presidents’ day sale haul // gap, kohls, & ulta

Hello all! Woah I have not done one of these for a long long time, but they generally seem to go over pretty well and it’s about time i changed up some of my content. It’s been pretty emo up in here for the past while hasn’t it? But anyways, here in the good ol’ USA we have a holiday called President’s day, which stores like to take advantage of a lot and of course, have sales. Which I’m honestly not complaining about because, I mean, sales. I know I generally don’t seem like the shopping lover type in my general personality, especially since my style is very comfort based and I never get hugely into current trends and styles and just stick with what I like. But this is not really the post to be talking about my style sense… maybe another time (hint hint). But I actually really love shopping, especially for clothes, and on the days you just go and go and go from store to store until you drop. Yes, I actually genuinely enjoy “shopping until I drop”. Anyways, I was in a very productive mood over the four day weekend I had for the holiday and my mom suggested we go out shopping and run some errands. I had a few things I’ve been wanting to pick up so I went along, but I DID NOT expect to get as much as I did. However, I don’t regret any of it because none of it was really an impulse buy, everything I picked up was something I’ve either been eyeing or needing for awhile. Also, shoutout to my mom first of all for having a cool camera and second for letting me borrow it. You’re the best.

First off, we stopped by GAP (is there GAP in the UK? I don’t know… if there isn’t you guys are really missing out). I’ve been working my way from the jeans I own being entirely American Eagle to being mainly GAP and a few others. I could sit and rant about American Eagle for awhile but now is not the post for that. They were having a 50% off sale for all jeans, so I got three pairs. My all-time favorite pair of American Eagle jeans, which I bought 3 years ago before they stopped making actual jeans, RIPPED on the inside of my thigh, and my others are much too tight, but I’ve been putting off buying new ones for way too long. Side note: I couldn’t find any of these on the website otherwise I would link them.

Dark wash, high rise legging jean


Black legging jean

Medium wash, slightly beat up legging jean


Teal XL, loose sweater


The GAP in my area is in a mall type place thingy with an Ulta in it, so that’s where I convinced my mom to stop by next (she hates makeup shopping anywhere not online). They weren’t actually having any sort of sale, it was just nearby and I needed to pick up a few things. I also may have ended up finding my new favorite makeup brand… as well as fueling my hippiness through it.


Soap & Glory Supercat liquid eyeliner

NYX Shine Killer primer

Pacifica Alight BB cream

At some point I’ll do a separate post talking about how I use these on an everyday basis, and like an updated kind of “everyday school makeup” thing, but for now just know that I frigging love the Supercat eyeliner, and I also basically want to buy out Pacifica because their products are ahmazing. The whole brand is vegan, cruelty free, and all-natural, and the hippie in me (which has been coming to light quite a bit lately) is so incredibly happy with everything about their brand.

And last, but certainly not least, we made a, admittedly 3 hour long, stop at Kohl’s. I love Kohl’s so freaking much honestly, it’s such nice stuff for so cheap. Of course, because it’s cheap, I always think that means I can buy all of the things and pay none of the money… but that’s definitely wrong. I have become quite skilled at browsing through their clearance racks to find the non-cheesy, cool clothes I’ll actually wear. It’s an acquired skill, and one I know quite well if I do say so myself *hair flip*.

Oversized chambray shirt


Cactus embroidered ringer tee


Paint splotch jeans


Black lace cold shoulder top


Red sweater leggings


Denim button-up shirt dress


Purple flowered swing dress


So there ya go dudes, that’s what I did this weekend. I know I haven’t posted in awhile but I mean… I came back to you with this, a post I actually put effort into, so… Anyways much love, and I’ll be back whenever.

xxx Abby

stay in school, kids: sick days

*this post may or may not be inspired by true events happening right now in my life*

hey friends! so for the past three days i’ve been sick in bed slowly wasting away. i’ve been attempting to write other posts and such things but i thought now was a good time to introduce another post to my “stay in school, kids” series. aka the series in which i give advice on how to figure life out at the same time as i myself am figuring life out. yaaaaayyy. today i’m doing a slightly different format though, the do’s and don’t’s of how to make the most of sick days, as i’ve learned over the past three days of my sickness. fun times, amirite? let’s go.

do: finir tes devoirs 

for those of you who don’t speak french, finish your homework. being sick, especially not that extremely, is not an excuse for you to not do your homework, especially not if it was already assigned before you were gone. my school has a two day policy, which is basically where if you were gone the day an assignment was due then you have two days after you get back to finish it. i usually like to check online where my teachers post assignments as well, my school uses moodle, and just make sure i know what i’ve missed and what’s coming up when i get back.

don’t: strain your brain

obviously, because headaches are a thing and if you’re thinking too much it takes a lot of energy and does more harm than help. also, if you’re running a fever, wait until that’s not a thing anymore before doing anything because a fever will not help you in any way.

do: keep everything you need close by

on my nightstand / bedroom floor near my bed at the moment: a bottle of advil, my giant water bottle, mentholatum, a bowl of soup, savex, all my homework and school stuff, laptop, laptop charger, phone, phone charger, tissues, oyster crackers, hairbrush, headphones, half eaten pomegranate… keep these things nearby and you’ll be very happy with yourself.

don’t: expect your parents to do everything for you

this may have been fine when you were in elementary school and could hardly leave your bed and your mom would bring you soup and read you books and let you stay in bed all the time, but that probably won’t fly now. now she might be fine making you soup or picking up some tylenol at the store, but your parents aren’t going to come running every time you decide you need a glass of water.

do: stay hydrated 

drink all of the water. all of it i say! trust me again, your body will thank you for this. water is the best thing in the world for you while you’re sick, and the less you drink the sicker you’ll get.

do: vitamin c

trust me on this one: your body really likes vitamin c. pomegranates, oranges, orange juice, other varieties of vitamin c… consume all of it. trust me, you’ll thank me on this one. and your parents probably tell you this all the time, and that’s because it’s fecking important guys. also- iron supplements, and other vitamins. these are incredibly important because your body is more focused on fixing itself than sustaining itself. that’s not the best way to explain it but my mom tells me this all the time so whatever.

don’t: consume too much sugar / dairy

chocolate is bad for sick people, okay? if you have a stomach ache, drink some ginger ale or seven up or whatever you usually do to solve that, but don’t be chugging soda and eating chocolate bars or any other sort of junk food. that’s no bueno for your immune system, let your body fight the sickness in peace! and dairy, trust me on this one, dairy is not a good plan because it’ll mess with your sinuses and you won’t be too pleased with yourself.

do: take all of the showers 

the steam will open your sinuses, and trust me, you’ll feel so much better. i know that personally when i’m sick i just feel gross, so when i’m sick i literally shower every morning and night so that i can breathe better and just feel clean.

don’t: stay in bed all day 

 it’s really best to move around, try not to let your body parts cramp up, and get some blood flow going. if you just lay in bed all day you’re not going to be very happy with yourself. so get up, make a smoothie, make some toast, let your dog out, walk up and down the stairs, and you’ll feel a lot better.

do: stay in contact with your friends 

they’ll tell you what you’ve missed in class, send you notes, keep you company via snapchat while you’re alone at home… they’ll also probably tell you how crap you look and visit you / bring you your books and such if they really love you.

don’t: feel bad about missing school or missing out 

you’re sick, dude. don’t feel bad that you’ve missed a day or two. your body needs some time to relax and heal, and if that means you’re missing out on some sort of drama or conversation in class then so be it. it’s just another day, and your friends will probably fill you in on anything incredibly important that has happened.

i know this was a bit of a different post but i’m actually really pleased with the way it turned out and i really like this series in general so expect more of these! also i posted my 100 follower q&a but it literally has 2 views soooooo…??? idk go check it out, i posted it a few days ago. so yay! i’ll probably have maybe 1-2 more posts before christmas so i won’t say merry christmas now, but i will see you all soon.

xxx abi



stay in school, kids: my backpack

hullo all! i hope you’re having a great day, i sure am. so i definitely have about six other posts i’m currently writing and just now decided i was going to post this because i could. i’ve been in school for about two months or so now, give or take, and my backpack definitely says it all. it’s brand new, last year’s was falling apart at the seams, and now it’s definitely more of a mess than seems necessary. so just to img_0620peek inside my life for a quick second, here you all go, my backpack.

so first off, this right here is my backpack. black, matches my soul, etc, etc. i’m a pretty big fan, it holds my stuff and occasionally gives me extreme back pain. note the house pride pretty much all over it, my ravenclaw merch is practically impossible to miss.

img_0619aight here we go, starting in the very front pocket. here is where i keep my old anatomy notecards and calculator. last week there was a squished bag of goldfish as well so sometimes i put snacks in there too. nothing too exciting really, just the things i need occasionally but aren’t huge necessities.


there’s technically another pocket between the front and the next one, but i don’t keep anything in there. not sure why, occasionally i’ll stick something inside temporarily, like a tampon or colored pencils when i need them. but i don’t store anything inside all the time, so i didn’t really bother taking a picture or anything. inside this little slit pocket near the top, i keep all my essentials. things that aren’t really necessary for school, but are important for my life, etc. from left to right, my bible marking kit (technically this is for school, i use it in my hebrews class because it’s a set of highlighters specifically designed not to bleed through the pages of a bible), coconut burt’s bees chapstick, ear buds, organic “tums” because food tends to hate me, and car keys (on my ravenclaw lanyard as well). i also usually have a little contact case with advil inside for cramps and headaches, but i used them all last month so i took itimg_0614 out to refill and haven’t put it back in yet. should probably get on that…

i think most people are this way, but i tend to use my second biggest pocket for little notebooks and such things. i also probably have an excessive amount of books in there, but oh well, i need some of those for school… from left to right, my copy of the script (discreetly covered on the bottom because my last name is written there), jane eyre for my ap lit & comp class (awful book by the way, 0/10 would recommend), my doodling notebook for little notes and such, my bullet journal, my tbr notebook because i need more than just a few pages for all the books i want to read, my novel of choice at the current moment (i’ll give you the sun), my bible, and my pencil pouch.

i’ve never been super organized at all, but a few weeks ago i stumbled across a bullet journal pinterest board and decided to go for it. i’ll probably post something in the near future entirely on bullet journaling, but here’s a few pictures of how it’s going so far. also because i can, a few photos of my tbr notebook and my bible so you can see the nice highlighters. this is actually a journaling bible, and by far the best one i’ve ever had. i’ve had it for a few months now, and i love it for school because i can take class notes in the margins to refer back to later on in life, and there’s a lot of room for everything. i would definitely recommend getting a journaling bible if you can, mine is esv (the best translation, duh). also a pic my script is down there with my role highlighted and everything so you can see that a little closer.

now for my biggest poimg_0612uch, the place where i keep all the really important stuff. first we have my lunch box, empty at the moment of the picture. then my psat prep packet (aka death in a booklet), world history notebook, french book, french workbook, and general notes notebook for my algebra, french, hebrews, anatomy, and econ notes. and finally, up top leaning against my backpack we see my french binder. yes, that is a doctor who reference drawn across it, that took approximately six hours to pencil, sketch, trace, and finally sharpie onto my binder so i’m pretty gosh damn proud of it. my laptop is also usually inside there, i just took a separate picture of that (below) so i could show off my twelve doctors sticker on the back of it. below as well are a few pics of my notes because i have really nice handwriting and i like to show it off because i can. also a picture of the item i live off of in the mornings, i don’t eat breakfast because food hates me most in the morning, so those starbucks thingies are my life. they get me through ap lit & comp and world history in the morning, which isn’t an easy task. my mom likes to use the bottles for her projects so i have to bring them home and they reside in my waterbottle pocket when i don’t have a waterbottle (which i usually do, i’d just left it in my locker the day i took these pictures).


well there you have it folks, my backpack. i’m still not entirely certain what my motivation towards doing this was, i just thought it would be interesting so i took the pics and slapped it together and called it a post. i’m also seriously considering turning school related posts into a series of some sort, the working title (as you can see) is “school sessions”. i’m considering doing something like this about my school locker as well, and maybe some tips on note taking and my favorite school supplies and probably bullet journaling so i hope you liked this! also, homecoming was last saturday so i promise i’ll have a post for it up sometime this weekend. pinky swear… anyways, i’m off to sleep so let me know what you thought of this, since it was a bit different than usual, and i’ll be back sometime this weekend. *note: guys this is officially my 50th post on this blog. whaaaat. anyways, carry on, i just thought i should let you all know.

xxx abi

what i got for my birthday

hullo friends! so today i have for you all something i’ve been pretty excited about. since it was my birthday monday and i because i can, i’ve got for you all a post about what i got for my birthday from my friends and family and such (as you can tell from the title obviously). if you’re not a fan of these posts or you think it’s braggy of me to be showing you all everything i got, well, just leave. i’m really happy with this year in terms of presents, my friends are honestly amazing and know me so well and i got some of the coolest things ever, handmade and store bought and i would like to share them with you all so if you don’t like that, well, just deal with it. let’s get on with it!


i did my birthday party type thing on sunday and then most of my friends (well, all but one) stayed over until the next day. there were quite a few of us, eight in all, and i had a lot of fun with everyone because one of my friends, chloe, i haven’t seen in more than six months, and she and kyla hadn’t seen each other in probably more than a year and the four of us, chloe, shelby, kyla, and i haven’t all four been together in longer than that. i also hadn’t seen some of my friends all summer (because i’m antisocial and hate making plans) so it was fun to see them all at least once before school starts next week. side note: ummmmm school starts next week??? what??? i’m not okay with this. anyways, kyla and i usually plan each other’s presents so we know what we want and what to get each other so this year i knew half of what she was getting me, which was the mug, and then she surprised me with this adorable notebook that i’m really excited to write in because it’s super cute.

mug and notebookcan we please just appreciate this mug? like, that’s awesome and very much something i feel like i needed in my life. she bought the notebook at my favorite store of all time, this little stationary boutique in my area called paperie + pen, which is all stationary and paper products and basically my favorite place ever. i tried to apply for a job there, but you have to be 18 *cries*. my other friend, makenna, also bought me some stuff from there because she’s amazing and knows me so well. the pens are ballpoint, which is sad, but they’re still super cute and i tried them out and they write really well inspite of that, so i’ll be using them quite a bit. also, that notebook though. it’s perfect. she also just finished the cursed child so she left her copy with me to read so i’m super excited.


something pretty exciting about this birthday is that it marks approximately the ten year mark for shelby and i’s friendship (we’ve been besties since august of second grade, and we were friends for half of first grade or so). i’ve been friends with someone for ten years. holy crap, ten whole years we’ve been friends and i honestly don’t see it ending anytime soon so here’s to ten more years. anyways, she knows me ridiculously well and bought me this book, which i haven’t read yet but looks really good, and then a gigantic bag of sour patch kids which i am proud to say i haven’t broken into yet (edit: i ate a handful or so when i opened the bag to get a cool aesthetic photo, don’t judge). she also made me this crazy cool word art thingy with one of my all time favorite quotes on it (it’s a thomas jefferson quote and while we were in monticello for the dc trip freshman year, i bought a bag, tshirt, mug, and magnet that all say “i cannot live without books” on them so yeah, you could say i like that quote) which i’m also kind of in love with.


my friend chloe, who is my theatre buddy even though she’s at a different school and a much better actor and singer than i could ever be (i’ll stick to stage managing and smaller roles thanks) got me this awesome photo display thingy. she put a few of my all time favorite quotes on it, most about theatre because she knows how much it means to me, and a few of my favorite bible verses. she told me to switch them out as i wanted to, but i really don’t think i will because they’re all pretty perfect.


celeste i’ve actually known for longer than shelby (close to twelve years now, we were kindergarten besties), but our paths kind of went different ways and then back together again over the past few years. she really knows my beauty and fashion lover side a little bit better than most of my other friends. she bought me a little travel set of perfume, lotion, and bodywash from bath and body works in the “thousand wishes” scent. it’s not my usual scent, but it smells seriously the exact same just a bit stronger so i’m kind of in love with it. she also bought me this seriously cool keyring with my hogwarts house on it, which also matches my ravenclaw necklace so i’m seriously in love with it.


i don’t feel like adding a picture but my friend nicole from camp also came to the party which was awesome because she’s so much like all my other friends, but she just got me an itunes gift card. she also wrote a doctor who poem on the card that read “roses are red, the tardis is blue, bowties are cool, and so are you” which was honestly the best because she’s a superwholockian too and that’s part of the reason we became friends. that’s it for friends, now for…


so my parents and i have a deal every year where they get me one thing they picked out and then pay for everything i need for school, which is a great deal because i love getting practical presents. the big thing actually ended up being something i needed for school as well, so they killed two birds with one stone there. that was a macbook air, which is someIMG_0720thing i’ve really been waiting for the longest time to get. they also told me it had to last me through college, which i’m pretty sure i can do easily so long as i don’t smash or horribly ruin it. so far, i like it quite a bit more than my lenovo yoga (do not ever buy a yoga, they suck, they are horrible, they are supposed to last three years, they lasted me one and a half and two just barely) the only things i’m not a fan of are the little pc / mac differences, but i’m adjusting. they also got a student deal with it of some sort that included beats headphones with the laptop, which i will probably never use but they’re pretty cool i guess. they’re just like this horribly expensive pair of headphones that i will not allow to leave my house, and i prefer earbuds personally, so i’m cool with the fact that they were free but i never would have asked for them (and my dad informed me that he never would have bought them either).

my sisterIMG_0717 though, i think she defeated everyone’s present game because she bought me the limited special edition copy of my all time favorite book ever, fangirl. she also said she ordered the last book in the heroes of olympus series, but it hasn’t come in yet so i’m waiting on that. i have the entire pjo set, both series, but they’re all in paperback so i was waiting for the last one to come out in paperback before i could buy it and then just never got around to it so she bought it for me (or so she claims, i still have no physical evidence of this).

my grandma and nana (great grandma) gave me money, and then a $75 american eagle gift card because i’m the odd grandchild and they never know what to get me. i already had $60 in american eagle gift cards from my aunt that i’ve accumulated that i just haven’t gotten around to using yet so i’m currently ordering some stuff online and wondering how in the world i’m going to use all $135. i love their clothes, but i never go in the store except when i buy jeans once a year, so i’m really just hoping the stuff i ordered fits because no way i’m going to the mall willingly. too many people, not enough space, blaaghhh. i’ll for sure be doing a back to school haul at some point, but if my stuff doesn’t come by then i’ll do another separate american eagle haul post for that. for this birthday, my aunt also got me another american eagle gift card, which was to be expected since that’s generally all she gets me. as i mentioned, i’m difficult. so yeah, there will for sure be an american eagle haul going on at some point in the next month or so. those are all the gifts i’ve received in the two day period since my birthday, pretty much any gift i get after this will just be money or a gift card to somewhere, which isn’t amazingly exciting so that’s all i have for this post!

thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed this post! i know i don’t usually do things like this but i really enjoyed writing this so keep a look out for another one around christmas time or more haul posts since those are pretty similar. also, since it’s back to school season, i’ve got a series of three or four posts involving back to school that i’ll be posting during my first week of school (since i start pretty early compared to most schools). also, i have officially hit 60 followers, thanks to everyone who made that possible, i’m very excited for that milestone even if it isn’t huge compared to 100 or anything like that! thanks again for reading, and i will be back soon enough!

xxx abi


june accumulation

hullo again, today i’ve got my june favorites post for you guys! if you’ve read this blog for a little while, you know i call my favorites posts “accumulations” simply because i don’t only have beauty favorites and like to talk about everything i’ve loved this month. generally, there’s about seven things (because ocd) and today only a few are beauty-related. i usually pick one book and one musical artist i’ve been loving, one beauty / facial product, one makeup product, and the rest are just random things i’ve loved without really any category. so yeah, here’s june, and i hope you guys enjoy!

june 2016 faves

not all of them, but most of this month’s favorites. sorry for the not great quality, the lighting in my room really sucks.

trader joe’s mango body butter

so this is kind of a weird thing to be on the list because it’s a body product from a grocery store, but it’s honestly the best thing ever. i’ve never used a body butter before, but in short i’ve found it to be just a regular old lotion but in a little tub. my all time favorite scent is mangoes, and i’m pretty much straight up obsessed with this right now, especially since i rarely ever have any lotions or anything and this made me wonder why not. i wouldn’t say it works better than regular lotions, but i can say i like it much better than lotions from bath and body works, i think because it’s twice as moisturizing and also smells like heaven. the scent is super strong, i have it just sitting on my nightstand and i can smell it across the room, which i love, but might be a bit of a turn off for others. it was also fairly cheap, i think $5 or $6, super cheap especially compared to bath and body works stuff which can be up to $15. so yeah, i’m loving that quite a bit right now.

burn baby burn by meg medina

i really love historical fiction novels, but i haven’t found any recently that were really good. this one was really, really interesting though. i don’t want to give anything away but it took place in 1970’s new york city, and was both a historical fiction novel and love story type ya novel at the same time. it also had to do with the son of sam serial killer, whom i’d never actually heard of before, so this was really interesting to me, especially because history is one of my huge nerd interests and i’ve loved it since i was really little. over all, this was a really good book and i’d definitely recommend it, even if you’re not always interested in historical fiction novels because that wasn’t really the only focus.

gravity falls

i just watched an entire season in one night. it’s four am. someone help.

on a serious note, i did actually watch the entire series in two days (that’s 40 episodes, 20 minutes each). the top sentence was written two nights ago after i finished the first season, then over the course of the next day / night, i finished the entire second season at around four am last night / this morning. you wouldn’t expect this to be a good show, but one of my friends recommended it and i didn’t have any good shows to binge watch so i started it and now i have nothing to binge again, so whoops. the entire thing is on hulu, which is not how i watched it because i don’t have hulu, but i also can’t technically share how i watched it because it was maybe possibly sort of kind of illegal? don’t quote me on that though, there’s like a 50/50 chance on the legal status. anyways, it’s an unexpectedly good show, as are all of the other shows she’s recommended, so i think i’m going to keep up with her obsessions because she tends to know what she’s talking about, even if they seem a bit strange at first.

burt’s bees chapstick 

i got this for christmas actually, but i forgot i had it in one of my bags and then cleaned it out and re-found it a couple weeks ago. since then, it’s pretty much been the only thing i’ve used on my lips (besides my eos when i didn’t have it with me). it’s actually slowly been replacing my eos, i honestly don’t want to use anything else because i love this so much. i really love their grapefruit makeup wipes as well, and pretty much every other product of theirs i’ve used. they’re a bit expensive compared to a lot of stuff i use, the chapsticks are somewhere around $4 each, but i’d say very worth it especially since they’re all natural and a company i like to support. the one i got for christmas was the coconut & pear, which i love, and then i also ~liberated~ my sister’s which was the mango (so obviously i had to have it, and since she will seriously never use it, i decided it was mine now). i also bought the grapefruit one for a present type thing and then ended up having enough stuff for it so i think i’ll be keeping it for myself, i just really love them. they smell / taste (?) amazing, last really long, and stay on really well. definitely pick one up if you’re okay with splurging a few dollars, they’re completely worth it.


liza koshy is viner, youtuber, content creator, etc, and probably one of the funniest people on those medias right now. she has a really weird and goofy sense of humor that is similar to mine, so i love a lot of her stuff simply because it’s the same as what i would do if i were making videos and stuff like that. everything she does is very relatable, her humor is a lot of goofy physical stuff like weird dancing, she has a very expressive face, and a lot of it is subtly crude, but not outright vulgar. she hangs out with a lot of viners and such people like gabbie hanna, david dobrik, alex ernst, zane, carly incontro, etc, and i found her because i watch thegabbieshow quite a bit and her videos were recommended for them. definitely someone you should check out, she’s super funny and goofy and weird and will make you laugh for absolutely no reason.

questionable content

again with the webcomics, i’ve loved this one for a few months now but haven’t really mentioned it before. there’s somewhere around 3,000 something strips now, so catch up while you can before it gets to be too much to handle. i finished all the old strips over the course of two-three weeks and i’ve been keeping up with the current plotline since then, so about four or five months. i don’t really know how to explain this comic, but it’s mostly about a group of millennials in massachusetts (? i think…) who all hang out at this one coffee shop and live life and make jokes about indie bands. it’s like our world, but the only difference is that artificial intelligence is real and common, so at this point there are five or so reoccurring characters who are robot ai’s. go read it, it’s funny i swear.

almay one coat thickening mascara

this one is something i’d been wanting to try for awhile, i keep seeing it in youtuber’s videos and some blogger’s posts, so i just had to have it. it’s honestly not super great, but it’s also not horrible. i’m planning a future post comparing the different mascaras i’ve used in the past, so i’ll get more into detail of that later, but i’ve been using this as more of a second coat on top of my regular mascara, mostly because the brush is a little bit different and gives a different effect than the other one i use. the brush does bother me a bit, it clumps more than other brushes i’ve used, but it’s okay once i get used to it. over all, this is a pretty good mascara, but not something i’d say is amazing. again, i’ll get more into my review of it in the upcoming post.

so there’s everything i’ve been loving this month. i didn’t really have much, but this is the first month i’ve actually figured out a template for these posts and written everything down throughout the month. yay for planning! anyways, i have a lot of good ideas for upcoming posts and i’ve been getting a lot of inspiration for both blogging and my personal writing projects, so it’s been a pretty good couple of weeks and i’m really excited for what’s to come. i hope you guys liked this post and found it interesting and informing. if you have any recent favorites, let me know to check them out and i’ll put them on my currently unending list of things to try. anyways, thanks for reading and i’ll be back soon enough.

xxx abi


style tagish but also some other little updates

hullo again, today i have something a bit different for you guys. i know i just did a tag, but i just stumbled across this one while scrolling through some reccomended posts and got really excited about it. i’m not going to be treating it like a tag though, so i’m not nominating anyone for it nor was i nominated to do it, but i liked the questions and the idea of it so that’s what i’ll be answering and getting into. i’ve been meaning to do something like this for awhile now but wasn’t sure how to structure it, so this is basically just a little summary post of my style essentials and what i wear on a day to day basis / what my style is like. hopefully that makes sense. there’s five questions, so i’ll answer all those and then talk a bit about what’s been going on with my life and what i’m thinking about for my next few posts, so if you don’t want to read about my style, just scroll past that and i have more important things at the end. enjoy!

my five essentials 

  • canvas shoes, like my converse or  slip on vans that i’ve worn down into oblivion but refuse to get rid of because i wear them almost every day and pretty much couldn’t live without them.
  • nerdy or black tee shirts, my personal favorites are my camp half blood shirt, my hogwarts shirt, or my black baseball style tee that says ‘nope’ across the chest. i like them loose and comfy, and they’re super versatile so i wear them alone in summer or with big cardigans in the winter, and usually with a little front tuck into my jeans.
  • black kohl eyeliner and mascara (technically two things but whatever), this is my day to day eye makeup pretty much all year round, i only ever wear something different if i’m going to an event like a dance or wedding or something.
  • bath & body works ‘be enchanted’ body mist, i’m not really into perfume so i don’t have a lot of different ones, but i love the smell of this one so i wear it pretty much all year round, and have since i bought my first bottle in seventh grade. unfortunately, it’s retired, so i can only buy it on their website, but it lasts forever and isn’t super expensive so that’s not really a big deal.
  • my watch, which is a bit newer (you can see it here) but goes with everything and fits my style really well. i’ve worn it pretty much everyday since i bought it, and also probably my ring, which i bought in hawaii and i guess kind of matches my watch. that’s technically two things, but they’re the only accessory type things i wear every day without fail, so i had to include both.

i can’t live without 

my straightener, because i use it to both straighten and curl my hair, and i’d probably die without it. not really, but it’s very necessary for my day to day well being. other than everything listed in my essentials, that’s pretty much the only thing i can’t live without.

i’ll dare to wear 

hmmm this is tough… my school has a super strict and sexist dress  code, but i’ve been going there since kindergarten so my wardrobe almost completely revolves around it. because of this, i don’t really wear much of anything daring, so i guess i’d have to say dresses. i don’t wear them very often because it’s hard to find any that fit the school dress code, are cute, and fit me well. i recently found a few i really love that i’ve been wearing more because it’s so hot (as i write this, it’s 100 degrees outside, not even the estimated high for the day). i wouldn’t wear them at school because they’re above my knees (the dress code requires them to reach our knee caps) but i do like them more and will probably wear more as i start college and can wear what i want.

describing my style in a few words

almost entirely black, lots of layers, preppyish grunge/punk, creative and nerdy, oversized and comfy, with a small touch of bohemian flowy when i do wear dresses and nice clothes.

i’m addicted to 

flannels probably, even though i only have a few, i just love them and wear them with everything. also, any sort of oversized cardigans or sweaters, if i find one i like i try to buy it in the biggest size because i like sweaters and such to engulf me. my biggest addiction though, is by far earrings. i have a ridiculous amount of earrings, mostly because i always find them on sale and can never resist picking up a bunch. the worst part about it is that i only wear maybe three of them on a regular basis, and rarely ever wear any dangle earrings even though i have a bunch of them as well.

so yeah, that’s a brief synopsis on my style. i liked this tag and wanted to do it but also didn’t want to go through being nominated and then nominating other people for it so i’m adding a few updates to the end of this post so it’s like a normal update post and then with that little special feature at the top.

so first of all, i am sick. very, extremely, miserably horrible worse than i remember ever being sick. it’s awful. and guess what it is? whooping cough *collective cheering in the distance*. except no, this is not a fun thing. whooping cough can last anywhere from one to three months, which basically means i’ll be sick for the rest of the summer. rip me and my social life (although i’m pretty sure that one died a few years ago, along with my childhood joy and curiosity). for those of you who have never had whooping cough, it’s pretty much what the name makes it sound. you cough. a lot. not like karen from mean girls’ little “i can’t go out. *cough cough* i’m sick” thing, no! it’s violent, it shakes my entire body, and often times ~stuff~ of strange and disgusting colors and textures comes up my throat along with the cough. i already only sleep maybe four hours a night, combine that with coughing and breathing problems and by the time i fall asleep it’s about four am. also, i pretty much sound dead all the time because my voice is awful. i basically spent all of saturday and sunday laying on our patio couch eating and reading. also, all i’ve eaten for the past week (with the slight exception of pizza at my friend’s house) is watermelon, oyster crackers, saltines, and chicken soup. i haven’t left the house more than three times in the past two weeks or so as well, which is greatly unfortunate seeing as i have a shit load of stuff i have to do. for those of you wondering how i could’ve contracted whooping cough when i should’ve had my yearly rounds of shots, well, my mom doesn’t really believe in shots. i kid you not, the last shot i had was a tetanus shot four years ago when i got stitches in my foot (fun story, also the story of how i became great friends with this one girl, remind me to tell it sometime). before that singular tetanus shot, i hadn’t had a shot in, well, maybe three years, give or take. basically, i haven’t had shots in about seven years. however, for those of you feeling all high and mighty right now because you’ve been vaccinated, my sister is completely updated (she plays sports so updated shots are required with physicals or she can’t play, which doesn’t at all affect me because i’m a lazy butt) and, oh also, she’s the one who gave it to me! basically what the doctor told my mom is that the most recent whooping cough vaccinations were so greatly “watered down” that they’re basically useless and whether you got them or not you’re at risk for “pertussis” (the fancy term my mom uses in public so we don’t scare anyone with our freaky medevial disease. i on the other hand prefer the layman’s term so i can see the scared look on peoples’ faces and watch them ever so slightly shift away from me after i explain why i’m coughing so much). so, to all of you, vaccinated or not (i’m not sure if this applies to int’l readers or not but just to say), stay away from whooping cough. it’s not fun, it’s highly, highly, highly contagious, and even though it probably won’t kill you as long as you’re a reasonably healthy individual between the ages of 10 and 60, it seriously sucks. just my little psa for the day, hope you enjoyed that! so yeah, while i am happy i finished three books in two days, i’m still fucking bored out of my mind and coughing my head off so yeah, much fun.

the next thing that happened was i passed my driver’s test! yeayyyy! i live in a super rural state in which there’s a lot of farmers and ranchers and such, who enlist their kids to drive farm equipment around their land pretty much as soon as the kid can walk. i was not one of these, i live in the capital (and largest) city, but i do reap the benefits, because in rural areas such as mine people are more likely to have their driver’s license when they’re way younger, simply because of farms like that and how far away everything is. the youngest age to have your license in my state used to be 14 1/2, but now that’s just the age at which you can take driver’s ed. you can get your license six months later if you pass the test. i have a car, my child, my little 2008 subaru outback, i call her jo (for both johanna mason from hunger games and jo harvelle from supernatural, my faves). and at last, i also have my license *evil laughter in the distance* *coughing* *continued laughter, cracking voice and eventual giving up because my voice is shit*. i actually failed my first test, although i have a lot to say on that because the guy testing me was not a great person. he was very rude to me and really fake nice to my mom, i don’t know if it was my age, the fact that i was wearing black nail polish and all black, my gender, or if he just didn’t like me for no reason, but he treated me like a child who had no idea what they were doing and i really didn’t appreciate it. he didn’t count a lot of things i very specifically knew i was doing, and then nitpicked everything so if i was even 1 mph over the speed limit, he counted me off. it was not a good experience, despite the fact that i am a reasonably good driver. okay, okay, i’m not a great driver (my car is a stick shift and thus shakes violently half the time, can hardly go more than 65 mph, and has a bunch of other little quirks that contribute to my slightly scary driving) but i am a really safe driver, i’m super cautious, and i know all the rules of the road and such. the guy who just passed me actually said to me in the car “i don’t know why the last tester failed you, you’re really a great driver, you should’ve passed the first time”. and that was on my sixth day with whooping cough so ha! my sister bought me a balloon that says ‘congratulations’ on it and then my dad bought me a little cd case, one that goes on your visor, i think mostly because i stole all his tom petty cd’s for my car and he didn’t want them sitting in random places and getting scratched up which is something i’d definitely do. so yeah, that wasn’t something i expected them to do but it was a nice surprise.

i also went to the birthday party of my best and oldest friend on friday, which was great. in august, we’ll have been best friends for ten years, which is the coolest thing ever honestly and i may have to celebrate with a special post or something or have her write something like in the last post i did with a friend. she’s been at public school since seventh grade, but we’ve continued being great friends and to this day she’s still the only person i trust with a lot of stuff. i have my best friend at my school, kyla, who is in this post, but there’s some stuff that don’t really talk to her about, mostly because she was brand new to my school shelby’s (that’s my other friend) last year at our school and doesn’t know a lot of the things we talk about. not like we’re keeping it from her, she just doesn’t have much interest in or understand some of it, like some of our old mutual friends or old teachers or guys we liked. she has a bunch of friends at her public school, who are all people i’ve kind of become friends with at her parties or other times we’ve hung out. they’re the type of friends i hang out with a maximum of maybe three times a year (not all at the same time, and not even all of them, some i only see once a year) but i’m still instagram or snapchat friends with them and don’t not get along with any of them. when we’re all together at her party, we have genuinely interesting conversations and a lot of fun together, and i feel really lucky to have such cool people in my life, even if it’s not often. we all have one person in common, shelby, which makes it so we all have similar interests and aspirations and connect really well, so i feel a lot of affection and warmth towards them when we’re all together having fun and throwing water balloons at each other and eating an excessive amount of food. so yeah, that was a really fun night and i honestly wish it happened more often because i look forward to it every year and then it’s over and it’s really sad.

so yeah, that’s pretty much what’s been going on in my life. this was a really long post, but it was also like two posts in one so kudos to you if you stuck around through the whole thing. thanks for reading, and i have a couple more posts planned coming up. you can look forward to my june accumulation, another books i’ve been reading post, and probably a music discoveries post. i’m also planning potential future posts such as a mascara review / comparison of all the different kinds i’ve used and which i liked best, and i’ve been working for awhile on a hair style type post, so all that and more is coming up soon! also, how do you guys like the new little logo picture thingy? in case you were wondering, it’s me as a powerpuff girl, i made it on this site, if you want to do one of yourself it’s honestly so cute and fun and made me really excited. anyway, thanks again for reading and following if you don’t already (i sound like a youtube outro but it’s all good) and i will be baaaack! *coughs violently* bye!

xxx abi




summer get ready with me + mini haul

hey guys! so today i went to the outdoor mall thingy in my area with a friend to go shopping and hang out for a bit, so i thought today would be a perfect day to try a get ready with me-type post. i’ve been wanting to do a summer makeup routine post for a while, but it’s so similar to my everyday makeup that i figured i’d just combine it into one of these and add outfit and such to it. this is the first i’ve done of this type of post, so hopefully it goes well! also, i’m adding a mini haul type thing to the end of what i got while i was out today. enjoy!

it’s summer where i live, and i also live in the western u.s., so i’ts extraordinarily hot pretty much all the time. it hit 96 degrees (fahrenheit, about 36 degrees celsius for my intl readers) yesterday, which i have a love/hate relationship with because i love the heat, but i’m not a huge back and boob sweat fan. but then, who is? i woke up at around 10, kinda late but it’s also summer and i like to sleep in, and the first thing i did (after checking my snapchat and instagram and mentally preparing myself for the day of course) was shave my legs. i don’t shower everyday, mostly because it’s not great for you and also because i’m lazy, but i had to wear shorts and my leg hair was getting a bit out of hand, so i had to do something about it. i made the unfortunate mistake of using a brand new razor on my fairly dry skin, so now my legs are very nicked up and razor burnt. whoops… it definitely defeats the purpose of shaving if my legs are bright red and bleeding, so i put some aloe vera on it (my mom’s reccomendation, we have a plant in our front room and it’s pretty much a cure-all in our house) and wiped off the blood to make them look at least halfway decent. definitely will not be doing that again, but at least you can’t really see the bumps from a distance.

i like to do makeup and hair first and then pray i won’t mess it up with my shirt, so makeup came next. for that routine, everything i used i’ve shown before, either on my e.l.f haul or daily makeup post, all i did was switch it up a bit. in order, this is how i’ve been doing my makeup for the past few weeks:

grwm 4

  • bb cream (neutrogena skin clearing complexion perfector) blending with my fancy schmancy little blending sponge (e.l.f)
  • blush (e.l.f baked blush in peachy cheeky)
  • bronzer (e.l.f baked bronzer in st. lucia) i finally learned how to use it properly!
  • eyebrow taming (e.l.f clear brow and lash mascara)
  • kohl liner on my waterline (e.l.f kohl liner pencil)
  • mascara (physician’s formula organic wear jumbo lash mascara… it’s the one that looks like a big shiny green leaf, kinda hard to miss)
  • eos lip balm (the purple one, i think it’s passion fruit?)

i did my hair nexgrwm 3t, and because my hair gets pretty greasy quickly and i’d showered yesterday, it was slightly greasy near the roots. i haven’t found a good dry shampoo yet, so i used baby powder (it works the same way, just harder to apply) and a bit of hair spray and brushed it out so it looked less gross. yesterday, i straightened my hair and then slept with it in a bun so it was a bit wavy on the ends. i pulled it up into a ponytail, pinned my bangs back, and pulled a few loose hairs down on the sides of my face so it wasn’t totally boring looking.

sorry for the blurry picture, you’d be surprised at how hard it is to take a good picture of your hair without anyone’s help.

outfit-wise, as i mentioned before, it’s been getting up grwm 5into the higher 90’s where i live, so i had to wear something lightweight and cooler. the shirt i’m wearing is from kohl’s, i bought it about a week ago and it’s probably the softest thing i’ve ever worn. i love it because it has the woodstock logo on it, and it’s really loose and soft. i bought it in a size bigger because i like my clothes to be looser, and it didn’t really shrink much at all, so it stil fits just the way i like it. my shorts are also from kohl’s, i bought them for spring break in hawaii and they’re probably my favorite shorts. pretty basic, just dark wash denim. and, once again, these sandals are from kohl’s (noticing a trend yet?). they were kind of expensive, but they go with almost everything i own and they’re really cute, so i feel like they were a pretty good investment. you can see my jewelry up above and in the bottom photo a little bit better, i just wore two of my favorite simple little necklaces (the branch necklace is from charming charlie and the butterfly one is older), a pair of stud earrings that were the same colors as the ones on my shirt, (they’re not really visible, whoops), and the black pearl ring i bought in hawaii (you can see it in the last photo, albeit not too well, sorry again).

here’s a couple photos of the whole look. i’ve been going through this phase where i just kind of throw up a peace sign every time there’s a picture being taken of me (by myself or others), so that’s what’s going on in the second photo. don’t ask me why, i don’t know, it’s just been happening subconsciously for the past couple of weeks.

and as promised, here’s the mini haul part of the post of what i got while i was out. we pretty much went to all of the good stores in the mall area, but i was really excited to go to the new lush. pretty much every lifestyle blogger / youtuber loves lush, but we’ve never had one where i live until a few months ago and i hadn’t had the chance to go in and check it out yet. i didn’t have much money to spend there, so i only got one thing, but i bought a couple other things in other stores as well that i’ll share.

you’ve been mangoed bath oil // lush

i freaking love mango scented everything, and i knew i only had a couple dollars to spend so this was what i decided to get. it smells so good, the description said it was made of mango butter, lemongrass oil, and shea butter, so no wonder it smells amazing to me. i haven’t used it yet, but i’m so excited to, it looks heavenly.

watch // charming charlie

i used to always wear a watch, but after my old one broke i stopped wearing one for a year or so. i’ve been wanting to find a new one that i can wear with pretty much everything, but i hadn’t thought of looking in charming charlie for one. i really love this one so far, it’s cute and versatile and generally lovely. there were a lot of other cute watches there (the friend i went with is going back later to buy one, she didn’t have enough money while we were there) and they’re pretty affordable too, this was only $20, so i’d definitely recommend charming charlie for watches if there’s one near you.

“crap” notepad // local stationary store 

i’ve been wanting something similar to this ever since i saw one at a locagrwm 6l boutique that was kind of expensive. i have a similar template for one pinned to my diy board to make on my own, but that takes so long and i’m too lazy to make my own little to-do notepad. maybe i will at some point and write a diy post about it, let me know if you’d like to see something like that in the future. this one was at a local shop in the mall, about half the price of the one i found before, and it also says crap all over it, so what’s not to like?

that’s pretty much it, this was a bit of a longer post, but the mini haul was a bit too long for an individual post so i decided to combine the two. i hope you enjoyed this post, i loved writing it, and let me know if you want to see more of these in the future or that diy to-do notepad i mentioned earlier.

xxx abi