your makeup collection?

moderately sized. as i said, i keep the essentials and just a few accessory products, so it’s not tiny, but it’s also not huge.

how do you like to store it?

i have one makeup drawer, which fits most of it pretty well since i don’t use any palettes or giant products or have a huge collection, and then what i use on a daily basis is stored in my makeup bag, which is about the size of a large pencil pouch and sits on my counter. at some point, i may need to get a better system of organization, but since i don’t have a giant collection, this has worked quite well.

how many items of makeup are in your handbag at the moment?

maybe a chapstick? i rarely leave the house, so i don’t carry a purse at all really, but i have a little bag i take when i go to movies with friends and i think it has a chapstick in it and maybe a lipgloss. if i’m going out and i’m wearing a lipstick or something that needs touched up, i’ll toss it in before i go and put it back when i get home, but i don’t carry anything constantly. i do keep makeup wipes, an extra mascara, lotion, and a concealer in my locker at school, but i don’t carry it with me. i should probably look into investing in a purse… that should go on my birthday wishlist for sure.

if you could raid another blogger’s stash, who would it be?

not a fellow blogger, but a youtuber for sure. arden rose. in general, she is super down to earth, very sweet and comedic and seriously everything i aspire to be in blogging content, in life, and if i were to start a youtube channel, i’d want it to be like hers. makeup wise, she’s very all natural and cruelty free and into very neutral and simple makeup, like i love, so i’d love to swap with her and take over her makeup collection for sure.

how long does your usual routine take and how many products do you use?

5-10 minutes, 15 if i want to do eyeliner or both bb cream and powder. lately, i’ve been skipping bb cream because my skin has been doing really well, so with bb cream, it’s only about 6-7 products. without, it’s only 5-6 (sometimes i’ll do bronzer and blush, sometimes not, it all depends on how i feel that day).

have you ever bought makeup knowing you wouldn’t use it?

not on purpose, but i’ve bought some that i used once, decided i didn’t like, then forgot about. i have definitely received some for christmas or birthdays and known immediately i wouldn’t use it, for sure, but never bought anything i knew for sure i wouldn’t use.

nominate others to do the tag

the worst part of tags for me is nominating people for them, so if you feel like doing this tag, just go ahead. i wasn’t even nominated, i just asked if i could do it, so go ahead if you feel like it.

that’s it! well, since i’m at camp right now i can’t exactly tell you all to comment or anything, so just… enjoy and i’ll be back in real life in a couple weeks. also, side note, i’m under 1200 words right now. i feel like that should be a record for me. anyways, i’ll be on my merry way, and i’ll talk to you all for real soon enough.

xxx abi



blogger recognition award

hullo again! so first of all, this has nothing to do with the post but who else really just loves saying hello like hullo because meeeeeeeeee! i think that’s how i’ll be introducing posts from now on, just a heads up, i really like that word.

okay! so on with the post, today i’ve been nominated for the blogger recognition post by the wonderful tea lover jess, who has the sweetest blog and if you don’t already follow her, you’re really missing out on some lovely content. so yeah, what’re you waiting for, go check her out!


  1. write a post to show your award (which would be what you’re reading, a bit redundant i’d say)
  2. acknowledge the blogger who nominated you (done)
  3. give a brief story about how you got started blogging
  4. give two pieces of advice for new bloggers
  5. nominate 15 bloggers for the award (i’m mostly gonna use this to share bloggers i love right now)

my story:

so my blogging story isn’t really anything special, i just really fucking love words and writing and books and such, and wanted to share that somewhere, whether someone read it or not. i haven’t had this blog for long (here i actually went and checked my archives to see when my first post was). six months! before that, when i was twelve i had a blogger (like the google blog app thingy) where i posted maybe three things at the most and they were all the cringiest posts you’d ever read (ugh shoot me now if this blog is still viewable somewhere i pray to god it’s not i’m almost positive i deleted every trace but who knows). and then after that i got super into youtube and for the longest time all i wanted in life was a youtube channel. my best friend and i attempted to make one once and then i tried to make one by myself, but neither worked. unfortunately, i am not meant for the camera and also had no way to actually edit videos as i don’t have a mac or even a good video editing app, so that didn’t work out. i may try for one in the future though if circumstances allow, but who knows. this blog was also originally named words.music.fandoms. so if you remember that, shout out to you, that’s dedication man, thanks for being there since that cringey title was a thing. also, my short term (and slightly unrealistic) life goal is to have a book published before i graduate high school then become a novelist/author as my full blown life goal. this is just another of my stepping stones to that goal and also a way to practice my writing techniques and share other things like lifestyle and beauty posts and recipes and such. and in case you were wondering how that novel’s going, well, meh. i have so many ideas and the physical inability to express them properly, so yeah. i still have two more years though, so we’ll see.


new bloggers- write about whatever you want to write about. somewhere out there, there’s someone who wants to read your stuff, and that’s an amazing feeling. you really just have to write and write and write and not care much and you’ll get someone who wants to read it. even if it takes awhile, someone will want to read it. i’ve had my blog for six months now and i don’t even have 40 followers, but that’s perfectly fine because 37 people like what i’ve written and i love each and every one of them for that. if you’re just writing to get followers, you’re writing for the wrong reason. eventually you’ll figure out what sort of content attracts the most people, but when you’re just starting out and getting into the swing of things, that doesn’t really matter because you don’t quite have an audience yet so you don’t have to do whatever they like. and even if something you post doesn’t get any sort of audience, keep it up anyway. if it’s something you love and you’re proud of, then you should be, and eventually someone will come around to read it and maybe love it as much as you do. as long as you love what you’re writing, that’s all that matters.

my other advice is to establish relationships with other bloggers. when i first started blogging, i didn’t really want to interact much, i just wanted people to read my stuff, and i was really going about it all wrong. there’s this huge wordpress community really, and if you know the right people it’s the greatest thing ever. also, even just the littlest comment like “hey i love this post, your blog is super great :)” can both make someone’s day and establish a connection between your blogs so that you have both a new follower and a new online friend. go around and check out as many blogs as you can and find stuff you like and let people know and you’ll probably gain a new friend. my mom likes to say that a friend you only know online is just half of a friend but that’s honestly such bullshit. once you’re friends on blogs, you start following each other’s snapchats and instagrams and whatever elses and talking and sharing stuff you think the other person will like and if that’s not friendship, what is? of course, be careful and make sure you’re not talking to a creepy old man or whatever but that’s really pretty easy to figure out if you’re on someone’s beauty blog where they post pictures of their makeup routines and things.

so yeah, just write what you love and establish relationships and slight self-promotion here but hey! if you’d like to have a blogging friendship with me, i have social media. you can dm me or snap me or whatever and i’ll pretty much answer as soon as i see it. i like to think i’m super punk rock and i wear a lot of black and cuss and things but i swear i’m really sweet and nice, i’m not actually as mean as i sometimes seem. also, my pinterest, spotify, and snapchat are my personals so you can all see what really goes on my life and such if you’re interested. i’d love to talk to you all and share cool stuff and i’m always up for collabing and such if you’re interested in things like that. also my dog is really cute and i like to think i’m funny and have good music taste so yeah, there’s that, go check it out if you want:

insta: thepunkbutterfly / pinterest: thpunkbutterfly / snap: notanothernerd / spotify: -abigailmarie- / email: thepunkbutterfly@gmail.com


last time i did one of these tag type posts i didn’t have enough people i knew who i wanted to nominate, and i also took the time to go through all of their blogs to see if they’d done it before, which took way too much time. this time i’m just gonna start nominating a whole bunch of people who i’m mutual followers with or whose content i just really love and think other people should too. if you’ve done it before, ignore this, if not, go ahead and do it! i’m sure a lot of you i tag have, and i very well could have even read them before, but i’d like to mention you all who i enjoy talking to and reading your content so that other people can check you out too 🙂


my life as courtney














that’s about it. thanks for reading, make sure to follow me on my various social medias and i’ll be back soonish!

xxx abi

sunshine blogger award tag

my first tag! yay!(?) yes, i know i promised friday posts, but i was travelling friday and will be later today so i’m combining friday and sunday posts into one filler post. also, i have no idea what i’m doing, so just go with it…


  1. thank the person who nominated you
  2. answer the 11 questions set by the person who nominated you
  3. nominate 11 other bloggers and set up 11 questions for them to answer

i was nominated by ruby’s cadence, who has been really sweet to me lately in my excursion into the lifestyle blogging world and also been a really nice fellow teen blogger. thanks, girly, we haven’t really talked but you’ve been so nice in tagging me for this 🙂

what is your favorite song at the moment?

the past week or so, i discovered “the few that remain” by set your goals, ft. hayley williams. paramore was the first band i really got into when i started developing my own musical taste, and they will forever be one of my favorite bands, so i love hayley williams. i thought i’d heard every one of the songs she’d been featured on, so when this little gem popped up in a spotify playlist i’d been listening to, i was thrilled. i even forced kyla to listen to it, which she did reluctantly, but i assume sort of maybe enjoyed it? anyway, it’s a fantastic song for that teen angst and will probably show up in my april favorites post at the end of the month.

if you could have anything at all, what would you have?

right now, probably a mac because my laptop sucks. it’s a lenovo yoga i got for school and i’ve had it for almost three years now. 0/10 would not reccomend. over the past few years it’s basically become less and less functioning and now it’s literally falling apart at the seams. i’ve wanted a mac for a while, but the yoga was cheaper and touchscreen so i got it instead, figuring it’d work just as well. definitely regretting that right now. so yeah, either that or a boyfriend. that’d be nice, too.

favorite flowers? 

in general, i really love wildflowers because they seem like very independent flowers to me, and you find them in the most random places. my favorites are cornflowers and daisies. i also really love lilacs because i grew up in a little brick house with lilac bushes all along the fence that bloomed all through the summer and were absolutely gorgeous and my favorite shade of purple. when we moved, the people who moved into our house tore them all down and every time i see it, i get really sad because our new house only has a few and they bloom on the side of our neighbors so we don’t even see them.

what color is your current bedspread/duvet?

my duvet is purple with white polka dots, and then i usually put a plain white, almost vintagey looking bedspread on top of it during the winter because my room is in the corner of the house and doesn’t get heated well. also, where i live is really cold in the winter and i’m always cold, so i sometimes add a fuzzy pink blanket with butterflies on it underneath during the super cold months.

hot tea, iced tea, or no tea? 

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea. it is my life source. i make sweetened sun tea during the summer and it is literally my favorite thing in the world. i drink like ten glasses a day. i have a problem.

do you burn scented candles?

no, but i really do wish i did. my mom doesn’t like candles that much,they make her nervous, even though i love them. the candles that i do have are mostly just decorations, but i want a few scented candles when i redo my room this summer. either that or at least a scentsy type thing so my room smells good.

does your alarm always wake you up or do you have to set multiple?

i have never actually been able to wake up to alarms, my mom has woken me up every morning since i started school. which yes, i know, is not a good habit, but is also a result of the fact that i haven’t been able to sleep a full night’s worth since i was little. i generally sleep about 3-5 hours every night, which has been the routine since i was about seven. my mom actually bought me a sonic powered alarm clock, and i still sleep through it every morning, something i’m working on trying to stop doing for a while now.

when was the last time you held your mother’s hand?

not necessarily hold her hand, but i laid on her lap today watching tv. i’d like to think i have a really good relationship with my mom, even though we’re both really different and have different senses of humor and interests and music tastes, i can basically tell her anything and i love shopping and baking and seeing movies with her.

do you prefer lamp light or overhead light?

lamp light, always. my lamp has like three different settings, which is really nice, and i hate turning on my room light if i’m just hanging out in there with my laptop. lamp light is just more natural to me, it feels cozier.

backpack bags or satchels?

satchels, but i also prefer backpacks at school because they’re bigger. i do like satchels in general, though, they’re handier and i just like the way they feel compared to backpacks.

how are you today?

i mean i could be better, but it’s been a pretty good day. i just ate a bowl of cookie dough ice cream and i saw my cousin today, so yeah, been pretty fun.


so here i encounter a problem. i’m a rather new blogger, and i don’t even know if i have 11 people to nominate. i’m gonna try, but no promises.


natalie’s lovely blog

a girl’s voyage blog

basic & bipolar

sincerely reine

read sleep fangirl

there’s five, and i guess it won’t really count because i don’t have eleven, but it was fun to participate in this anyway, even if i didn’t quite follow the rules.

my questions for those nominated (with my short answers in parenthesis) are:

  1. would you go vegetarian or nah? (i’m already vegetarianish, i only eat white meat)
  2. favorite musical artist and/or genre? (tom petty and the heartbreakers/ alt rock)
  3. how would you describe your personal style? (edgy alt rocker with a hint of preppy)
  4. do you taste a difference in coke or pepsi? (i honestly can’t, sorry)
  5. who is your favorite relative outside of your immediate family? (my aunt kozzette)
  6. what is the last show you binge watched? (arrow, just last night)
  7. team cap or team stark? (team stark forever!)
  8. what do people usually find surprising about you? (how messy i am, i seem super organized but i’m actually a hot mess literally and figuratively)
  9. go-to coffee shop drink? (mocha)
  10. earbuds or headphones? (earbuds all the way)
  11. what is your favorite computer trick? (ctrl + z = undo, this has saved my life so often)

i hope to do more q&a’s or just informational posts about myself, but other than that, just go check out the other lovely people mentioned above, and i will be back wednesday for another life post.

xxx abi